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and what about her, exactly?
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>Still salty Hilda din't win the Angebowl.
Fukuda, you hack!
wouldn't wanna cross her

No thread? I'll do it then.

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She's getting darker by the chapter
This brown girl seems familiar.
Doujin artist?
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There was one already

And she's not even that dark actually.

Why are these so popular?
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Sexual awakening for young japanese boys. First time in their lives they saw some skin.
It closely resembles the look of wearing only t-shirt and panties.
It's a not slutty, but skin tight, swimsuit.

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They put it on Dengeki's website


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You're too early for April's fool, anon.
Is the meme going too far?
>あの作品の3期も!? 14年前の優しい国(キノの旅)上映や『三ツ星カラーズ』声優登壇もあったステージをレポート

They put it in the fucking headline


It's basically in production now and awaiting formal announcement.

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Best nyan?
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I like you

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New chapter in a few minutes.
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Post the reaction from last week. I can't get from phone.
I can't get them from phones.

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ITT good tsundere
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Sequels never.
>confess in the first third
>nothing happens
>seconds season never
Why do they keep doing this?
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Posting the greatest tsundere of all time, who also had some of the greatest OPs of all time.

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For my money, it's the most underrated anime. Especially NEETs will feel at home with emotional rollercoaster Kaiji provides.
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Pachinko arc was a mistake.

>hoh boy it's getting to the end and it's only ep18 out of 26 i'm sure there'll be another exciting arc waiting after this!
>last 10ep or so is about pressing a button and pouring in money
I was a little let down too. I wish there would've been another gamble, but boy, the pachinko was still intense as fuck.
The torrents I found were too low res to bother watching it. Also the mc seems insane enough to be put into a mental institution, who the fuck steals car emblems?

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Is Sword Art Online the anime anti-Christ?
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I can see where you're coming from.
It's the ultimate proof that for normalfags the mere idea of something is more important than the execution. Same goes for Harry Potter.
No it's where A-1 started going downhill

Looks like shit.

What are you looking forward to?
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Uchouten Kazoku 2
Maybe try Alice and the Astroboy prequel
The rest is all trash.
Dying in my sleep.

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Our guy will save the universe.
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I believe in Macky and his spiffy new duds.
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Genuinely enjoying the ride on this trainwreck.
Choco and Atra are literally the only characters I like anymore. I hope they get what they want.

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Season 2 when?
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If this slut had some good tanlines, at all times, she would tick off every fetish I have.

I've never wanted to fuck an anime character this bad since seeing Misato for the first time.
Galko is pure

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Why mother x son incest is seen as something cute when father x daughter as disgusting?
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It is cute
Who are you talking about, and why should /a/ care?
>father x daughter as disgusting?
But father x daughter is adorable and way better then mother x son?

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You can read the title, make it isekai.
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I'll start
> Be a nippon citizen
> Die by ambulance (ironic)
> Gets sent into the afterlife which is basically a giant influx of souls regardless of whatever realm you come from, once every life ends, their spirits that have the info given from consciousness and memories are taken from their bodies and enter the afterlife stream.
> In this realm, it is suffering, your soul becomes shaved away as you flow across the stream until your very existance will be rebirth anew.
> The mc's soul gets called upon in another world where his/her's soul is randomly selected and gets put into mechanic, yet human-like body by scientists that studies the metaphysical limits to transcend beyond humanity.
> With mc's consciousness and memories barely intact, he/she will live with a mechanical body.
The MC is a hardworking student who grew up taking care of his sick mother and his little brother and sister. His classmates admire him and his girlfriend who used to be a turbo bitch turned dere for him. If left alone, MC would be a great example of how hardships can be overcome with hard work.
One of MC's classmates, glasses-kun, uses black magic to teleport himself and MC's girlfriend to another world. Glasses-kun had a crush on MC's girlfriend since they were kids but never had the courage to confess. His plan was to restart his life with her and become a shitty Kirito knock-off.
When Glasses-kun teleport themselves into the new world, MC rides in through the portal with a motorcycle he found to save his girlfriend.
Since every second outside the portal is a year inside it, the ten seconds the MC spends outside longer than Glasses-kun causes him to go the new world ten years later.
Glasses-kun has become the dark lord while MC's girlfriend is his wife. MC has no experience with isekai's plots. He only played FFIV and half of a Dragon Quest Game he lost as a kid. Most of his experience in gaming is in FPS and sports games. He uses his motorcycle and a frying pan and rides through the continent, hearing of a prophecy of the chosen one. To save his girlfriend, save the inhabitants of the new world from glasses-kun reign and to return home to make dinner for his family. MC will fulfill the prophecy of the chosen one and save everyone!

Except the chosen one is a cute girl he meets on his journey. She has long hair and a pet griffin that speaks backwards. What it says doesn't mean anything though.

I call it frying pan-kun because it's really just a guy on a motorcycle whacking guys with a frying pan.
Come on guys, it's so simple.

>Dies by a truck.
>Now you're a truck!
>Kill more people and turn them into trucks.

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Hayasaka falling for prez?
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Fucking finally.

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