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>Gol D. Roger almost loses to Shiki in the Ed War
>Huge storm (((coincidentally))) starts and only damages Shiki's fleet, doesn't leave a scratch on Roger
>Monkey D. Dragon has been shown to have the ability to control the wind
>Lightning (((coincidentally))) saves Luffy from Buggy
Its obvious right? Gol D. Roger ate a Logia fruit that gave him control over storms, and when he died Dragon ate it.
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>Most famous pirate had a fruit that isn't mentioned by anyone in almost 900 chapters
Not even Oda is that much of a hack.
If I had a power, especially a powerful one like an elemental I would use it so sparingly that when I do use it people think it's just luck.

Gotta have those cards up your sleeves.
you seriously dont think roger ate a devil fruit? are you being intentionally retarded?

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>Super epic battle
>Beautiful speech
>This retard comes out
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>>Super epic battle
Kill yourself.
They are basically 2 childs that have been fighting for Eons. What do you expect? Both Anima and Animus are manchilds with god powers.
Even the smart-ass Animus uses simple designs for his stuff.
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The entire ending of Unicorn when Furu Furontal was like "we need to come together to make peace for mankind and if you don't I'm gonna fuck you up with my giant time traveling ring of death"

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This anime will go bad later on. I just know it.
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>later on


Spoilers anytime now
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Caesar for next Strawhat.
There's likely a break next week.

>Homo wrath rising
school shooting when /a/
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I thought that was his designated wife at first.

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left or right ?
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wasnt rin a roastie?
yes but would you even notice ? she has regeneration powers.

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Also, post Felix
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A: Felix isn't gay.
B: He already won the Cruschbowl.
I want to make Ferris come from his behind, if you get what I mean.
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>Felix isn't gay.

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What is Pururin about? And should I watch it? It looks like moe waifu bait but apparently it has some deeper meanings or something I'm just not seeing?
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I really don't know anything about it but my neighbour seems to love it.
nah, it's trash.
Only hypocrites like it

Hey can you swing by and ask your neighbor? I'm really curious about this anime. You can do a friend a small, little, easy favor right?

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>Give the FIS girls an intro action episode like the main trio
>Have them do nothing but job
They should've died in G.
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It's been literally one episode.

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i dont think a zombie would compare to a god
But why?
Vegeta can destroy planets

was this really necessary?
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I mean, a cow without udders is more useless than me
HS any good or should I wait for Doki?
It really was completely unnecessary, but I understand it was trying to break the serious drama of the episode.

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or did people just watch it for the ping pong bit
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Also Grand Braver

Reflection is fast approaching, will it give Hayate the screen time she deserves?
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>original era
It isn't. They are ugly and about as close to their loli design as they are to their old hag one, fucking thin and tall pieces of shit really shows how the staff doesn't care about lolis anymore.
>It's the raging autist baiting again
Her we go again.
Fuck off, it's just any person who likes lolis, despite your stupid bait subject.

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Can we have a decent thread about this manga? The last one was filled with off topic garbage from start to finish.

Honestly I found it kind of painful to read because I could relate to some of the author's issues all too well, but overall it was an interesting read.
What does /a/ think about it?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

>20 years ago today
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And nothing has surpassed it.
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And it's still the best.
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20 years have passed and she'll still be best girl

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