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So who was he?
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Crippled dark tiger father's friend.

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ITT great scenes that caused severe and irreparable damage to their series
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It's suffering to be L.

>tfw you you're 99% sure Light is Kira
>he's also your best friend
>gets killed by him

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>be a cute witch
>attend Luna Nova
>the flip girl who sits by you starts calling you mommy
>she cries and rocks herself in the fetal position if you try and make her stop
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>tfw the dub makes me want to blow my brains out.

its berserk levels of suffering
would you?

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ITT: Forgotten girls
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I remember
>onion faced piece of shit
She was forgotten for a reason.

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Would this be a better retcon for the potara earrings?
>Fusion stays permanent
>However fusion between two mortals is less stable than between gods
>Since potara earrings are a godly relic, exposing the fusion to a tremendous pressure from evil ki (In Z's case Buu and in Super's Zamasu) will make it more and more unstable
>During Vegito and Zamasu's fight you can see Vegito slowly losing cohesion as limbs start to spring from their respective body (e.g. Vegito goes to throw a punch and the arm splits into two arms one of Goku and the other of Vegito)
>Zamasu's evil ki starts breaks the fusion between Goku and Vegeta and breaks the potara earrings
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When they all nut.png
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fuck off with this shit headcannon
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android19vsvegetanv (1).png
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Reminder that /ourguy/ will beat Hit and destroy the Three Tumblrinas

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Kissing softly the star of water that sleeps in blue,
A person who lights fire of life,
The time, the golden ripple,
is sigh from the lips of the sky,
The stars of kindness buried in heart flame up and call to each other,
Like wrecked ships wandering on the waves,
Don't cry, any more, because now there is a idle looking for you,
Dying to see you
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we didn't deserve her ;_;
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Play her fucking game !!
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>The main heroine can't cook.
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most girls I know can't cook
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Pervert friend
Is this even a trope. It can happen IRL.

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Re zero is best
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>character's seiyuu has had sex
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OP is a faggot.jpg
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> yuri

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If Projections are made of Shirou's Magic mana, why didn't Gilgamesh just pull out Gae Dearg and similar weapons and just null Shirou's weapons?
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Frodo memes are old and busted. Get some fresh material to shitpost.

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Why is Kuro a natural rapist?
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She contains the blood of the Emiya line.

The males of the line are too filled with the power of autism and justice which pushes out the lewd which then homes in on a suitable host, which ends up being any female Emiya due to their shared origin.
More like natural rape victim.
Good theory but I think it has something to do with her genes personally

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Holy fucking shit. Just caught up and I'm really liking where this is going
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When will this boring Succession arc end so we can finally get to the Dark Continent and for Leorio to be the MC and get the spotlight for once?
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Succession arc will end in about 30-40 chapters, so about 6-7 years real time
Suck my cock papi im gonna cum cum cum in your bum bum bum.

Killia x Leorio 2012
Alluka x Mito 1969
Kortopi x Youpi 1337

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These anime studios did some really overrated works:

-Gainax: evangelion
-Clamp: CSS
-Sunrise: Gundam Wing
-Production IG: GITS 95 movie
-KyoAni: Hyouka
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>anime studio
OP is retarded.
Trigger: Kill la KILL

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