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What a lewd girl.
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I want to exchange a manly handshake with Astolfo
I want to exchange a manly essence with Astolfo
I want to exchange mana with Astolfo.

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I already bought Crash, what the fuck do you want now?
Get a job and buy your own!
What will you do for me in return?

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pls be okay ;_;
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She'll win the rat bowl, of course she'll be okay.
Rat will make it.
Don't be deluded. This chapter is all the shipping they will get, after this it is back to the cat with good reason, she is simply the best

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Yasuri boy.jpg
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There's not enough Unique art styles in anime and manga. Not that I particularly mind, but I do find that I latch onto works with an interesting art style very quickly.
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Read more manga, you dumb faggot.
Uratarou is a great manga with amazing Art Style, wasn't sure if you only meant Anime.

Seriously give it a read, I'm loving it a bunch.
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Baki is the correct answer.

Does this Sakura have worms?
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You're saying that like it's a bad thing.
Every Sakura has worms.
Sakura is the worms.
The human shell is extra

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The BMP try to save civilians who were buried in cake.

Count Niwatori is indignant that the tea party has been messed up. Pekoms arrives and tells him the Sun Pirates ran away.

Katakuri and Brûlée pursue the Straw Hats. He says he needs to kill Luffy before he becomes a threat to BM.

Smoothie comes up in a panic yelling to run away. Behind her is BM who is suffering from food sickness and causing chaos.

In her hand is Opera who got his soul stolen

Smoothie looks for Streussen. However he is on the verge of death from the impact of falling down.

The BMP despair but Perospero comes up with a crafty plan. He lies and says there was spare cake but the Straw Hats took it.

Before riding Zeus into the sunset, Mama says that if he is lying about the Straw Hats stealing the spare cake, he will have to pay with his lifespan

BM gets on Zeus and flies away.

To cure the food sickness what is needed is a cake that's more delicious than anything BM has had before.

Pudding comes running in and says this cake was a chocolate Chiffon cake.

P: "The wedding cake this time was a chocolate Chiffon cake. When it comes to chocolate flavour, I won't lose, not even to the head chef! Also Big Sis Chiffon is a Chiffon cake expert! The two of us can make that cake!"

Pudding says the spare ingredients can be found in Choco town.

Pudding felt slighted by Sanji calling her eye beautiful and wanted to cooperate with BM for revenge.

Luffy and co approach the seducing woods. Nami has half the Vivre card given to her by Lola so she subdues Kig Baum and they keep running.

Nami not only subdues King Baum but is the one to lead the Straw Hats back to the Seducing Woods

However BM comes down from above.

Chapter end.

Break next week...
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>Break next week
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Smoothie!!! Why are you so useless and FINE at the same time?
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>tfw you ship SaNa

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This grill is perfect, too bad she doesnt have an analogue :
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best girl coming through

ITT: Girls that carried their respective anime
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erina sama.jpg
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>main characters parents are away overseas
>best friend character is an luckless pervert
>girls all have boob pockets in their shirts
>trap whose only character trait is being a trap
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I mostly agree with you, but boob pockets?
Did you have some kind of seizure?
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You JUST had to post this, huh?

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>Chinatsu successfully defended her playground from 3 others who ganged up on her

Is she the strongest Yuru?
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hugging a pillow reading to the rapist
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just as keikaku.png
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Will he get laid
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plan means keikaku

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Thank you
Ignored my Kame Kame haaa!1
Thanks OP.

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which letter /a/?
>N being the correct answer
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nice trips

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reminder that Amajikifag is the only good fag
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Fuck off with your circlejerk shit.
so anon, where you from

So gents, best girl of this season?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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