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At this point I'd even settle for just another cafe.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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congrats sugar! terashima too i guess.
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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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What exactly happened here?
I like it.

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kind drawfriends make everyone happier
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just look at this dork.png
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I want to do things to this boy
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What the fuck?
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a cute.png
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It seems that scans are out!
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This seems pretty comfy.
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From wolf goddess to shepherdess?
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Lazy wolf.

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Childhood is idolizing Shouko, adulthood's realizing Ueno makes more sense.
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She's the autistic screeching grade-school obsessed monkey in the background while everyone else was trying to move on with their lives, even the MC never gave a shit about her. Doesn't even function well as the dumb contrarian option because there's that glasses cunt for that.
Childhood is idolizing Ueno, adulthood's realizing KnK is shit.
The thing I like about Ueno is that, she would've gone all deredere if Ishida had given her a dicking

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Who is that? She feels... Familiar

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Which was the better film? Which had the better soundtrack?

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Princess Mononoke had something to say about hugging trees. Trust and Betrayal had something to say about human emotions and why they are fucked over.

I pic Trust and Betrayal as the better show simply because what it had to say, I feel, was much more important. Nature doesn't give a fuck about humanity. Our hearts are easier to deal with, though often extremely difficult. We matter more to us than worrying about nature. Earth will heal from the damage humanity did to it. We need to figure our own shit out.
>Better film

Kenshin had better direction and cinematography, but Mononke had better animation and more imaginative visuals.


Even harder to decide since they're both masterpieces. I'm leaning more towards Kenshin because it had much more action music, but both put almost every other soundtrack out there to shame. I'd go as far as to say that they're the best things Iwasaki and Hisaishi ever made.

As for the superior OST, Princess Mononoke takes it, easily. Trust's, I feel, was powerful, but a step down from Hisaishi's genius.

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>this is the closest we'll get to a futa anime
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its a dude in drag

not futa
Isn't this basically porn? I thought it'd be a cute trap x senpai show, but i saw a screenshot that looked like they were actually fucking.
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What the fuck did I just watch?
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A japanese animation movie.
A visually shallow and sleazy conclusion to one of the most demented and insulting anime franchises.
the explanation of the last episode where Shinji is fucking around with his concience and all of a suden he is surrounded by lads clapping at him

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Convince me that Griffith did anything wrong.
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raping casca
>World before Falconia

War torn hellhole where nobles are constantly fighting each other, disease and famine, pheasants constantly preyed upon. Midland was getting raped by Muslims

>World after Falconia

Everyone lives in peace in the city with enough food for everyone. Falconia is a state of the art city with technology and sanitation unthinkable before.
You literally can't because they all agreed to make Griffith's dream come true.

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Oh shit, you pissed somebdoy off hard enough, that they hired Golgo 13 to kill you

The protagonists of the last anime you watched is your bodyguard.

How long can he/she stall Golgo?
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Not only do I die, he doesn't even appear.
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Doesn't look good for me unless she can pull some believing hearts out of her ass
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Well, Rito will not be the one to kill off Golgo, his harem of Ayy Lmaos will happily do that to protect him.

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what does the future holdxcf.jpg
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How did this happen?
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It's called progress.
left: written during a cold war
right: written during a golden age
Japs lost their balls.

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Why do Gainaxfags overrate this shit so much? Whenever I see someone call this a masterpiece, I know they are a retarder Gainaxfag who should kill themself.
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Twilight is a good song, nigga
Just a reminder that per global rules you must be 18 or older to browse 4chan.
Doesn't that mean no one is allowed to post since we are all little girls?

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Summers in the air and there is a new season of anime starting now. It can be confusing deciding what to watch and what to drop so
>what are you watching and why?
>big hit of the season?
Basically anything to do with the new shows.
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The only good new anime is Aho-girl.
Read the synopsis and watch or watch them all retard. Your first season?
BnHA and Kakegurui are all I know I'll be watching so far. Gotta love being scaroused.

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