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Unskippable openings thread
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My nigga!
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ITT: characters that are literally you
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This is me. Literally me.
Don't you lie to me anon
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I have no friend.

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>Talk-no-Jutsu effective (Meaning she wasn't insane)
>Gets Saved™ by Boruto
>Nue confirmed alive and still connected to Sumire
>Nue still Boruto's summon (Forced connection to Sumire even in the future)
>Both Sumire and Boruto have marks on their left palms
>Boruto STILL the only person who can see Sumire's connection to Nue/Nue's energy in general
>Managed to escape multiple death flags
>Got called a one-off character
>Completed arc
>>>>Main focus of the new ED

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Word I'm happy.
Funny how when Boruto was announced I was all for having Boruto accomplish his father's gay dream in a non faggy way. Then Hawawa comes and blows Sarada out of the water. Sarada so far is just a Sakura recolor with the plot hax that ruined Naruto sleeping within her. On the other hand Sumire is so far the most ninja like person since fucking Zabuza. Also she's cute.
What japan thinks about Sumire?.

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Why is she so perfect?
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Endgame right here, brothers.
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>I die to show Zeke is bad
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how can i support some of my favorite series without buying physical playback media?

where would be the best place to buy:
>digital manga
>digital anime
>other shit

please dont >>/buyfag/ me.
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Crunchyroll and shit?
check the official jp site?
they won't list maymay shit like cr
magazine scans etc will also list related products like games
hell check you could google stuff in moon and probably come across them

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does /a/ like trigun?
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I don't know, but I sure as fuck do
Watched it in French dub, one of my all-time favorites. Couldn't stand Japanese Milly and Meryl getting high pitched children voices.

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>see picrelated on anichart
>huh, might be cool
>start watching it
>it's not actually japanime, it's chinkshit
>obvious CG that hurts my eyes, chinese dialogue that sounds like someone's trying to talk with a dick in his mouth and the plot that is banal as fuck
>consider dropping it right then and there
>persist despite the above
>it's actually pretty good
>the chinks clearly know how handle the camera/PoV (maybe even better than nips), the actual animation is solid, the CG is mostly appropriate and the story pacing isn't dogshit
>overall, a pretty fun watch
I went in with the lowest expectations possible and was pleasantly surprised.
Are chinks slowly getting good at this stuff?
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Episode 2 preview out:
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Actually like it... does /a/ not care?
Could just wait for the episode itself to come out.
i liked the manga, but the anime rushed things way too much

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Why no discussion about this movie?
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Anime movies are shite.
/a/ doesn't discuss good anime. Go somewhere else.
But this was rated 100% on rotten.

>$10 banana
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What is wrong with this girl?
Lack of oxygen when she was born

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Good morning anon
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But 3pm is afternoon.
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morning, faggots

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Hey, I used to read the raws for hoshino, me o tsubutte on BZland but it seems they are gone (website been down for the past couple of weeks) I know another site that has the raws but only up to chapter 56. Anyone else know where I can read them?
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Wish the updates were faster

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Which K-ON would be the best fuck?
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They are all disgusting, so none.
Yui - enthusiastic but unskilled. Tolerable
Mio - starts as a dead fish but gets passionate as she is overwhelmed by pleasure. Quality sex
Ritsu - confident until her clothes come off, then too embarrassed to do much. Cute but poor physical experience
Azusa - no fun allowed, would be awful. Best K-On to rape though
Mugi - by far the best. Experienced but only with girls so still pure. Highly skilled and adventurous, able to take on dominant and submissive roles easily

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dmw cover.jpg
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Underrated af. Thoughts?
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i love ganta's relationship, dynamic, and story with shiro, but not so much with the battles, powers, or worldbuilding. In fact, the only reason I pulled an all nighter to read all of the manga was to find out about their history and see how it would end
Edgy bullshit for 14 year olds

How to train your pet dragon(gf)
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