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>mfw motherfucking shripe
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i love shripe
I hate it.
Shripe is the best!

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Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong? How could it have been fixed?
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The source was trash and then so would the movie.
>what went wrong?
It took place in high school.
>How could it have been fixed?
The characters could have been adults.

However, I liked the character design a lot.
Nothing went wrong, as expected of the most successful kyoani movie so far. huruhufags on suicide watch.

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Let's discuss my favorite anime The Moomins, have any of you yanks seen it?
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Tanoshii Moomin Ikka [1-78].torrent seeders fucking when

Nyaa dying killed the one seeder it had and now I can't watch it raw.
The Finnish version is better anyway.
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>watching the reboot and not the originals

So what's up with all those shitty battle school harem animes. Why are they so painfully similar?
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This show had a pretty killer opening song
They're easy to make and sell.
this particular one was quite good

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You are given a budget to make a 25 minute special for an established work, what do you make /a/?
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datamining thread DO NOT reply
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guts vs kirito.jpg
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>established work
this thread
>what do you make

I make an entire production of just the sound of keyboard keyboard typing with a thread. it will start out with someone making a thread

You are given a budget to make a 25 minute special for an established work, what do you make /a/?

and then people start responding except it is just insults at the OP. OP tries damage control but is soon overwhelmed. after about 21 minutes of this the shot zooms out revealing OP. He goes to a drawer and then pulls out a rope, he had been thinking about this before but this was the breaking point. Cut to credits where a silhouette setting up a stool and hanging the rope from a support beam on the ceiling and then stepping to the stool and dangling.

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What are your feelings on Nepgear?
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Inferior to everyone else
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I worship her every day!
I would purge all heretics in her name!
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Shut up!

Name anime that is so Westaboo it hates its own people and culture and worships gaijin like a whore.
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>cowshit beat-up
>basically everything related to Lupin
Don't get too mad now, Westaboos.
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Why is Karen so shit? she ruined the whole episode.

Even Araki himself admits it.

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Digital or paper book, which one do you prefer /a/?
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digital as long as it isn't shitty resolution like 1200 or 1300 pixel height.

At that point, most people are better off just buying physical, getting a decent scanner, and scanning it at higher resolutions.
Physical copy cause I can keep track of where I am better and buying books supports the industry
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Manga? Digital.
Favorite manga? Physical.
Books? Physical.

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Lupin the Third Series 5 is now in production. The worlds greatest thief is back and will most likely steal AOTY once again.

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Am I the only one who's excited?
hmm guess so.
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Germany next?

What with the recent resurgence of all Type-Moon and/or Fateshit, what are the chances that we'll get another Carnival Phantasm-esque show?
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After the Grand Order series
Even if there was on it'd all be GO, Extra and Apocrypha shit since even Nasu has forgotten about Tsukihime so why even fucking bother. No I do not want another Carnival Phantasm full of Fate shit.
>What with the recent resurgence of all Type-Moon and/or Fateshit

Fate Grand Order came out in the english.

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Would Shiburin be a good isekai protagonist?
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She's already powerful enough as is
I never knew I wanted this until now.
>hmm? This is a cheat ability?
>eeeh that's kakkoi
Isekai enjo kousai

I didn't know how much I needed this meme. Mai was always best girl since the beginning.

I just wish Toei kept Mai's OG Dragonball design and Trunk's OG DBZ design.
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Tfw no qt maoist tankie gf
Mai's good but man look at Android 18 :'(
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Best girl coming through

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How can these anime even be compared? Love Live is clearly superior in every single way, especially because it doesn't have any male characters
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That opening scene though
Fuck off Robinho.
Love Live was superior when it was just ยต's, then aqours came along and ruined the franchise with shit songs, shit anime, shit sales, and shit VA's. CG is greatly superior now.

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Holy shit dude
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His girlfriend was too hot for him. He looks like an autist.
Pretty sure he's the author's self insert
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No dummy this is

Just yankin your chain. Shuichi's still a asshole liability fucking useless god shit

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Kallen Stadtfeld is only good for one thing.
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her drills

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