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Considering Youjo Senki.

How many people will it trigger when the prologue shows Nazis protecting Berlin from evil non-axis forces or when the characters start sieg heiling?
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Like the Japs give a fuck. They don't create anime to cater to the sensibilities of the Western world.
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What about Bey calling nips inbred yellow monkeys that like to sudoku or mentioning war crimes that "never happened"?
They will definetely censor a bunch of stuff.

JoJo was censored and I remember the persona 2 re-release being censored

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Are you excited for her second season?
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umaru is a dumb rat
And you are a dumb fag

Yes I'm excited.
so much salt

>Yaha-kui zaShunina only needed one human to make it to the anisotropic to fulfill his goal
>Shinawa ascended to the anisotropic on her own

zaShunina actually won.
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won what
>cucked by magical girl saraka-chan
>o my anisotropic child
>actually won
>on her own
Looks like Tsukai won.

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
morning koume <3
Koume's seiyuu is doing a thing where I can buy a laptop and it will have custom lines I can request, as long as it's not sexual, roleplaying, or kiss sounds. What should I have her say?

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Trigger x A-1 Pictures's new anime“DARLING in the FRANKXX”staff
>Director: Atsushi Nishigori
>Assistant Director: Toshifumi Akai
>Series Composition: Atsushi Nishigori, Naotaka Hayashi
>Character Designer: Masayoshi Tanaka
>Chief Animation Director: Masayoshi Tanaka
>Mechanical Designer: Shigeto Koyama
>Action Supervisor: Masayoshi Tanaka
>Animation Production: Trigger x A-1 Pictures

More info coming later today and there will be a cm airing during the rebroadcast of gurren lagann at 24:30 in Japan.
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I'm very much looking forward to this.
>/a/'s darling studio Trigger
>/a/'s nemesis studio A-1
How tsundere will this board be for the show?
>Trigger x A-1 Pictures
Confirmed to end in the middle of an arc as manglobe homage.

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who is the dominant one in bed?
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who cares, neither are canon.
tsundere = secret sub
so mvri
does it really matter? maybe they both fight like cats in bed

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>Best girl wears best girl costume from another show
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Which one is that again?
Asuka of course.
Anyone know the doujin about married woman who fucked her husband, her son and a dog while wearing a plugsuit?

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Friendly reminder that rei is best girl
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never watch eva and will never do
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This entire thread already makes me sick.
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>personality-less doll is best girl

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Episode 14 preview

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Charon will kidnap Selesia
When will the isekai meme finally die?
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No, he will kidnap Alice. And trap her on the boat

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So I saw an anon post this in a thread earlier, anyone know if there are any plans to continue it? Or hell even just viz rips of the volumes?
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Posting more art to keep the thread alive
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Let's discuss the greatness of Oniisama.
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Poor Lina.
Baka gaijn...
Is this from the movie?

Anyone else watching this new Yo-kai Watch series? I really like this new direction and characters. I'm glad they're kinda doing the same thing as Digimon with older teen characters.

How do you think the games are gonna change now that it's more focused on living with or exorcising yo-kai instead of capturing them?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Saki Chapter 178 leaks. Himeko orgasm...!?!
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Lots of pages in this chapter.
Ritz spilled soup on the carpet or something.
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Usuzan flashback?
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Is it possible to refill her mana, despite she doesn't even have vagina?
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Just cum in anus really hard.
Just cum in her boipussy
Its called a boipussi

Alright, lets actually narrow this down. No one really gives a shit about worst show or worst ED. Lets be honest, you have at least like 5 shows that youd rate equally bad. So well go with a smaller layout this time.

>amount of shows started and finished
>personal anime of the season
>personal disappointment of the season
>favourite OP/ED of the season
>favourite character of the season
>least liked character of the season
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Spring 2017 was a mistake and a failure on every level
>tsuki ga kirei
>akashic records
>akashic records ED 'precious you'
Just because Kado ended up being worse than Eromanga doesn't mean you have to be so negative.

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