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>ftw no own goddess to hang with and play vidya all day
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>no own goddess
*no personal goddess
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>tfw no one to hang out with, talk about anime with and play games with.

At least I have you, /a/.
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Has anyone read this?

>One day out of nowhere, high schooler Yuichi Sakaki begins seeing words above people's heads. It turns out to be the ability to see people's true natures, which he names... Soul Reader!

>(Actually, his big sister names it that.)

>The next thing he knows, he's surrounded by people with bizarre labels like "Zombie" "Vampire" and "Witch." And before he can figure out what to do about that, he finds himself threatened by a beautiful girl, Natsuki, whose label is "Serial Killer"!

>Fortunately, Yuichi is not unprepared. His big sister has been training him for this kind of thing all his life. The battle is about to unfold between the bloodthirsty killing machine... and the world's strongest little brother.
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Read the first and second volumes.

It was actually a surprisingly fun read, even if it reads like something from ten years ago.

Bonus points for mocking the isekai genre's obsession with crop rotations.
The sister sounds suspiciously absent from the main story
I'm only just starting into the first volume myself and was wondering what I could expect. Mutsuko (the big sister) kind of reminds me of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Are you saying this as someone who read it or just from looking at the description?

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Why haven't they done the rank 8 exams in the manga yet? The rank 9 urara exam is fucking awesome. I never knew CGDCT series could be this exciting.
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Because it took them 3 volumes and a half to get to rank 9 exams, and there're only 4 volumes so far.
Oh, that makes sense. Thanks, Chiya Anon.
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When a doujin can give a better ending for Tsuneki arc than the anime. Also Seiren thread
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>Forget dreams.
>Becomes housewife.
Truly better.
This is now the canon ending for me.
Sorry, you're not escaping the clutches of Sanchez' 12" cock

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I'd like to remind everyone that Houki is a steaming pile of shit.
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There's no need reminding.
Houki is a miracle of the universe. Take your white piggus somewhere else.
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Well, shit

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What emotion is this face supposed to convey?
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Desire to drop that bass and start the wub
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Anon I just got that image from google, I do all my streaming on kissanime

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If this was the first anime I'd ever seen, and I went into it under the impression that it was one of the best, I would have just never watched another anime again.

If something this terrible is one of the best, then the rest would have to be unwatchably bad.

I don't even understand how casuals could like it. It has some of the worst, most repetitive, and boring streaks of pointless inner monologue I've seen in anime, and every single character is completely unlikable.

Do they literally just like it because it has a few spinning camera spiderman action scenes?
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Maybe it's just the cheap 'carrot on a stick' writing tricks they use to lure in low-iqs, like "oooo what's in the basement?!" or "oooo, who's gonna die next?" like The Walking Dead
Are you even trying to hide the fact that it's your first day on this board and you're trying to fit in?
I have what a lot of /a/ would consider shit taste but the reason I got into the manga before the anime was released is because I like dystopian futures where death is a real possibility. The mysteries like >>154769244 said were also effective on me. I'm no where near new to the medium but Shingeki no Kyojin is right up my alley in so far as what I find interesting. I just don't go to the threads because I'm not into Boy Love shipping.

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Her name is Yuri.
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>lesbian character pointlessly thrown in a series just for the sake of losing
I'm so sick of this meme.
The MC will never will get this far with her, I can bet good money on that

Good thing I already had dropped this
I hate lesbians. They're annoying and I'm glad they keep losing

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Where where you when best hell got a second season?
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Wait, what?
No joke?

No Joke!


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what is this bitch's problem
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Is that reika?
No man, it's Asuka.
She was basically too perfect.

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Help me out here /a/, which volumes do we need?
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All 5.
I don't think that's true.
I see them all on Nyaa so none I guess. We also have webraws for some chapters (and those are free if you rip on time).
Only 4 chapters are translated though.

FYI this is the last image from the season 1 finale. Nothing to worry about there not being season 3.
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The quads of truth have spoken
Please let the quads carry truth
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Quads confirm season 3 happeningI hope.

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also sankarea thread
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Is the manga even still running?
I don't think so but anime ended like it needs continuation
hahahahha just read the manga it's already finished. a huge disappointing finish if you ask me. we don't need an S2 for this piece of shit

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i started watching this and at first i thought like, fuck, this is stupid.
but after 12 episodes i still cant stop watching it, i do even like it now.
What happened?
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Dont worry S2 is trash.
bob saget.
i didnt checked for a second season... i kinda hoped it just had this one. well. i gonna roll to the bitter end i guess

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>You'll never win her virginity in a gamble.
I bet she'd be soaking wet after she lost.
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What would I even do with her virginity if I won it?
You can't carry it around. You can't store it securely at home either.
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you know.jpg
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>What would I even do with her virginity if I won it?
That's disgusting.

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