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In which episode did Bittenfeld make a forceful breakthrough?
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all of them
All of them. It's surprising that he survived.
It must be somewhere around episode 20-25. I know I watched it very recently, but I can't remember exactly which one.

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No one needs a butt like that.
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that's a major butt
You're talking out your ass.
Strong robutt glutes

If Saber had survived Heaven's Feel long enough before being Altered to learn about Sakura's condition, how would she have felt about her? Would she have also wanted to kill her?
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She would fly to her rescue.
>shirou, I have an opinion about sakura
>yeah that's cool saber, but I'm going to ignore all common sense and do whatever i want anyway
>ok, shirou
That's about it.
Saber killed and looted the villages of her own people during wartime to feed her troops, so she wouldn't have any right to punish Sakura.

Also, early HF shows how Saber goes out of her way to express concern for Sakura even if it gets in the way of her nightly patrols, so she'd likely try to help save Sakura.

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Trigger x A1 co-production: Darling in the FrankXXX

Director: Atsushi Nishigori
Assistant Director: Toshifumi Akai
Series Composition: Atsushi Nishigori, Naotaka Hayashi
Character Designer: Masayoshi Tanaka
Chief Animation Director: Masayoshi Tanaka
Mechanical Designer: Shigeto Koyama
Action Supervisor: Masayoshi Tanaka
Animation Production: Trigger x A-1 Pictures

Sci-fi X Love Story
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Yeah, those never end well. I hope they get to make out at least once though.
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This isn't funny
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But it's cute
We know

Masayuki KusumiƗYoshitoshi Abe
New cooking manga start!
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>Masayuki Kusumi
>Yoshitoshi Abe
I like this already.
>Yoshitoshi Abe

Is he making a comeback?
Is that supposed to be one of Yoshitoshi Abe's designs there?

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I just watched it, what a boring anime, has not plot and the animation is not that great, still use speed lines, /v/ is liar
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Can't be helped. I thought it was a fun show.
no shit
it's just a parody joke that got way out of hand

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Been a while since we had a Guilty Crown thread.

Geass clone, or underrated masterpiece?
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Reminder to everyone American is best boi.
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Would you fuck Kite?
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Only man Kite
Which bathroom does she use when she goes into Taco Bell?

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Recently started reading this whats /a/'s thoughts
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better pic

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Illegal move.
Don't even question it.

>aah... uh
>boku otoko no ko desu
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>otoko no ko
He knew exactly what he was doing, didn't he?
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I want to sexually kiss that boy.

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Musashi is a big girl.
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Bad art
You guys hate anyone who actually draws a nose. Give it up already.

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First episode is out
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>it's yurishit

So who's getting NTR'd?
Everyone and the 'nice guy' male

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You begin conceptualizing a story

> what if a % of human start being born with super powers

What makes you go down the road of Shounen instead of Seinen

> how much Shounen can we fucking we jesus sick of this shit
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How would society even function with everyone having some kind of power

even the shitty powers of his mother is something that can kill and destroy even make her a billionaire

> what makes a writer say fuck away with exploring all those deep and philosophical ideas and lets make another shut off your brain and just feel anime

i still fucking felt in shin sekai yori
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& this isnt smart feeling
write in English and maybe I will give you a proper answer

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