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you know this only works in hxh dude. you cant troll jojofags. they are fags after all,
>reading colourized version
>It's actually o my rubber nen
sasuga jojo

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>Stay Night, Zero
>One of the major villains is a priest
>Major villain is a religious figure
>Villain uses Buddha as servant
>Villain is a nun who is also a cult leader
>Villain is Solomon, who is actually a bunch of demons who manage to take over his corpse

What does Nasu have against religion?
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>FGO : Villain is Solomon.

Not this time. The one you are referring is an impostor. The real Solomon was a pretty cool guy. And as well the most powerful Caster in history.
Also GO is just Gods plan to fuck up the beasts and help humanity.
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But Solomon in FGO is one of the main characters.

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Is this the best shoujo manga ever made? Maya and Ayumi are like the female equivalent of Joe and Rikishi's rivalry.
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>Latest Release(s)
>822d ago
Just put me out of my misery
>(822d ago)

Sorry but not gonna bother for now. Make a new thread when is about to end or close to it.
Isn't mangaka a leader of some religious cult at this point?

The Big 2.
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naruto db.jpg
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I dont like naruto that much or even dragon ball after the Piccolo saga but lets be real.

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best girl.jpg
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Is Vamirio Azudora and the Witch's Daughter?

Will she win the Helckbowl?
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>Is Vamirio Azudora and the Witch's Daughter?
No, there seems to be no connection between Vamirio and the witch. While Azudora somewhat treats her like a daughter, there is nothing hinting at them being related.

>Will she win the Helckbowl?
It would feel really forced, there is nothing romantic about their relationship. They friends and battle brothers, and that's great. Helck belongs to Alicia anyway ;_;
I don't think anyone can win the helckbowl at this point.
What is the point of making everything so hopeless
That is just writing yourself into a corner
Nothing short of bullshit will help them

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Why the fuck is boruto so perfect this shit is getting boring if you making him good at everything why not also him someone who is cocky like neji or orichimaru who only respect oother with power this friendship and magic bullshit is sickening he is to fucking perfect
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denki is failing over and over and noone is giving hi m shit naruto wanted to run away from the about of shit he got from his class mates denki failing over and over and EVERYONE is just chairing him on to do better children dont work like that
Naruto got shit because everyone's parents gave him shit because of the fox disaster. All the kids saw their parents shunning him and likewise shunned him.

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mahou shoujo.jpg
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About damn time

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Kyoani has a mascot character?
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Some hamster

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Time for Quest!
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Best couple
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Leftovers aside, what show has the best visuals this season?
Pic not related
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allof t hem
Princess Principal, but let's see how long it lasts. 3hz has a more or less solid track record with occasional slips, but Actas...

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You know it.
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Vol 19 translation up yet ? I stopped checking their place after so much month of fucking nothing.
Fuck off.

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
morning koume <3
Fuck yeah

What the fuck was the significance of the 24 number? Why did MC have the conviction the sword would fall into it?
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Because of the stuff about her name
2 4 10 ?
Because you need to be able to signal in a way that can't be caught.
There must have been previously agreed-on codes, for example a certain word or movement for the name.

Or maybe the name is just favored on purpose

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Q. what's the meaning of "99" in her name?
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99 cm bust

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Collage 2017-07-19 13_12_04.jpg
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Are Daisuke from B Gata H Kei and Daisuke from Tsuki ga Kirei the same character?

>very similar traits
>both passionate about literature
>one is a college student who works part time in a bookshop, the other runs a bookshop
>both give advice to the male character

Except for their different surnames you can't actually unsee that, it could be that the first is the second's younger self?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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So One Piece is getiting his 20th aniversery this year... 20 fucking years.. how does this make you feel?

The Kids who grow up with one piece most likely now have children themselves. Well normal people at least. Not we on /a.

I have such a Huge respekt for Oda that he put this much effort in his lifeĀ“s work. It became basicly a part of japanese culture.
So many great and importan lessons he teached generations of readers
The whole "only the winner makes the history" thing, the horribly stuff the suposidly "good guys" pull of in mary joa while the marine turns a blind eye on them.
The respect your eldery because they are badasses who fuck your ass up.parts.
The Pic relatet subtile hidden messages.
The Germa (nazis) vs Big mom (commies) stuff that shows that both (extremes) sides are absolute retarded.
And and and.

Speadreader will never understand.

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One Piece is running on pure inertia at this point.
I can't believe that this isn't a fucking copypasta. Christ where do you people come from?
i guess i have to lurk more then?

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