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i think this might be the worst season of anime since I started watching airing shows twelve years ago?
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tsurezure children is good though
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Dude, he's right.
This season is horrible.

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Is K-On! the greatest slice of life anime ever made?
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that's not oreimo
Yes, and that's an impressive feat given how many other incredible shows are in the genre. (if we're including fantasy with SoL elements you could argue for Aria or Kino no Tabi). Also I love my wife Mugi

End your life.
I believe so.

Oreimo isn't worthy of even being in the conversation.

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Why do anime fans clamor for the MCw of a romance anime/manga to have sex. I thought it was a good thing that characters show restraint and not just be animals? I thought it was good thing when couple wait for marraige to fuck? Don't you like it when shows teach you good family values and be sluts?
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Teen mom

Shit from the Mysterious Girl X guy?
It's bound to be shit.
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There was one series that deconstructed the romance/harem genre by having the teenage MC act like an actual teenager and fuck the girls who threw themselves at him. It's played straight and to it's logical conclusion, and trolls the fanbase by dramatically shifting in tone over 12 episodes

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Alright /a/, give me the verdict. Can girls love girls?
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Not beyond puberty. Female homosexuality is a fraction of male homosexuality.

Also male birth rates are higher. Go figure.
They’d have to be capable of love first.

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Is shitposting approved by satania?
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best girl
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Name a more fun show
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he's got a boner
just avoid the manga
Prison school.

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To Aru Majutsu no Kinsho Mokuroku
(Index Manga) is near Season III adaptations
Began Chp 116 then entering skill-out uprising arc

Previous post,
Index #115
>>159366642 to 159368633

Latest news:
Next month Agust 10, 2017 we will have
The Weakness of Beatrice the Level Cap Holy Swordswoman Vol.5

and for next September 9/10, 2017:
90% probability is NT19
55% probability is (another Crossover/One-short)
50% probability is Heavy Object 14
10% probability is Blood Sign 08
5% probability is Beatrice BooBoo 05
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Previous post,
Index #115
>>159366642 to >>159368633
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10th year Anniversary Index Manga Chapter 116
(entering skill-out uprising arc)

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Here's to hoping edit anon shows up this week
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Right side
[Top] Look at the details on the right page (Later on)

Ousai Academy: 2nd year judo club member, Nakazato Chiri

Natural self

"The captain hasn't been looking good"

"I can't do my judo..."

"It's because you're watching, Taka-nii"
"She doesn't want you to see her being invincible"
Taka-kun is watching
"I meant it as slang, okay!?"
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Comic 1
Battle Life

"When this happens, we should just play around for a change of pace"

"I guess. It might be nice to get away from judo for a whilel"

"Can you get away from the fighting games?"

Comic 2
Girl across the glass


"Dammit. The hook isn't latching on well"

"You're too close to the glass so it looks like you have a nose hook"
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Comic 1
Dream costar

Triple booking
Collab event!!

"They've been doing a lot of collaborations a lot of days"

"They did a collab too"

"They're doing erotic pictures, porno style"
Print Circle
"You don't have permission to do that"

Comic 2
Megaton Processing

"Hooh, you can change your face"

"Looks like you can physically change someone's face!!"

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Anime is suddenly only available on VHS. Would you still watch it?
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>would you spend money

Lemme get back to you on that
No, because I'm a Betafag.
I would say that maybe 3% of /a/ still has a VHS player.

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What are /a/'s thoughts on Caulifla?
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Shitty deviant art tier oc, depending on whether or not she gets SSB might even be a mary sue. Though nothing is worse than Kale who seems like she's almost a parody of hinata.

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Post best dads
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easily best dad
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Asura's Wrath is basically just an interactive anime, he counts
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Genetic Diversity.jpg
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keep going
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WWIII when

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Is this the yuri anime you were looking for?
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yes. manga's better, wish it wasn't 10 minutes. good though

No, but it goes interesting places.
Mere appetizer until the Citrus anime premieres

Anime that despite it's flaws were better then they should have been.
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That show was good though.
Which is why it fits. I've seen other people comment that they didn't bother watching it cause it was 3DCGI. And them some people saying that they ended up enjoying it despite not expecting as such.

My pick is pic related. When it started people didn't expect much from it, yet it ended up being the best show of it's genre that season.
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I watched this because I was in awe of how terrible and weeby the synopsis was and then it became one of my favorite shows.

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I want to be normal.png
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Hidden Gem right here.
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Fuck off Ace
Whats this

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