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Why isn't there a tag for older women that don't act their age?
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Good morning anons.
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I'd post Keit-Ai but got banned last time I did.
A mod falls in love with a meme.

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Confess your sin's, /a/
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I unironically enjoyed watching cross ange.
I never dropped Guilty Crown.
This is but a virtue, anon

is the anime coming back or was it just a ruse?
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Maybe next year.
There is nothing to see after that arc anyway.
This shit is never coming back, and thank kami-sama for that.

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What does this mean?
No livewatch today?
If that's bilibili, he quits streaming few days ago
Well fuck. Is there an alternative?

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Satsuki-sama is cute. CUTE!
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>heel clicks
What's that blue stuff?

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ITT. Miracles of the universe
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Is this just another waifu thread or is there an actual difference?
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What character is a letter of appreciation?


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A thread for friends!
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What a cute friend

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>whenever Tsuneki's not on screen, all the other characters should be asking "where's Tsuneki"?
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Every episode all should ask "Where is Ruise?"
Did an author actually say this about a girl in a series for it to become a meme?
It's a Simpsons joke anon.

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First for Rituals.
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>I thought that this was the one thing he wouldn't do
>He did it

I'm gonna argue that Subaru made the right choice, now hear me out.

Emilia is a princess candidate, Rem is a maid/bodyguard. And Subaru, with his dying time travel powers can easily get Emilia ascend to power.

Now, why would he want to be the lover/husband or whatever of the ruler?

I believe it is because he wants to have the biggest possible capabilities to advance the living conditions of the people of Kindom of Lugnica.

With his upbringing in modern Japan he has a lot of knowledge in various subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and so on that might be completely foreign to even the best educated scholars of Lugnica.

With his knowledge he can bring the whole country forwards for centuries of development. He can eradicate diseases, he can improve agricultural practices, he might even be able to start the industrial revolution!

Oh, and also he might be able to genocide all those furry races that seem so prevalent on the streets.
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I want to fuck Felt.
He made a choice, that's where he went wrong
Why choose? Why not take them both?

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so many thicc lolis nowadays
Reminder that she'll grow very large tits
Just wait until she grows up

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Was her fear of dick justified?
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Genitals are pretty scary in general.
Dicks are mysterious creatures.
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his is apparently of quite behemoth proportions

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What does Suiryu's hand gesture mean?
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he cracked his knuckle

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Not a great time to do an announcement with Kino no Tabi around, but it happened.
Rejoice, mitsuboshibros.
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>animated by Shaft
I'm more excited for this to be honest.
Kino no Tabi is an ok anime, but I never get the hype over it.
>what's it's charm point?
Elementary school girls.

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