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is re zero the best anime from the past 10 years

my opinion yes
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What are you smoking? It's obviously Ai Mai Mi
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It's okay. I've seen better. But as far as current anime though it's the only one I've been extremely into for a while.

Also, it literally has the best waifu ever in all of anime. So there's that.
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>tfw no re zero ep today

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jobhan edition
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Fuck off edition, watch a better anime fag
His eyes look off
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I'm waiting excitedly for mimorin fox.
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Reminder to take it easy, but not so easy that obvious outsiders start to feel too comfortable. This is still /a/, after all.
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I wonder when TL-kun is gonna continue translating the manga.

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Still no update on "Interview with Swim Swim." Any speculation about what's going to happen in it?
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Who's ready for Rio? If we don't get her, we riot.
I don't know, but I hope there will be new information instead of just whatever Unmarked "spoilers" there are.
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Who ordered the Pekin MG extra crispy?

Fuck, why did @NyanNyan have to die like that?

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>you'll never be ripped in half
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Idol Mugino.jpg
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Moshi moshi. I think Shiage will be the best MC of season 3.

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no speedreaders edition

Is that Tatara at the end?
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why is this thread so dead
>no speedreaders edition
wasn't in the other thread whats everyone pissed at this week
people not realizing that uta is face shifting to be haise i think

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Joining a cult?
Does it come with underwear?

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"On today's episode of Dragon Ball Super..."
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Will Gohan overcome Toriyama's lust for Goku? Will Gohan-fags have another meltdown?

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Precure Thread.
New episode in 5 minutes.
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Hopefully the streamer doesn't fucking forget to turn the sound on this week.

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Is Rin the embodiment of lust?
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I want to sexually fuck her, so yes she is.
She's the goddess of prostitutes so most likely yes

She lusts after both sexes, or at least her normal version does.

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G-Recofags were always telling people who disliked their show to stick to Aldnoah Zero, but honestly, I think both shows were equally terrible.

In your honest opinion, /a/, which one was the worst anime, G-Reco or Aldnoah Zero?
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Aldnoah Zero. At least G-Reco has nice designs.
Iron Blooded Orphans
G-Reco is literally the worst work of fiction even written.

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Next episode: "Trial by fire"
What does they mean by this?
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Dunno. Anyone have the LN on hand for ideas?
Rebellion in the South with the help of notFrance.
I really want to see Mary and Tanya fight.

I-Is it over?
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It has only just begun
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Face it, Anon

The Great Days are over
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>tfw pucci resets the thread

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Is this a pigeon?
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Tristan is having a bad day.
This is clearly a swan.

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You have 10 seconds to explain why you don't consider Erika to be the most fun character of Umineko.
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Pic related exists.
Because I want to fuck Lambdadelta!
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>more fun than Erika
You might find it sweeter to pound her or to be around her but she's not more fun than Erika.

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