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What are the official and totally unopinionated power level rankings of FMA characters?
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1. "God"
2. Homonculus
3. Hohenheim
I feel like even that is off. The homunculi are strong, but philosopher's stones allow for anything you know how to accomplish. There really aren't powerlevels aside from
1. "God"
2. everything else

I'm going to be getting into Gundam soon. Should I watch the anime or read the manga? Usually I'd just read the manga with any other series, but it looks like the manga actually came after the anime and is an adaption.
In fact, some of the later manga apparently have differences from the anime, although I'm not sure how big they are.
Obviously the art from the manga is a huge plus when talking about the original Mobile Suit Gundam, but I want the one with the better story.
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Production order. 0079 was first.
The series.
just do universal century in release order, then read the books and novels if you feel like it.
try the movies if you dont want to commit to 150 ish episodes.

ZzGundam is actually really good, far better than zeta, dont listen to people who say otherwise

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How do you go from this...
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To this, merely by losing your bangs?
how did they somehow manage to make worst girl even more disgusting

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Voice actress
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What did they mean by this?
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Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
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>tfw no more furries

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How did you fell after the manga was over?
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Havent checked for naruto since asuma's death
how unique you liked asuma wow
i bet you liked kiba too solely bc no1 else did
relieved. it was a mercy killing.

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Is this an example of a lovable girl?
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Yes, Sora is a lovable girl, a cute imouto, a dedicated wife and a wild lover.
>opera gloves + ZR
now that's a miracle of the universe

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Episode of Luff.png
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New 3 part spinoff running in the one piece magazine drawn by Oda
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Only picture we have so far but it'll be interesting
>Oda works on BOTH One Piece and a spin-off
>Togashit struggles to crank out a measly 10 chapters which are full of speech bubbles anyway to maximize time for Dragon Quest

LMAO what a fucking joke, Togashidrones will defend this
Is this drawn by Oda or just copypasted panels by an assistance?

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Happy wedding!
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Sugar got hitched?

>seiyuu announces marriage
This slut epidemic needs to end.
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>seiyuu seen holding hands in public
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>seiyuu knows men exist
>>seiyuu announces marriage
>This slut epidemic needs to end.
Stop pretending you know what you are talking about. Marriage is untouchable in Japan, if someone gets married, you might kill yourself for it but you are not allowed to get mad at the girl.

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Get ready for cute maids
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But you can't feel up Komi-san's butt wide open.
Haunted house would be better.
I hope they TL this arc in one go.

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how will she ever recover?
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From what?
she did, like 6 years ago

Remember when we were called delusional faggots and Merafags for arguing that she was alive because only 6 hearts were destroyed? I wish someone would have screen capped those arguments.
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merascylla revived.png
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I wonder what she's going to do now since she's returned.
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Ive been in every nanatsu thread though and nobody has ever argued that
Job hard? Everyone has been receiving powerups left and right except Ban and both Meliodas and Escanor have already been shown soloing a Ten Commandment or two at the same time

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/a/ sings Go!!! When?
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Waifu Perfecta
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Best Girl™
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Satania is a better Tachibana than Tachibana, and also much more.

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