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Why is KyoAnus so incompetent with adaptions?
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This chalkboard might be the most retarded thing I've seen this whole week and I browse this website daily
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Why is it a retarded thing?
Humans in general, I guess. Wasn't the girl deaf or something?

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Let's determine Chitose's MBTI, anon-kuns

Is she extroverted or introverted?
Is she intuitive and abstract or does she only focus on her immediate surroundings?
Does she make decisions with her heart or her brain?
Is she a future-oriented planner or someone that goes with the flow and usually focuses more on the present moment?
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I want to cum inside Chitose
But then she might get pregnant, anon

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Calves don't produce the traditional oo sound.
This is a japanese game developer.
I'm thinking of a game I'd like to play with her.

>mistuki didn't eat
I told you guys, this guys is a living plant sustaining himself by photosynthesis
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Denki is best boy.
He's Orochimaru's son. The guy's probably been genetically modified to survive without any food or water. Plus he seems to have Hashi cells. That's literal magic. I think, right now, Mitsuki might be the strongest one in that class followed by Sumire then Boruto.
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I like Denki and Iwabe even more after this episode and I have new appreciation for Metal and Rock Lee.

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Season 2 nvr.
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S1 just came out.
Did he really marry Sagiri in the LN?
BD sales are fine. Sagiri best girl, Muramasa a shit

Type Moon announced the Tsukihime remake in 2008 and all they have shown since is some new character art and a new main theme. What went wrong?
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Isn't it sad, OPchin?
Tsukihime is garbage in all forms and I'm glad that Fate killed it.
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Spoiler out.
The Big Mom crew are rescuing people that got hit by the cake.
Tamago is furious that the tea party was ruined.
Pekoms comes to the scene and says that the Sun Pirates have escaped.
Katakuri and Brullee chase the Straw Hats and Bege.
Katakuri: I will be the one to kill Straw Hat Luffy.
Katakuri: I feet it’s necessary to wipe him out now as he could be a dangerous existence to Mama in the near future.
Smoothy is panicking and tells everybody to run away. And behind her, Big Mom is going crazy.
She holds the souls of the people that were in front of her, including Opera.
Smoothy is looking for Streuzen but he got injured from the collapse.
Everybody is in despair but Perpospero uses his wit to overturn the situation.
He lies that there was another Wedding Cake but that the Straw Hats have stoles it.
Big Mom says that she will kill him if that is a lie, and then jumps on Zeus and flies to Luffy’s location.
Persopero: I was able to buy a bit of time, but the condition to cure her illness this time will be to create a cake so delicious that even Mama can't imagine it.
But this wedding cake was so good that it’s impossible to make something like this ever again.
Pudding: The wedding cake this time was a Chocolate chiffon cake. When it comes Chocolate, I won’t lose to even the main chef!
Pudding: And sister Chiffon is an expert in chiffon cake! We together can make the same cake again!
Accoriding to Pudding, the ingredients for the cake can be found at Chocola town.
Pudding thought that Sanji’s “The most beautiful eye I have ever seen” was an insult and is now holding a strong grudge against him and wants to help out Big Mom.
Luffy and co are running away and Nami leads them to the forest of seduction.
Nami’s split the Vivre card into 2 piences and uses one of them to control King Baum and uses him to run away.
But at this moment, Big Mom arrives to the scene.
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Goodbye BigMeme. 1st Yonko to fall
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Leave making that cake to me.
Reminder that I got here before the shitposting.

Does anyone really care about their relationship? Everything between them feels so forced and repetitive.
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It's shit, shounenshit.
This like bullshit naruto sasuke can wait bakugou become villain
No, well sort of. I want them to get along so the story'll stop talking about their lame rivalry and focus on more interesting characters like tokoyami, tsuyu and kendou

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It's another "parallel world" anime.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Who is your Code Geass waifu?
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My waifu isn't from Code Geass.
If your answer is anything other than "CC" you have inferior taste.
Cc is L. Vi Brit's waifu.

Where is Yamakan when we need him?
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He got sacked parted company to pursue different career goals, right?
starting twitter beef and returning kickstarter money

The age old question - who is your favorite girl and why is it Hiromi?
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She's shit. Come on she was literally ignored before last few episodes. Noe was a damn lot better.

>wake up
>see this
What do?
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Roll over and go back to sleep
my instincts tell me to impregnate that thing

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>tfw no Nene last episode
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I'd listen to Yun talking forever
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Yun is determined
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What's is /a/ opinion on Skip Beat?
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I used to read it. Did she fuck the older guy yet?
I think it used to be biweekly series but now new chapters appear once a month. Has it changed the magazine?
From an outside perspective:
>It seems your Author has gotten a case of the lazies.
My condolences.

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