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ITT: Characters literally no one likes.
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But I want to fuck the shit out of her.
i want to kisse her
But she's a best?
Is this an 'opposite' thread, anon?

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"it's like the pickle fight, but you don't care who wins"
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Oops. Should have said "translation" in the OP subject line; whatever.

>Chapter 164: Palace of Muscle
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>N: Year 1XXX, Kokura
>N: Concerning Hasebe Tei
>Tei: Ahahahaha!
>T: Amazing!
>Fag: Wonderful.
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>T: Its weight is...?
>F: 747 kan (2.8 tons) -
>F: Easily, four times the average.
>T: I'd heard rumours, but...
>T: Seeing it is nothing like hearing it.
>T: Something this great must be...

Happy wedding! satomi satou & takuma terasima
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Yeah no way dude.

Does it bother you when anime and manga characters in otherwise serious/realistic settings aren't really hindered by wounds? Like for example a character is stabbed all over their body like 15 times during a fight, and then after the fight, they're up and walking around totally fine, albeit with some bandages wrapped around their chest and arm.

I know it seems like I'm picking on jojo specifically, but it's just the first example that came to mind.
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Jojo is one of the few where I don't mind.
But stuff like that rarely happends.
When a characters heavily injured it shows, but only after the fight.
That's what bothers me.
A character can get shot 5 times and still win the fight.
Then he passes out.
It's cool and all but I prefer it when the injury restricts him in his action and willpower can't just make him strong enough to beat someone up even when half dead.
>picking the one that's actually justified due to the stuff he had hidden in his hat and coat to help against the knives
>he still passed right the fuck out when he trying played possum for Dio and was only saved because of Star Platinum acting on its own
Generally, no. That type of scenario is rare, and tends to only play out in shounen battle series in which the characters are superhuman.

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You're waifu is a special person, make sure you let them know that every day!

Lets get things rolling!

How would you spend a hot summer day together?

How does your loved one beat the heat?

How would you plan the perfect romantic evening?

What is a moment they've had in their series that's inspired you to be a better person?

You get home late after a long day and find them asleep on the couch having waited for you, what do you do?

Remember to complimint a waifu today, yours are all really truly amazing!
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Konata - 127 - 3111x2228.png
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Completely fried from a pretty awful day so I can't answer any questions today, but I wish you all a great week.
Now to snuggle up with her daki.
I guess I will ask does anyone here know japanese that could help me find an untranslated doujin?

I found a preview for it on pixiv but its only in japanese search results and I have no clue where to look. It might not even be scanned anywhere but its really well illustrated so I think it would be weird for it to just disappear like that.
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Thanks OP!

>How would you spend a hot summer day together?
Probably chilling out in the back garden, maybe get a barbecue or hot pot going.

>How does your loved one beat the heat?
Sunglasses, t-shirts, shorts and a cap

>How would you plan the perfect romantic evening?
If I had money, I'd book a candlelit dinner in the fanciest restaurant with jazz music being played live in the background. Otherwise, I'd try to take her out to a nice spot on the hills where we could just eat snacks and gaze at the stars and moon together, with no one else around.

>What is a moment they've had in their series that's inspired you to be a better person?
When she forgave the man who betrayed her in the Tower of Heaven arc.

>You get home late after a long day and find them asleep on the couch having waited for you, what do you do?
Princess carry her to bed and wrap a blanket around her. If she hasn't eaten yet, I'd try and cook something.

That's an adorable Mint picture!

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My Personal Pick would be Beelzemon from Digimon Tamers
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>tfw dreaming about becoming Beelzemon in my younger days
Fucking rad 10/10 design does miraculous things.
He is by far one of the best charcters in Tamers


Beelzemon > Black WarGreymon
you have to be 18 to post here kiddo

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The fuck is this?
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looks like boogiepop to me
meh show with no good rips, trying to impress by convoluting questionable plot. Anime trying to be kino while loosing all virtues and advantages of cartoon over live action.
It's disjointed but very atmospheric. I liked it, but that might be because it was one of the first anime I ever watched.

When is Yumi going to get a geah, I mean come on
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This isn't an anime.
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When Chris and Miku fuck.
Everyone but Yumi will get geahs in season 5.

Good luck.
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Why, thank you kind anon.

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Death Parade, by far my favourite anime, cried like a little bitch when Decim cried in the last episode
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"Usagi Drop" could use one. Or maybe a movie.

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Moore chan
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The Case Closed dub is one of the biggest abominations of the dubbing industry. I can't understand how anyone could defend it.
Sailor Moon is worse.
Thankfully I watched Detective Conan from 1 to 860whatever with sub.

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Naoki Urasawa is the greatest Mangaka/Comic Artist in the history
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Billy bat was awful though
but don't know how to end stories and tie loose ends
>tfw there'll never be an anime like monster ever again

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Why can't I stop watching Berserk?

It has some pretty good music though
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Why is this faggot always winking at me?
I fucking hate how Miura and the anime director made the elves look. This chestnut chibi style legitimately pisses me the fuck off. It's ugly, unattractive, not cute, and destroys the atmosphere.
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Why is this allowed?


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>No Ainu loli to hold while I'm inside a deer's ass

How do I stop this suffering?
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By kidnapping an Ainu girl

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New chapter soon(?)
Will Ippo win without sucking?
Will Sendo continue to beat Mexicans?
Will Miyata just spar Ippo like Sendo did?
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Miyata has no drive anymore he can fuck right off
This and Kimura's title fight were the highlights of the manga for me.

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