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become a meguca
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this is a 6 year old meme, older than Waha~ was in 2007
i make a wish coobie
Make the next fucking movie, then we'll talk.

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/sci/ >> /lit/ > /fit/
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why do you not remember their names?
/sci/ A CUTE
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That's not the /sci/ I know.

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Spoiler pics soon.

Title: You can do it Caesar!

Caesar cries as he holds Bege and flies through the sky. Perospero created a candy wall to stop him getting away.

Ichiji, Niji and Yonji come to Caesar's aid. They break the candy with a combination Attack 'multicoloured bomb'.

Du Feld is sneaking through the castle to find the Tamatebako. He sees Stussy behind him. She shoots him dead with a flying finger gun.

Stussy was from CPO. Morgans appears and Stussy panics. She tries to open the box but it falls down the castle.

BM and Luffy in G4 face off. BM hardens her palm so that it is hard as steel. They both say 'I'm gonna be the Pk!' But take no damage.

Luffy says he will beat Kaido and then it's BM's turn. BM says he will never beat Kaido and she will never let him get away.

Judge arrives to back up Luffy. But BM breaks his lance in one attack and takes him down.

The Vinsmoke boys turn away from Caesar and head towards Judge. Katakuri appears in front of Caesar. Ichiji holds off Katakuri but Brûlée joins in.

Caesar turns around. Luffy, Sanji and Germa have collapsed. However the fallen Tamatebako explodes just before BM can execute them.

End of chapter.
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Interview translations by Greed and Sandman:
>Oda talks about him watching Movies, mainly old ones, liking documentaries and observing his staff playing games. He is very interested in new thing and values the opinion of his younger staff on random things a lot.
>Between sleeping and working, he prefers working, as sleeping is a waste of time according to him. He would love to become a robot.
>He is very specific about scenery he creates and wouldn't want to have it any other way, because the background creates the atmosphere. He says if the Background is bad, readers will notice it, but if it's good, even if they don't notice that, it will stay in their mind.
>He reconfirms that he draws all living things by himself and doesn't allow assistants to do them, but the background, when they aren't that important are done by the assistants.
>His hands have yet to reach their limit and until he hits that point, he will continue to draw One Piece. (Although he already has to wear bandages from time to time etc.)
>He says that his editor's job is much more stressful than his, because his editor has to handle all the shit he doesnt want to. As stated in the past, he wants is editor to work until he can't anymore for One Piece, but his family supports him too.
>He gets asked if he will ever run out of ideas, which he declines. One Piece is only limited by time. He also says if he did One Piece without a deadline (like Togashi practically does HxH) he would never be able to properly draw it. The weekly deadlines motivate and help him, instead of the opposite.
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>the absolute state of Luffyfags

Will he ever find the net terminal gene?
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He did
Talk about the movie, I just watched it since it ends with Zuru's granddaugher, is this meant she ends up marrying Fusata (Tae's boyfriend)?

I don't read the original, so i'm curious, does Kiri age he said he is human eventhough he is safeguard too like Sanakan said, he is one of them
Does it matter who she married?
Killy is not human, so he cant age

What did I just watch?
The story was all over the place, the plot was written where everything was meant to fall into place as if everything made sense in their world, convenient plot devices like the grandma wanting the MC to marry the school idol grand-daughter, colorful explosions of lazy CGI, an ending where best possible outcome was achieved and all the problems were fixed. Yay.
What's more I checked the rotten tomatoes reviews and it was rated highly among movie reviewers who were casual anime fans.

Is this what anime has become?
Just CGI eyefuck for 120mins and everyone goes home happy?
And what was this movie even meant for?
Certainly not children since the plot was so convoluted, yet certainly not for adults since none of this shit made sense.
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Sometimes people just want to see a spectacle. There's a place for films like this.

Koi koi
I just feel like if this is what "good anime" is then it lowers the bar for work that has actual work put into it and changes what "bad anime" is supposed to be.
I wouldn't have minded it if at the end I felt like this was worth my time

Muh symbolism

Couldn't find a thread on the catalogue, and it just got released today. Is nobody watching it? For the two of you who may be watching it, what's your opinion?

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It was garbage.

>One girl kisses the other.
>guess we're lesbian lovers now.
Every fucking time, Yuri is complete fucking garbage.
Too late.
Well how did you figure out you were gay?

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she couldn't hear but I guess she couldn't smell either since she had no nose?
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Very original joke that has never done before
top quality thread

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>mixing routes for anime original content
>meme studio
>too short

Is this going to be the Fate/Stay Night (2006) of the decade?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

ITT: Forgotten girls
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How could I post them if I've forgotten about them?
check mate op
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luchinni strike witches.jpg
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Would you, even knowing all the grimy unwashed tentacles she's taken?
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Funny, an interesting man once showed me how to handle questionable articles.
I would, but would she let me?

I hear tentacles give BBC's a run for their money
I liked Fubuki more

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ITT good girls /a/ forgot about
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She's not a girl, she's a robbut.
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I remember robutt
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Choose wisely.
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But I'm not a lolicon!

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What differs from gintama of others shounens?
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It doesn't take itself seriously, at least it used no to.
Basically it's the Deadpool of battle shounen

now you are imagining Gintoki with Deadpool
it used to be good

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>hitting such a perfect girl
why is this alowed?
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she's fucking obnoxious. i hope she dies
sorry to burst your bubble /a/ but she might actually be retarded and not bathe and therefor smell like shit and have a gross garbage smelling vagina

>not being able to hit girls

why is this not allowed?

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