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/a/, you are Madoka, a regular schoolgirl with a typical day. What would you do now, as the events in Episode 1 begin to unfold?
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Trib with Homura.
Seduce Kamijou by kissing him on the lips and asking him to be my boyfriend, thus sparing Sayaka the heartache of Hitomi getting to him first.
Get in the fucking robot.

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V23 spoilers
Previous thread >>154689142

>Life.0 spoilers
The chapter starts from the climax of a RG match. Ise attains victory for his team by taking down the opponent's King (no name mentioned).
The announcer declares Team Ise's win and remarks how they have won every match so far. The team gets teleported outside the battlefield.

Rossweisse comments how lucky they have been since they haven't faced God yet. Though they have faced both inferior teams and professional RG teams. Other Rossweisse, Xenovia also is thinking calmly about this situation. She comments that from her experience something bad will come after this (consecutive wins). Ravel also comments how newbie team wins at the beginning but it changes from midpoint in professional RG league. Then they suffer consecutively loss since other team analysis them thoroughly. Bova also says that his father told him that even if there may be a winning strategy, a countermeasure would be made against it quickly. Bina who is usually quiet makes her comment. As Ise and co discuss such things, Elmenhilde enters the room. She hasnt joined the team officially yet and was taking notes and records of the match earlier to assist Ravel. Ise then has a long monologue about the reason of Elmenhilde wanting to join his team since he hasnt heard anything convincing yet. Ravel then tells Ise that "it's about time" for Devil's job (for Ise's group).
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>Life.1 spoilers

Part 1
Ise is in class 3B. Other Gremory members who are in their third years are also in the same class. So that's Kiba, Xeno, Asia, and Irina. Kiryuu is also in their class and Rossweisse is their homeroom teacher. It's structured like this so it will be easier for Gremory group to move in case something happens. The ball sports competition is coming up and Rossweisse is really heated about winning it. There's a competition as a class and also as a club. Ise teases Kiba about the last ball competition (in v3) when Kiba was acting weird. Kiba blushes. Xenovia(student council) and Irina (ORC) gets in a heated rivalry. Asia is acting strange in which the two of them looks at her with worried look. Rossweisse then makes a declare to win the match (she's the only one whose so hyped) in which everyone replies with no energy in their words.

Part 2
Shows how its like for Ise's peerage doing their devils work. He was given a section of Rias's zone for now before he gets his actual zone for doing it. Ise usually sits in a fancy table but sometimes goes to take care of his previous good customers since they want him to come in his usual bicycle-style.
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Others are simply doing their job like how they did when they were under Rias. Asia also arrives back. But she's acting weird again where she couldn't hear Ravel. Ravel tells Ise that there's something wrong with Asia and they have been receiving letters from her customer since they are worried about her.
Elmenhilde also comes in to bring tea for everyone. Since she's not really used to it she drops the tea cup. But Xenovia saves it by using Excalibur Ruler's ability. Xenovia comments on how she is receiving hard training menu from their Bishop (Ravel). Ravel decides that its about good time to stop their work since they have a meeting with Team Duio after this.

Part 3
The meeting with Team Dulio and Team Ise. It takes place in Hyoudou residence. Rias and her group are busy so they are not there. From Team Dulio there are Dulio himself, the Aces of Four Great Seraphs, Metatron's Jack, and Gabriel's Queen (Griselda). Their 'coach' hasn't arrived yet.
They introduce each other. Irina acts like a middle person since she knows both sides well.
So there's their King, Dulio.
Their Queen, Deethelm Waldseemüller. He's Raphael's Ace. He's in his mid-30s and is a SG possessor. His SG is like Asia's but it only works on those only related to Heaven. So irregular incident like what happened with Asia won't happen.
There's Nero Raimondi. Uriel's Ace. He's a power idiot and is a really loud guy. A 'hero' mascot character was created for the followers of their faith. He's the guy underneath and that character is called Captain Angel.
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Mirana Shatarova. Gabriel's Ace. She's very timid. She's wearing a black sister costume. Dulio comments that Mirana is famous among the female reincaranated angels for having a big rack underneath in which she blushes.
Ise is hyped. But Asia gives him a bad stare... Griselda warns Dulio. Xenovia misunderstands and thinks this is a trap they prepared for Ise in which Dulio laughs and said it could work. Mirana shylingly agrees to offering it if it will make them win. Ise is all excited again. So he asks Ravel. Ravel tells them if they overcome their tactics then she will allow Ise to fondle her breast much as he wants.
There's one more member of Team Dulio in the room.
Shinra Kiyotora. He's a Japanese man in his late 30s. Has a black hair which is tied at the back. He's Metatron's Jack. Like his surname implies he's Tsubaki's relative. But he chose the Christian faith and went to Vatican. Dulio calls him Seiko since his name could be read like that in which he puts on a sour look since its a female name.
And the last one to introduce herself is Griselda who we all know. Other members of Dulio isn't here since they think their names arent BIG as the ones present despite being a skilled fighter.

