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TTGL is literally the best anime of all times and there is absolutely nothing you can do about that fact. Accept it. Embrace it.
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Glad to see there's always someone to make these threads.

But yeah, best animu
It was a pretty enjoyable, surprisingly wellmade bag of fun
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If TTGL is the greatest anime of all time, and this is the greatest scene in TTGL, then it stands to reason that this is the greatest scene in anime.

Chapter 222 Spoiler Pics soon

> Isshiki tells Soma where Megishima currently is.
>Megishima is in Hokkaido too and Soma tells Erina that he wants to go see him now.
>According to Erina, Megishima is a necessary figure for this battle , but unlikely to join the alliance.
>Erina: Tosuke Megishima’s another name is “The Shokugeki hating Chef”.
>Soma and Tadokoro arrive at Asahikawa and go to the Ryokan (like a hotel) where Megishima is.
>But the local people take an aggressive stance to them because they’re Tootsuki students.
>Right after Azami rose to power, the first thing he did was to force a partnership with the restaurants in Hookaido.
>And the restaurants that rejected the partnership, were bullied through different ways like pressuring suppliers to stop working with them.
>And there are around 10-20 restaurants that were forced to close down because of that.
>And during this chaos, it was Megishima that appeared.
>Megishima used to travel all over Japan to master Ramen. And restaurants that struggled financially were rescued by him, which caused his name to spread all over Japan.
>Many Ramen restaurants owners have a great trust in him because of that, they call him young master or Boss (Yakuza’s boss is the Kanji that is used here), making him the young King of the Ramen World.
>Megishima tells them that he will use all his powers to help them continue running their restaurants.
>And at that moment, Soma and Tadokoro come to the place.
>Soma again asks Megishima to join his team but he declines the offer.
>Megishima: I don’t want to use my Ramen as a tool for war.
>Tadokoro says that this battle is for the sake of her friends who will be expelled.
>But Megishima still declines saying that he’s busy saving the Ramen world.
>Soma: When I become the first seat, I will use my powers to help out the Ramen World.
>Megishima: I hate people that only use their mouths.
>Soma challenges him to a Ramen battle.
>Megishima: I guess I need to discipline you.
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>The result ends up with a clear win for Megishima.
>Soma who isn’t giving up says that he will continue to challenge him until he wins.
>After fighting multiple battles with Soma, Megishima seems to have been convinced by Soma's enthusiasm and agrees to help him out. (Just to be clear, it's just an assumption that Soma's enthusiasm is what convinced Megishima, but the fact that there isn't a clear explanation means there is more to it.)
>Megishima: I will promise you. In this Régiment de Cuisine, I will use all of my powers to help you win.
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Does she deserve all the hate?
>Megishima used to travel all over Japan to master Ramen. And restaurants that struggled financially were rescued by him, which caused his name to spread all over Japan.

Megishima is such a nice guy

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konosuba yunyuns.png
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i want to yunyun her yunyuns
Post the uncesored from that one drawfag

I don't get it. Why won't she just call the cops?
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which one?
Don't assume everyone wants to be fucked by men in uniform, anon.
Not this again.

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Is this show the root of all waifu wars? It seems like the first series where popular discussion was mainly le epic flaming the fans of another girl. If we erased this show maybe we could have less shit waifu threads.
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>Is this show the root of all waifu wars?
That would have been Macross, IIRC.
If we erased this show anime wouldn't have ever gotten good and we'd still be in the dark age of the 80s and early 90s

Waifus existed long before anime came along. It didn't even start with anime.


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is this the best shounen currently being published?
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Idk what that is but it looks like manhua so the answer is no
At one point I thought this had some potential, then I read the WN .... felt like a bigger idiot than usual that I had hopes for it.

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Will we ever witness a KyoAni cinematic universe in our lifetime?
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oh BARF hope fucking not
Did Tamako and Kumiko ever meet?
One of these does not belong

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I'm reading through Gantz rn and holy shit why is the 100 pointer alien fight so damn long
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Your parents don't love you.
Compensating for the quality of the manga, which is damn low
u wot

All i ever wanted was those unfuckablr cunts to have a relatively normal, happy life. Is it too much to ask? Why must they suffer?
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the master.png
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>Is it too much to ask
>Why must they suffer?
because the master demands it.
They are not real
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The suffering is what makes the show unique.

Also Rei is best girl

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Does that mean I'm gay if i find her sexually attractive?
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if she's sexy im gay
No, it just means you have shit taste.

Also known as runner-up for shitposting anime of the season. First episode anytime soon.
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>Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. - 01 [720p]
>runner up
To what? New game?

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only beta likes to be dominated by women
Because 11's are hardcore rapefags, M's like you are the minority.
then it should be perfect for anime fans

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
I usually don't wake up this early, but I'm glad someone is still doing thus!
morning koume <3

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What the fuck is hotaru's problem
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Anime of the season
>watching this ever
Why do you all hate yourselves this much

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What's so special about boku no pico?
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Why don't you watch it yourself to find out?
The cute girls.
It's the best anime of all time.
Fuck off of /a/ if you haven't seen it.

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