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Is Haruko gonna be naked at all in season 2 and 3?
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This is the prime body for a female main character.
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Why is JC the pinnacle?
My wife Machi is so cute.
She's crying

So did he ever fuck her?
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Read the manga.
No one has sex in anime. Japanese people are too repressed.
Nope, hell, in the end people realize everything is fucked because this fuck doesn't want to fuck her so they literally went to forced him. Last shot is everyone about to beat the crap outta him.

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>candy succubus
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>youll never taste Hotaru's breast milk and have babies with her
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Sorry but they all seem like mindless mass-produced cookie-cutter garbage.

I hate what anime has become. I even hate the character designs and art style now, it's so flat and cheap looking.

Lol at this fucking Koi to Uso show, they're so sexually and socially dysfunctional in Japan that state-issued arranged marriages at 16 are something they hope for and use as escapism to cope with being incels.

You can tell it's a robotic soulless group of people that create these new anime shows, it doesn't feel like humans create anime anymore, there's no intelligence and wit that goes into it at all.

Their fucking comedy is "Aho girl", a girl acting obnoxious and retarded in a not-funny way.
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Well I mostly agree.
Out of this season's trash what's your favorite?
I still enjoy Symphogear
Man the music in this show is pretty dope, realized it around 7:30 who's the composer?
Huh, I guess you didn't even try lurking

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This is going to be the next Umaru isn't it?

Funny manga with decent fanbase, and then the anime comes and everybody shitposts and hates it.
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4chan seduces a girl gamer.png
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Was this canon?
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daddy fucked me and I loved it
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here is the sauce for newfags
1. That's not even it
2. How could anyone get off to anything so disgusting

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why are anime nowadays so shit at expressing subtle and complex emotional states?
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what are you talking about
Wasn't she used goods in the show?
showing mixed feeling, i.e my initual pic in where the mc likes what she is doing and yet is reluctant for various reasons.

you do not see shit like this now adays you only get a bland sad face or a bland happy face; never do we get anything complicated.

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How do you feel about Yu Yu Hakusho?
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I love the dub.
It was better than HxH.
i wish the dubbed songs had a full verson. they were great.

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Thoughts on Fire Punch?
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Crazy as fuck, but I like it.
It's so fucking weird and nonsensical, I have no idea why I read it.
Usually this kind of thing would be called a trainwreck by me and many anons, but the strangest thing about Fire Punch is that I can not lose the feeling that despite all of its crazyness, there is a purpose.
I can't label something like this a trainwreck and throw it in the same pile as geass, or Valvrave.
Fire Punch has some kind of nuance that I'm not picking that ties it all together.
I plan on re-reading it once it's done and analyzing it more closely to fully understand what I'm witnessing.
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img000009 (3).png
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i liked it, but i can't help but feel sad for him

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mikoto smile.gif
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Misaka's pretty cute, isn't she?
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She is, but I tried watching 6 episodes of Index and she is barely there. wtf
You've got to drop it and watch Railgun.
She used to be as popular as Rem.
WW3 was a mistake

How will you care for your mermaid wife /a/?
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Who the fuck accidentally eats raw fish?
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Doesn't matter, I got what I came for.

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big announcement.jpg
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has /a/ seen this
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The fuck is that. Gurren Laggan?!Do my eyes deceive me?

Holy Shit new season?!

What's happening
I don't speak gook
What's it say?
It's been a pleasure you know

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Anime - Rei.jpg
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Can you have an ex-waifu?
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You cheated on your wafiu you disgust me.
Unpure waifus get exed
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Anyone want to read a manga about a president named trap?
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Trump really has become a meme.

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