The Ise's mom knocks on the door and tells them another man came. It's Rudiger the 7th ranker of RG. He has silver hair and looks like north European (he is a former human after all) in his 20s. And Team Dulio's coach. He's not participating as King for this tournament and is going to give his all into make Dulio win.

is Gon hisokas first pedo husbando? Has he done it before? If so, how did he get away with it? Why would the hunter organization tolerate this pedo clown stalking the children of its executive board?
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Hisoka did nothing wrong
Hisoka isn't a pedophile. It's just strong opponents and fighting them turns him on.
*potentially strong oppenents.

Hisoka sees that when Gon turns 30 he'll be the strongest person to exist on earth, stronger than Netereo

Gon with nen, is already 100x stronger than most nen users his age

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ITT: 10/10 Designs
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Is this the nurse from to love?
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It's just a random naked girl with orange hair.
When OP said design I just think he meant back and thighs

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azumanga daioh thread
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Kasuga Ayumu a cute.
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Say something nice about a shit series
The loli was cute
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It wasn't a shit series at all

Honestly it was one of the best shows of last year
Code Geass chose a very good series to try to shallowly plagiarize. By its very nature of being vaguely related to LotGH thematically, it is automatically a lot more interesting than any other show of equal quality.

Shirley is cute too.
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Shinoa and the other girl


Total 22 episodes

Get ready for the next Aoki Ei trainwreck.
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It looks like one of those shows that chuu2 will flock to.

Anyway, it it looks like the show will have three special episodes so those must be the buffer for the staff when their work falls behind schedule later on.
Still have no idea what this is about, but it looks awesome and have Sawano on it which means the action scenes are going to be hype even if the anime turns sour. Looks like FSN right now though. Wasn't it advertised as a new coming of fantasy or something? It's pretty cool that it has mechs and guns, but also sword and magic. The scene where the mech clashes with the girl was pretty tight. Hopefully the plot holds up, so far it doesn't look like it will just because of the characters we're seeing.

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Why is this spider so sexy, /a/?
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I lost interest when she became human-passing and started interacting with a bunch of other characters. I just liked the comfy survival story
What a faggot, that's the best part, especially when she become a single mother.
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This. Although it was painfully obvious that it's gonna happen, I still miss the dungeon part that needed to branch out for the sake of THAT kind of plot.

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What was her fucking problem?
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She's a teenage girl in a world full of hot guys.
Also I'm glad that people are watching Escaflowne again. Would be a shame if that show was lost.
she was a fucking whore who deserved to die. her and tranny fag ruined the show.

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12 until new episode
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No manga this week but feel free to discuss whatever you want
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Tae Chapter 1 (2).png
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Sorachi sure has come a long way.

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Please describe this child.
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sex crazed lolly


A cumdump for Ararararagi.

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Second volume of Uri's story is already out, but that's not everything. Great surprise awaits you inside thread.
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Damn autocorrect.
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Ok now that surprise.
So if you don't really like Myuri and you are not interested in her story. And just want more of Holo, there is great news for you.
Story of married life between Lawrence and Holo will continue too. Spring Log II aka Volume 19 was just announced!
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>Story of married life between Lawrence and Holo will continue too.

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Am I faggot for wanting see a cute girl get brutally fucked by bishounen?
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only if you self-insert as the girl
sounds more like general girls manga. Jap little girls read porn regally.
Pretty easy to find if you know the guy who's fucking her.

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Do you have a favorite type of male character archetype?
I like the tall, quiet, awkward guys.
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I like people like the doctor from monster or samurai jack, who are pretty quiet but handle things.
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Ikemen (female).

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what if anime ends?
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Nothing of value would be lost.
Thank fuck. I can get a life and start ejaculating in vaginas.
What if you come to your end before anime does

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