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aren't these threads banned now?

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I just started watching this and it's pretty good.
>dat 3rd ep OP
Holy shit.
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Just know that best girl hasn't shown up yet.
This series is phenomenal in every aspect. Voice acting, animation, atmosphere, SOUNDTRACK, OP and ED songs, insert songs, characters and the way how they are showing the table tennis.

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tfw episodes 19-22 are still the peak of anime
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You might joke about this but it genuinely saddens me that most of the current Nip fanbase got into Type-Moon through a trashy cashgrab mobage with a self-insert, and most of them will only only stick to that. They deserve it for being normalfags and/or waifufags though, the sadder part is TM never doing another VN or attempting a real videogame ever again.
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There is nothing wrong with Grand Order.
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What the fuck is wrong with lancer's face?
It's a bad game like all mobage. It's an inherently flawed genre, F/GO is made all the worse with shitty drop rates that surpass Goyblue Fanta Sea. Really, the FTP used by these barely-games exploit flaws in the human condition to accrue such a high profit. Also cost fuck all to make, they are end-game capitalism with a coat of waifu paint.

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Is this true?
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If animators actually got paid $9400 annually no one would be an animator.
For the most part, although most voice actors probably make around a part-time worker I believe.

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I want to pick Meryl up and refuse to put her down!
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I'd put her down on my cock.

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Kyon-kun, denwa!
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I see she watched death note.
I guess thats better than watching naruto and mimicking the running style.
Why is she sitting like that?
maybe her butt hurts

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>ITT: post things that are canon
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She fucked her brother

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This wasn't that good. I see so many people talk about this as the predecessor to eva that did some things even better but it's full to the brim with inconsistencies and various clichés.
A few examples:
-Why sending teenagers in space? Logically there would be adults who are better pilots than them, having had more time with the robots
-Why does the bath need a glass ceiling(other than a "funny" gag)?
-Introduced a guy that died in the same episode with minimal characterization because mc needed some sort of trauma
-MC is shit at piloting robots and yeat she's selected for an incredibly important mission because a guy thinks she might eventually get good
-At the end Noriko and the other girl have been traveling at presumably light speed and on the earth 12.000 years passed. In the same episode noriko was on the ship for 6 months and 10 years passed on earh, so how did they not age in the gunbuster?what did they eat?I'm assuming the gunbuster was slower, being reduced to scraps
Can't remeber anything else for now, but i just don't understand how people think this is good. Even the themes have been done to death
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It exists only for fanservice and is the trashiest anime of its era.
>-MC is shit at piloting robots and yeat she's selected for an incredibly important mission because a guy thinks she might eventually get good
She had guts.
Hard Work and Guts!
Everything about Gunbuster is worth it for the final episode.

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What's in the closet?
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your gay ass
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Honestly thats really rude
Nadeko-chan dildo colection, also ero manga

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Which one is your favorite slut, /a/?
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Stop implying my wife is a slut.
ur mum
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first date etc

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Are the Love Lives in love with each other?
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If they were it wouldn't sell much
Is Kotori an actual bird?
Are the original Love Lives still alive?

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What is the appeal of this character?
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Nice round tits.
Power to defeat the cock!
Being the strongest fighter in the cast, but still human and loses fights every so often.

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ITT: Characters that are nothing more than cheap cumbuckets
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Your waifu.
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