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Even if worse comes to worst, I doubt Thetafags will get blown out quite as hard as Ponzufags did.
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she'll come back as an ant
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Why people dislike dodgeball game?
ponzufags do exist? after that bitch got one shot'd and slaughtered i would guess any supporter would be hanging from the ceiling

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it's drawn by Koreans now
Truuuuuuuuuu xD

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Nice one
and again

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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But she poops from there
i want Rita ?

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This girl is a cold-hearted bitch. Why does /a/ like her again?
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Because we're dolicons.
>hating on smart loli
What the fuck did you just say about my beautiful sea?

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Is he right?
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he's right

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It's a good show? And the manga?
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has a banging soundtrack
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>Hellsing-Ultimate in filename
>graphic is for regular Hellsing.
Also yes.

Better than Ultimate.

Only because I've not seen Ultimate.

>kissing an ashtray
Shiggy diggy.
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Was it rape?
She is cute I'd do it too
I think the best part is when She actually starts trying hard in school so she can go to the same college as him and her other classmates start acting friendly toward her and she realizes that the world isn't so dark

why japan nevers animate on one?

It's always 3-4 BS.

It looks like shit and I want to kill myself every time I watch tv anime.
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I aren't known
Could you rephrase the question?
OP refers to the fact anime in tv series is basically done at 3-4 frames per second.

when he talks about being on one, he refers animations being drawn at least 12 frames per second.

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>Typical nakama in danger
>Nakama goes emo
>Luffy as retarded as he is continues his pursuit
>Dog eats candy
>Bitch tells Luffy not to leave them behind
>Typical cancerous Oda "I'm wit" plot twist
>Girl has 2 eyes
>Girl is good
>Fools 2 years old
>"fuck I'm good"
>Luffy wonders around
>Bitch starts crying
>Dog is still eating bloody candy
>Retard starts a fight
>Retard is pushed back to eternity
>Retard suddenly one shots powerful enemy
>Typical bullockOda
>Emo nakama hides his emotions
>Luffy gives oath which without surprise contains food
>Sanji the true emo warrior who is suffering from There's-absolutely-nothing-going-on-itis
>Kicks Luffy
>Luffy then suffers defeat but is still willing to cut his guts for a retarded useless pervert cook nakama
>Big Meme eats her son
>Eats her citizens
>Eats her castle
>Jinbe saves the day with the only decent panel in the arc
>Feeding big Meme croqueshit
>Life or death
>and he's alive with absolutely no fucking clue what happened
>Gouketsu off-screen level off-screening
>Brook is then suddenly yonko level
>Playing around with an army and dissing Big Meme
>And surprisingly
>He turns out to be powerful enough to force her to bed
>Jeez Oda he's not a pedo
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>Mink Pell sacrifices himself like he's a hero when in fact he only has 2 days to live
>Fucking dipshit
>420 mil Tamago turned out to be a chicken, sure. You can say the abortion of my cock and Oda's decayed brains
>Dog still eating candy
>Apple fighting solo, good character
>Chopper tries to be innovative to be shadowed by Apple again
>10 hours later Luffy is still tearing off his arms
>For some reason it's not working
>Maybe we should wait for Jinbe because ffs he's the only decent character.
>Sanji still crying because Nami was mad
>Not because he raped the shit out of his captain
who is currently tearing off his arms (Ofcourse with no use until Jinbe arrives)
>And not because his mentor is dying
>And not because his hands are going to get blasted
>but because fucking Nami-shwite was mad
>Big Meme wants giant army to rule the world
>When a 5 year old version of her ate the whole goddamn country
>Luffy still tearing his arms and going on a I'll be the pirate king frenzy
>All this shit and Sanji is still unable to light his cigarette
>Talk about inefficient
>Reiju is stabbed
>"Yes I fooled those stupid toddlers "
>Basic typical not so sad sad strawhat backstory where he is abused by evil forces who wan't to destroy the world for no fucking reason(edited)
>Mother dies
>Last breath "I love you Sanji" mom 4 word power revitalizes this miserable inferior dipshit
>Good sister helps Sanji
>Because males are always evil cunts
>So we jump back, Jinbe frees Luffy "oh no you're so rash and retarded, I arrived in time"
>"yes yes did you see how retarded I am"
>nami cries because she has nothing else to do
>Luffy meets "evil" Bege
>half an hour "I won't forgive him for shooting that retarded animal who I don't even know" bullcrap
>Bege makes plan
>Plan is definitely going to get fucked because Oda
>Big Meme talks shit to Dogshit
>Personality-less Dogshit obliges because Jelly Beans mate
>Smoothie makes juices
>Fans juices too at that
>1000 characters introduced because Oda
>Can't deal with current characters? Just create new even more retarded new ones with absolutely insignificant roles
>So Luffy has this plan, 20 pages of asking "what can Luffy's plan be" and surprise "fooled you again 3 years old cunts, did you have enough"
>Brook with the only significant role
>Conqueror haki
>Katakuri starts his mission
>404 Dogshit usefulness not found
>Install jds3j2r8.dll to activate Smoothie
>Luffy basic east blue attack beats 1.1 billion bounty character
>We jump to Big Meme sad not sad backstory
Ha ha
>"you think you had enough with crappy plot twists"
>Judge is actually Robin
>5 year old meme loves caramelo
>good kid
>Kills a bunch of nations for some sweets
>Caramel is a dipshit
>Now Germa have to defend strawhats for saving them
>Oh ooooooooooh what's that fucking Oda introducing yet another new group, it's the bloody power puff girls
>And now Big Meme and Luffy are locked down in a constant nah I'm pirate king nah I'm pirate king nah I'm pirate king nah I'm pirate king showdown
>All this said
>Dog is still eating fuckin candy
From what cartoon is this seaman deamon?

finally watched it.
It was really cool.
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That's one of the classics that I've had downloaded for years but never got around to watching. I'm always scared I'm going to have another Eva experience and become deeply disappointed by the anime not living up the reputation.
It's a 6/10 with 10/10 animation
It's F-Zero with god-like animation. It literally can't be bad as long you don't hate high-tech futurecraft ripping down dangerous improvised highways at impossible speeds.

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You should grow up and stop watching dragonball.
Considering the fake ones being spammed you should wait until there is an actual scan
Kaiokill yourself

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When will animators finally learn how stupid side-mouth looks?
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when a cheaper alternative shows up
>Makes indent for mouth
>Throws mouth to the side
As soon as they taste the dick the game is over.

Just a heads up.

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ITT: Gems that /a/ immediately stopped talking about when the series ended.
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I miss it.
this artist draws milfs like no other
What's he even doing nowadays?

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