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I could gush forever about the opening seven minutes of this show, which are genuinely among the best I’ve ever seen. From the arresting cold open to the haunting, unspeakably beautiful rendition of Scarborough Fair I was just entranced. The cold open is the most fascinating since Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (I had literal goosebumps), and the Scarborough Fair sequence does more and better world-building than any light novel wall of text exposition dump could ever hope to. I’ve been playing it on loop while writing this whole post.

Even though it’s never quite captured that magic again, it’d be unfair to expect it to. There’s a pretty dense story being told here and that requires getting down and dirty with the details of the plot. While I think the show is moving a little quickly at times, it’s doing it relatively elegantly. It always manages to justify what feel like leaps of logic or convenient shortcuts. Even its iffier decisions (see here for my thoughts on the massage scene) still feel like they’re grounded in a desire to tell a genuinely thoughtful story. One of the most crucial things the show needs to do is sell us on what will almost certainly be a romance between Willem and Chtholly. I was taking a wait and see approach to that, but their conversation near the end of episode three has me completely on board with the pairing right now.
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As if I needed more stuff in my backlog.
Nice blog. No, seriously.
OP is literally the opposite of that.

PV is out.
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Is it me or is it made in flash?
dafuq is this shit
Interesting visual style, it does look straight out of a comic book. I heard the scheduling is pretty bad though, the preview at AX was apparently unfinished.

It's just the shading and colours.

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This room is so massive.
So why am I sitting so close to you?

Started watching it yesterday and finished it yesterday
I'm a mess
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checking my dubs for a free self bump, nice
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Do people really like any of these girls. None of them are even remotely likable.

Is this based soundtrack?
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>Wow, I really can't swallow all this cum
>Here, you guys have some too
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i hate summer
Cool down with some cum, Anon.

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I wish I could give my life to propane, if you know what I mean.

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Post unsauceable series or without updates in long time.
Also i cant remember the name of this series in the pic.
Brother wants to fuck her sister. In a chapter he wears a belt with condoms.Little sister´s teacher likes the brother.
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Was she a lesbanese?
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She's Kobayashi-sexual.
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no she's a dragon
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What do you think of Height?
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??? everybody knows it's all about FACE and FRAME

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Why is she always so pissed off?
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Have you ever been around a chuuni in real life? Have you ever had one as your friend?
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A good DESSing will sort her out.
Ego defense

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How can one witch be so based? Trigger MCs are the epitome of quality
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So I finished watching one piece for the first time 2 months ago
Started watching naruto 75% done

Just realized one piece doesn't have any interesting or well made bad guys unlike Naruto. But in naruto all the good guys are lame
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Best girl
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Reminder to get your daily dose
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I took it, and now what?

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holy fuck guys its here

ohys saves the fucking day again
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Anime is the only way I know the anime is my own thing and it's not like the game has been the best way for me because it has no one ️ to do the anime equivalent and she is the woman who has a very good sense of humor she is the only woman who can never fully appreciate this book because of her own characters who were not like you were you were a young butterfly woman that took her wings and loved the world and you was the only woman that had the same children you were wren but often the grandfather of your father was the father and the woman who was there to help her with your choices of the day did anyone know how much she was going on a wife and grandfather father grandfather grandfather he is has a very very interesting good sense that you are the grandfather and father grandfather grandfather he said the father grandfather grandfather he has been the father you father grandfather grandfather of a woman and
also on pantsu: https://nyaa.pantsu.cat/view/952798

ohys is saving anime tbqh
Holy shit what a surprise since when!?

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