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[Rumble of scientific triumph].jpg
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considering all the things that happened in the last chapter, what do you think will be awaiting us on the next release?
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Cute and fluffy things!
Since it will be the first chapter of volume 7 - at least I think it will be - it shouldn't be too heavy on action, just gradual escalation and exposition. Maybe Three Sages.
I want to sexually fuck Ozen

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why does she have an arabian name ?
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The Arab invasions.
Because she white
Why does a star have an Arabian name?

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Why's he so hot lads??
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Yaoi Hands
Flat chest.
androgynous face


That was fast.
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haven't read it yet, wasn't it some kind of auto-biography?
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Thank God. I'm sick of this faggot writing series about depressed mangaka over and over again. Go to a damn therapist you moron and get back to writing more DeDeDeDestruction
I never even knew about this one project did he Put DDDDDDD on hiatus or what?

will tennis ever die

also latest teekyu episode
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This is Fuu, say something nice about her!
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She has affordable rates.
>lonely female orphan of a heretic ancestry without any money before human rights
A single optimistic thing going for her is the name, her name sounds like Wind right? So not necessarily a whorehouse or barmaid, she could go be a pirate slut or try to join the whole classic religions rising thing and be a part of some temple as a modest kitchen worker. She looked confident with gambling yakuzas too. Maybe there is a tiny hope for her to be happy.
10/10 Would have bought her in the brothels. Even if she's 15

Who will die in Kirara:Infinity war? crossing my fingers for Nono.
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Side characters.
My cute WIFE Yuno.

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Who /watching 10 years later/?
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I never finished the series, but what I remember most are the bonuses:

MOETAN CORNER! including the edited versions.


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Kaoru Mori.jpg
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Can cute girls be mangakas too?
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This is not Kaoru Mori.
Girl on the left is Lee Si Young, stop baiting.

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Kodaka did absolutely nothing wrong.
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Just watched hellsing
does the manga continues the story?
if so does victoria get the old vampire D?
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She gets saucisse.
Unpopular opinion I like the original hellsing because the music was better and the remake was too serious and didn't build up enough feels-atmosphere shit like rahxephon or evangelion create.
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>remake was too serious
Dude, what the fuck? Hellsing Ultimate was goofy as fuck. Besides that Seras seeing her mother's corpse being raped, that was fucked up.

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How can any of the other girls even compete?
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How does her armband not slide on her arm?
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The vast majority of anime audiences are weak-willed beta hikkis. They simply cannot fathom dealing with a strong woman. Hence why you see the overwhelming love for characters like rem or rei. Usually these same people will insult others and say they have shit taste because this is their way of coping with being so weak of mind and body. At least umaru fags are honest with their masochism and proudly proclaim how retarded they are with their shitposts. But, weak fags are serious.

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Magic Hour.jpg
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second season when?
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Does it really need a second season?
I just want more scenes with the fairies and that scene where Sento and Kanye almost fuck in a love hotel

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Why does everyone want her to be a brawler?
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She's a cunt when she's not being showered with praise. What a letdown
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>irritated by nagging
>a cunt
She got picked up as a rookie in that same competition years ago.
Shouldn't she be happy for Aoba? Instead she's just sulking about her own ego.
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She made Aoba cry

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