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How hard would you an Ai-chan?
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I'm nearly 2ft taller then her.
Getting smugdomed by her would be even better
With all the tenderness of my dick.
these are nice tawawas

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What do you think about this
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Newcomer to the IP here, it's quite sweet. No idea why it's so relatively less known.

1999 > 2011.
>No idea why it's so relatively less known
> Newcomer to the IP
Newfag to /a/ in general, you mean. Fuck off and kill yourself.
>ledditors calling me a newfag
oh, the ironing!
Sure, I mostly focus on threads about shit I actively follow, but you cannot deny that HxH wouldn't be pretty damn underrated compared to the other big Shonen series. Only recently have I started to see it gain some popularity, prolly because so many newfags are realizing its existence via the shitty 2011 adaptation.

was Rei a slut? she was basically shown getting fucked by the lance of longinus in EoE
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We're all whores just waiting for our chance to bust with someone else.
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Reminder that Shinji is canonically heterosexual. He only ever had sexual fantasies about women.
That's because he got dicked by Kaworu.
No need for gay fantasies.

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>no re zero episode today
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Will anything ever top it or should I just stop watching anime now

You should never have started. Look at your life. Look at the shambles it has created.
There have actually been investor meetings to discuss cancelling anime because they know they will never top Re:zero

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>Mou ikkai~
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Wrong gif, junior
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This is now a Kantoku thread.

You should smile more.
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Yay! Happy!
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Black Butler thread for the latest chapter

Who's the shooter?

What did Agni see?
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He saw the second ciel
Why souma? some other fucker could have died :'(
This. I'm willing to bet this whole story is just a ripoff of the prince and the pauper.

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Cardcaptor Sakura: High School Edition when?
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Like, a year.
>High School Edition
Yuck no.
Now even Clow wanted to be a Highschooler because that's when sluts and manwhores bloom
It's called Code Geass.

What is your dream, /a/?
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To die old, alone, and comfortable
To be wealthy enough to live as I please and support my loved ones without having to actually work.
An idyllic dream, though it'll be hard to do without work. I wish you well, anon

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14 is a sublime number.
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7 is best
I agree but 7-12 is better.

I practically refuse to watch non-KyoAni shows at this point to be honest, everything else is just kind of trashy.
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kuso thread.
Very subtle false flag thread
Super subtle anon, kudos on your razor sharp satire

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Post characters who are canonically not virgins
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New chapter.
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Chiya chapters are the greatest gift humanity can receive
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The anime might be over, but the threads aren't!

In fact, the anime might continue; a Konosuba event is scheduled on April 9th. (Source: http://konosuba.com/event/)

Could it be the season 3 announcement? We can only hope!
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Hahaha well keep "hoping" you Konosuba nerds. This trash anime doesn't deserve a s3 and we all know Maid Dragon was the better show anyway.
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>Maid Dragon was the better show
Let me redirect you: >>154638716
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How many seasons did maidragon get again?

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Dragon of the Darkness Flame. No idea why it was so special though
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amaterasu eye3532.png
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Amaterasu (Sasuke variant only.)
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this was my runner up although it was rather useless

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