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Is this what girls want in a man?
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>He's my height
I hope so
Lab coats are fucking badass, you know

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Is this Anno's true magnum opus?
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yes, and ironically anno only worked on half of it because the author threw a hissy fit due it not being a typical shojo
It's a shit forced meme show like Ureddit Yatsura and Oniisama e
no, it's adorable

but arima is faggot

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I want to start a one page thread opt
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you are a bad guy
nepgear is gonna beat u up to keep gaminudstri safe
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do NOT take Nepgear lightly
she will beat

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The anime ends on the note that Kobayashi as a human will die long before her dragon companions. Tohru accepts this and decides to just enjoy the time that they have together. This series however completely fails to address the actual dark reality. Kobayashi is a woman. She is biologically designed to want to take cock inside of her. A few more years and her biological clock will go off and she will be compelled to seek out a male for the sole purpose of procreation.

At that point Tohru will either have to leave and basically admit to her father that he was right,or quietly live out the next few decades as a cuck. Every night with her ear against the door to Kobayashis room she would cry, listening to Kobayashis squeals from the violent love making with her husband. Eventually Kobayshi gives birth to a boy.Kobayashi would die before her husband because of her alcoholic tendencies, and on her deathbed she would ask Tohru to please look after her husband and son.

Tohru would then have to spend the next few decades looking after the man she hated. The one who took everything from her. Keeping her promise to her dear deceased friend she would clean after this man, cook for him,scrub his back without a towel, fellate him, and anything else he requested. He would come home drunk at times and get violent with his son. In order to protect the son, Tohru would bring the father to his room. She'll spread her legs and beg him to dump every last drop of his seed. Once the act is completed, the drunk husband will fall into a deep sleep.

Time passes and the husband finally dies.The son and Kanna get married. Knowing that the son will be fine she returns to her world, having kept her promise. Her father would then ask her if she enjoyed her time in the human world.As a single tear falls from her face she would remember the few good years she had with just Kobayashi and Kanna and say yes.
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Your entire premise collapses when cock-granting/genderswap magic exists and has literally been used in the story.
Sasuga animeonlyfags.
The anime is the only canon.
>She is biologically designed to want to take cock inside of her. A few more years and her biological clock will go off and she will be compelled to seek out a male for the sole purpose of procreation.

she is nearing her 30's the lusting for procreation hits hard in the early 20's and adolescence and Kobayashi is a virgin, not gonna start lusting anytime soon

also, they have genderswaping magic

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Explain this
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Japan has always had shit taste, this is nothing new.
Nips have shit taste as usual, what's new?
Explain what?
Popular things being popular?

Casting aside, how would you actually go about adapting live action Dragon Ball? Which Sagas?

Personally I think the Demon King Piccolo saga would adapt really well as long as they age up Goku closer to his DBZ iteration. Make the plot more closely revolve around searching for and finding the Dragonballs to bring back everyone Piccolo has killed. Pic related would make an awesome climax and would leave plenty of room open for a sequel adapting the Sayan saga
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Some kind of prequel about the past Saiyans conquering planets, they can cast whoever they want without any problem, no cringe interactions in the "real world", plus with the current "Man of Steel" CGI they could achieve great visuals, I would mind seeing a Vegeta type character destroying entire civilizations on random planets.
>No dragon balls

Could be cool, but no way this would interest most general audiences
I liked the Piccolo design from the movie, and frankly I would do the exact thing the movie did with him: replace Pilaf with Piccolo. Then you just make a loose adaptation of the first part of the manga without romance or teen drama shit.

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>yfw you lived long enough to see someone rip off Umaru
Wew lad
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It's a masterpiece after all
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>implying that the lazy oneesama is a new thing.

So what does /a/ think about this western chinese cartoon adaptation?
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Its anime.
This tbqh.
Its good. Glad the mods are accepting of this especially if we see more in the future.

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The raws are out here:
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End of omake.
Thanks. Panda is still cute. Damn shame we still don't get to see Lanka is lewd outfit.
Still surprised of how biig sloth is.

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How bad or good are the 3 films compared to the 1997 anime, /a/? Should I watch them or is there no need?
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they are decent but if you watched the 1997 anime you can skip them, maybe watch the 3rd one if you want to know how guts survives the eclipse
I've read the manga so it's not like I don't know what happens. Are they worth watching in that case? Some of the animation looks pretty good to me.
I don't know then, they are pretty good imo, some scenes are done in cgi and they look bad (still not even close to the abomination of the new anime)
Overall I'd say to watch them if you are in need of some berserk

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How can you establish a great premise just to make it into a fucking trash bin later on? Its like Toei hate this thing and has no plans at selling this shit at all. What were they thinking?

Welp, at least I got mad fujos and faggots
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Muh edgy novel writer
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As bad as this ended up being I still prefer a good premise going off the rails into absolute hilarity over it becoming boring and mundane as re:creators did.
They should just made zaShunina a girl

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Now with 100% more Nanavel!
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Also, more of our health and fitness expert.
Where is Tomoe. I was promised Tomoe.
>Dead ini the PV
Poor girl.
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How is this bitch not in jail?
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For what?
Stealing my heart.
because she didn't fuck the bassist

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