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What anime shows the special area between the women's thigh high socks and her skirt/shorts/spats in high detail? I really fucking love it when artists draw this stuff, but do animation studios animate this material? What are these gifted shows called?
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It's called ZR newfriendo.

But anyway, usually the ecchi series ones are the ones that do this on high detail in ANIME, but I'd recommend you to just stick with artists that specialize in that.

Oh and you should learn more words so lurk more.
all anime shows do this as fanservice. the area in question is called zettai ryouiki (absolute territory)

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Clockwork planet is decent or is even worse than NGNL?
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Not Isekai so it's at least passable. Also has nice clocks.
Why are you compairing the two ?
Same author.

This is your daughter for tonight.
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>her face when I ejaculated in that bread
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Sorry mate. I'm taking a walk with my daughter
You mean my daughter (male), right?

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This is Yuki. Today is April Fool's Day so tell her a joke that will make her laugh.
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What do you call a baby floating in a pool?
My future.
Interviews with monstergirls is a good show and not a cheap and quick cash in on the monstergirl craze.

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Are you ready to watch Boruto for the next 15 years /a/?
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That will depend on if Hinata still have boobs, nono, not only that ,Hinata had 2 kids, her boobs right now must be leaving Tsunade boobs in shame.
Honestly Sarada is sex incarnate.
I'm only gonna watch/read it for Mitsuki.

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>14 years old
>everyone wants to have sex with her

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How could I not?
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Must be the bear pheromones driving the village crazy
Dat Low-mileage pussy

After giving a more deep thought about the last episode, the ending doesn't seem so happy anymore.
Judging from Kaban's words about having no memories while being trapped in cerulean - she was either in some kind of stasis or not existing in form of human (i.e. dead). The sphere is about her head size, so there's no way she can fit there while being unconscious.
That leads to the only logical interpretation - she was dissolved into that rainbow soup and reassembled later as a perfect clone. This brings a problem similar to "Teletransportation paradox": the original Kaban really died and copy with her memories was born soon afterwards. But it's not the same Kaban anymore. Which is kind of sad and unnerving.
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This shit always bothers me. There's no point in making a clone if the original died.
Yeah, unless it's for greater good and benefit of other people.
But for the original it's the ultimate form of cucking.

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Post a character without actually posting them. Others guess.
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Ill start off with some easy ones.

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Saa hajimerazu SATURDAY NIGHT
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Yui Basara.jpg
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I originally watched this when it first came out and i was like 8.
Been rewatching it for the nostalgia, anyone else like babby's first harem comedy?
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Read the manga. It's way better.
It's one of those "manga makes the ok anime look like complete garbage" series.

manga holds the place in my nostalgia while the anime is unwatchable

Play the flash dating sim, It's way better

Terrible, terrible character. This is the kind of guy who brainwashes kids into thinking they're not masculine enough unless they're emotionally invulnerable testosterone factories with no respect for girls' personal boundaries.
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killer tits tho
>terrible, terrible character

Sure the devil slut was bad but she wasn't that bad.
It's funny because research has found rapists are less masculine than average. The leading theory is that they're basically failures as men who no heterosexual woman would ever find attractive and they resort to rape because they can't succeed any other way.

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reminder that these are the best three greatest active mangaka.

you may disagree, and thats fine, but you would be wrong.
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pretty sure the one on the right is oda, who are the other 2?
>not recognizing doughnut

get out
Im not clicking on that shit nigger

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Is Flip Flappers a flawed masterpiece?
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Episode 1-8 was a masterpiece, than it just nosedived in pretty much every department. By the end it was completely generic, forgettable, mediocre anime.
It's a mediocre anime that got memed by hipsters.
I didn't experience any flaws.

What was your opinion on pic related?
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Good first episode. It turned into a trainwreck after that.
Needs season 2. Interesting story.
Was pretty solid until the last episodes.
I think bunny girl's reasoning was totally lazy writing not to mention the last "plot twist" which was complete bullshit.
Also S2 never so who the fuck cares?

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Can I become a mangaka without being japanese?
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Yes, but likely not a well known one.

Try coming up with your own style rather than biting off manga.
Boichi is a gook and publishes in WSJ
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>he can't speak japanese
>he can't write
>he can't draw
>yet he still wants to draw comics for the japanese market

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