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Holy fuck the ending ruined this show. The "twist" with everyone dying in the bus crash was fucking great and I was bawling my eyes out when everyone was saying their farewells. Masato and Kengo sacrificing themselves to save Riki and Rin, Kyousuke dragging himself back to the bus to stop the gas leak, etc. All of it was great. Then, surprise, no one actually died! We'll just pull them out of the bus and everything is fine. Riki will just follow Kyousuke again and the character development doesn't matter anymore. I guess it gave him the strength to not fall asleep so he could get them out of the bus.

Clannad is similar, but at least it set up its ending throughout the entire show and it felt justified in some way. Little Busters just throws it out at the last minute. Maybe it's a difficulty of adaptation. I haven't played the Little Busters VN, but I have played Clannad and I understand the problems of adapting that one. But goddamn I just felt nothing at the end of Little Busters.
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>tfw you were part of a Little Busters-like group of friends but two of them abandoned the group for no clear reason and things have never been the same
Little Busters ending also erased earlier stuff in the show like Kurugaya's arc. Once I realized what the twist was it made her arc so much sadder, but given the ending it's basically meaningless.
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>Riki will just follow Kyousuke again and the character development doesn't matter anymore.

Didn't understand the ending I see but I guess that makes sense since you watched the show instead of reading the source material.
Way to go anon.

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dead friend.webm
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Other thread got raided.
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Ded show
And you didn't have to make a whole new thread just for that
that's a shame

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>when the second OP is shit compared to the first OP
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>Wow this is a really cool song, very passionate and catchy, I could listen to this a million times
>what the fuck am I listening to
I felt this way about L-Gaim at first, but by the end my opinions had switched and I loved NO REPLYYYYYY
what series?

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The cutest demi!
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So cute
Failure of a succubus.
Who also happens to be my wife.

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>The official website for the My Hero Academia television anime updated on Saturday and listed eight monthly Blu-ray Disc/DVD volumes for the second season, for a total of 25 new episodes. French anime publisher Kaze had listed the second season with a total runtime equivalent to two cour (half of a year) of weekly episodes.


Ok niggros, its time, Where will the 2nd season end?

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after stain for sure
I dont care

Exactly here.

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What is your honest to goddess opinion of Aqua?
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Eris is better than her
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She reminds me of Usagi
Insufferable retard, Daakuness is best

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Why didn't he simply let go of the knife?
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Because Marco wouldn't have been able to steal his place and his wife if he didn't.
Anchan was a cuck
marco was a cuck too tho
Well he wanted to be like Anchan

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You don't have a problem with the purest kind of love, you do?
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Of course. What a silly thing to ask
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Well so this waren't the farest time I watche serial Seriel Enitecents Lain but it's today I remisced it due to Today is the Nationel Holliday: Anischerawanee Day. So It's is pretty Claire to me that is SEL's SE Lain's Main Capuche Lain there is no other better for repenetinece of This Holliday.

Persionally believe they New Mascot of this National Event should into This Bear. Thoughts?
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Oh it's you again
for a second i thought i was having a stroke
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> autistic.jpg

Rank anime series from this pic.
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Code Geass
Cowboy Bebop
Steins Gate
Death Note
Neon Genesis Evangelion
3 of them are good and 3 of them are shit
All of them are entry level
Cowboy Bebop

The rest is not even worth ranking.

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I've been visiting /a/ for years, but I have never seen a dedicated thread for Twelve Kingdoms.

Is it just me that's strange for liking it? Or has the anti-iseikai stance of /a/ just been present for way longer than I thought?
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What is the significance of the number "12"?
The first arc (19 episodes, irrc) is pretty great.

The rest, not so much. I don't know how the books go, but it's a shame they pushed the redhead from the mc seat when they did.
Yeah the main arc is definately the best. But I still think they did an ok job of tying the different arcs together.
That moment when Youko revealed herself to the soldiers was GOAT.

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Chapter is out.
Mimic is one scary little dude
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read a little bit of this manga and it seems kinda bland

can anyone recommend the chapter it starts to really get good?
First for best not
I bet he's buying a new monitor everytime someone trolling him on 2ch

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>get into the robot
>I-I don't wanna
>what? you want him to get into the robot!? That's insane!
>I said get into the robot, son
>geez Shinji get into the fucking robot
Why did Misato change her opinion in the span of like ten seconds?
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why did misato promise to fuck shinji
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Because naturally she caresmore about her life than Shinji's feelings. All her support for him is lip-service.
Because everyone in this fucking anime has daddy problems. They are broken on the inside.

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Post series that seem to completely lose their appeal after you have fapped.
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that thing didn't have any appeal to begin with
Which Saekano have you blown the most loads to? Utaha for me even though I fucking hate her.
Utaha and I fucking love her

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Your top 5 Satania moments?
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That scene where the dog stole her melonpan
That scene where she takes the knot.
1. Saving doggo
2. Her meeting with Tapris
3. Her introduction
4. Finding a frog and chasing Raphi (worst girl)
5. Being smug at the sports event

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