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will never stop being mad.jpg
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Four years later and I am still fucking mad.
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Can't beat the purest form of love, nekofag.

There was no yuri in OreImo, though.
Loving your sibling like that is a little disgusting isn't it?

Lucky Star was 10 years ago.
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So was TTGL. See you in another 10 years.
It's still as good as ever
TTGL was shit. Don't know why you faggots fish over it all the time

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Protect the little fairy
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So what kind of stuff is in the guidebook?
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Thank God we won't see him ever again.

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Is anyone reading this?
It seems really, really awful right from the get go.
>3 men pay 2 women to lure a girl to one of the men's apartment, where the men then attempt to rape her at knifepoint while the women laugh and add commentary
>The girl kills them in self defense
>Gets sentenced to life in prison and is considered a heinous murderer
Are Japanese laws really this awful, or is this creative license turned stupid?
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Just from the description I think it's suspect.
I saw the raws, but I didn't know someone was scanlating it.
I know it's by the Cage of Eden/Deathtopia guy.
I don't think it looks good, but it at least seems like trashy fun.
>Cage of Eden/Deathtopia guy
Can't go wrong here

How can anyone like the Chapter Black Saga? It's terrible and full of asspulls.
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Yusuke vs Sensui (in the city and underground) is very good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKp40NacgSg

It's why everyone remembers it past Genkai arc. It turned to shit after that.

Yusuke vs Sensui Round 1 was way better than vs. Toguro (which was just a shitty power creep).

Round 2 was trash though.

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>The best girl wins from out of nowhere
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Yeah but she won in the worst way
This show was fucking terrible.
I will never forgive what they did to Kaede

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>good work diana!
>you're so perfect diana!
>thank you for deciphering that magical dragon language you were fluent in by the age of 12 and also simultaneously having a solid understanding of ancient dragon finance diana!
Give me one good reason!
Give me one good reason why i shouldn't end this cunt right now!
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Oh and here's a gun if anyone else has a mary sue they want to put an end to here in this thread!
You're acting like that stupid kid who was jealous of the smart ones so his only way to get recognition in the class was acting the bully role.
Glad Akko isn't such a lowly person like yourself.
I am not frustrated at Diana's genius but at Luna Nova's incompetence.

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Welcome back onii-chan.
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It's a shame I'm not yet.
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Pick one
I'll pick my daughter-kanojo-wife Megu.

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So a week ago the PV for Made in Abyss was released, is anyone else as hype as me for it?


I've always been sad that the manga never got translated much outside of 4 or 5 chapters in English but the anime looks very promising!

For those who don't know Made in Abyss, here's a short description:

Here is something you should be aware of before starting Made in Abyss - this is not a lighthearted story. I've seen this manga being described as a cross between Ichigo Mashimaro and Berserk and this analogy might just have grasped the gist of it. As the story progresses it grows darker, more disturbing and ominous. It is the main reason I only give it 9 points - sometimes reading Made in Abyss is frustrating and pretty painful. Still, if that is something you can stomach you're in for an experience well worth your while.

Made in Abyss is an outstanding work of art by any standard. Cute and gritty, vivid and gloomy, delicate and overwhelming, heart-warming and spine-chilling - it'll sweep your off your feet and drag you down into the world of sinister beauty you'll never forget.
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Depends, are you the same person who is always making Abyss threads, OP? If so, then yes, excited. Haven't read the manga yet though.
File: CBv0LbJUIAAsMyX.png:large.png (391KB, 601x800px)Image search: [Google]
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No I'm not, but I'm glad other Anons are also interested in it!
Looks interesting.

Which is better, the anime or manga?
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How is the anime? Never watched it.
When is Ran going to find out. Come on now.

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1a cute leaf.jpg
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hey friends

welcome back to c/a/nada!
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Fuck /pol/.
I miss /sp/ already.
>There are canadians posting among me RIGHT NOW
Things will never feel the same

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Joe Yabuki vs Ippo. Can Joe win?
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>Joe Yabuki
Literally who?
Lurk more, newfag.
Hey Joe...

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1MB, 1024x744px
Am I autistic or is there something about this show that compels you to start episode 1 after finishing episode 27? This is one endless cycle I don't wish to struggle against.
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it's spiral power compelling you towards the apocalypse
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>TTGL was 10 years ago

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It occurs to me that there's much less anime on American television than there used to be. I remember watching tons of it as a kid, mostly through Cartoon Network and the Toonami block. Now, though, CN only airs anime past midnight on Saturdays, and that's marketed towards teens/adults anyway.

Is anime dying in the American market? Or are kids just watching it on streaming platforms instead? What's popular with the kids today?
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I'm the second cousin of a kiddo who really digs TTGL and the Last Airbender
Netflix has a library of anime that isn't very large and is mostly shit, but there's some entry-level series that aren't all bad
But yeah the only place in America where you can watch anime on regular TV is the Toonami block on [as]
I know there's plenty of Anime on Hulu, but I don't know how prevalent Hulu subscriptions are, and I don't know how often people discover new shows through services like that.
Anime is really more popular than its ever been, most kids watch anime on netflix now some might even have a crunchyroll subscription because they're favorite youtuber shilled out for it or they saw a commercial for it on tv.

I miss it when anime was still niche and we didn't have trend hoping normalfags who pretend to like it to be "in" with the "lol so nerdy xD" crowd.

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What made Slayers so good?
Was it all Lina?
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Naga the Serpent.jpg
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Guess again
delete this Lina is perfect
File: 1478630490931.jpg (293KB, 1015x1371px)Image search: [Google]
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No, it was this cutie.

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