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Why is there no Miku anime?
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Because you touch yourself at night.

Blah blah fanbase blah blah raging head canon blah blah no set personality blah blah.

Ad infinitum.
But Project Diva X exists.

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Anybody else exited for this?
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I just got done watching the 48-episode series. It was cool, good VA for many chartacters (especially Doppo), but mostly bad animation and low production values.

As for the manga, I got into Baki Dou after reading the first two series (I skipped the one about Pickle). Calling it now, Baki will end with Musashi beating Yuujiro, and Baki beating Musashi - Thus having Baki become the world's greatest without ever beating Yuujiro
>end with Musashi beating Yuujiro
You seem to think Itagaki DOESN'T have a massive mancrush on Yuujiro.
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Honestly baki dou is probably the worst of the series so far (if we exclude the fucking bullshit that is scarface) but you should really give the pickle arc a shot just so you can see the unchained fight in all of its glory.

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I know I'm 21 years late but ... what the fuck did I just watch?
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The Nisekoi of the 90s
nonsensical artsy fartsty bullshit desu
A happy ending

Why do people like bittersweet/bad endings? Is it so wrong to have a happy ending in japan?
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Not everything in life goes how you expect and anime often takes from real life.
I think having trails and tribulations is great for one's character, but to imply that life is going to hammer you to death without a moment reprieve is false. If anime really wants to go that route than it should have suffering but solace as well, to end an anime with a bad ending, is like saying life is suffering.
Happy endings can come across as mawkish or contrived if you're a terrible writer, so it's easier to just hide it under a layer of edge.

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Yu-Gi-Oh sucks
Vanguard is the best anime card game to exist
>better waifus
>better plot
>better card waifus
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It's a joke?
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But for some reason it's boring to watch.
give it time anon

What was her fucking problem?
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You think your family life was bad?
Math will ruin your live

Remember: Math. Not even once!
Nisio Isin is a hack.

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The first episode of your very own anime that you created is about to air, how do you introduce your protagonist and the world he lives in?

I'll start
>begins with monologue about how normal his life is and how much he likes his normal life
>slowly wakes up to his alarm
>tries to turn off the alarm only to feel something soft
>he opens his wide to see a cute girl naked in his bed!
>shocked at the current situation he reacts in the most apporpiate way possible
>shows a shot of the sky
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>begins with a flashback, our hero's parents are dead and his only relative, his grandfather, gives him a flashy magic sword before he dies of old age.
>back to the present, our hero is a young 14 years old boy that wants to become an adventurer. He meets a young beautiful girl that desperately needs his help.
>The girl leads him to a cave where monsters were holding her sister, our hero is about to have his first real adventure.
>There was no sister, there were no monsters, the girl stabs the hero in the back and steals his sword. His final moments are full of disbelief as she watches the girl and her friends talk about how to dispose of his body.

>Cue to the real protagonist, late 20s veteran, he's buying supplies, grease for his sword, wire, stuff like that. In one of the other booths we can see the hero's magic sword for sale. When he sees it he dismisses it as an useless item that will attract thieves like moths to a flame.

Genres: seinen, edgy, grimdark

help me whit imagine similar`s
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it's trying to communicate
i need more imagine of SAO

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Uh. What?
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It's over.
Just like that?
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You aren't fooling anyone.

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Would you guys rather run in the 90 or step on the gas
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how do I rage my dream?
run in the gas
Only if I have a proper jacket.

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icecream naana.jpg
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Post rare naanas
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This show aired on April Fools?

Holy fuck it all makes sense now.

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How would you adapt Tsukihime into an anime?
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Spend 2000 years in Autodesk Animator.
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12 episodes of Ciel and Arc tearing each other's clothes off!
I'd rather not, to be honest.

And I am sure type-moon feels the same way. Why waste money on this when they can add a new Saber/Rin clone to their gacha garbage game and roll in dosh?

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What would you like to see in the upcoming possible OVA/s2?
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Why are they friends, though.
This is seriously going to become MLP and get banned from /a/ if you guys keep making new threads.
>people discussing recent anime shouldn't be allowed
Especially when new anime project just got announced, last episode aired just little over 24 hours ago and manga translation keeps getting posted.
Why no one complains about Gabriel Dropout, since it finished over 2 days ago?

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Nice boat
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Trying again i guess

I've convinced my brother to read the manga, but he doesn't want to download it for whatever reason.

Where can you read it with good image quality and the best translation?

I remember using Mangasee or something but it doesn't seem to exist anymore

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Whatever you do, don't open this image.

I'm warning you.
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Jesus christ dude you almost gave me a heart attack!
Keep that shit on /x/ or /b/ or something!
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>this is still a thing
I'm seriously glad

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