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Why does Neito have the best figure?
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loli magic

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her voice pisses me off
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awesome photoshop skills
That's what you get when you let a clueless idol sucking producer's dick to get a main role.
I like it.

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>We want the Ghibli audience
What Kyoani mean by this?
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Who are you quoting?
>Kyoani is gonna fuck you up
How though? Will Mugi have her melanin-enriched boyfriend and his fellow melanin-enriched acquaintances beat me up?

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>Marley Festival starts
>Attack Titan appears with an iron mask and a katana
Will Paradis some technology to their titans too?
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Endgame right here, brothers.
fuck you.

the bump level hasn't been reached.
>attack titan
>appearing at the festival
Never ever.

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Two episodes more until the duel is over, patience people.
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First for please kill me
Hibokubo really gives no more fucks does he?
>TFW Yusaku's Kuriboh printed before Yuya's
>implying it won't go into part of episode 13

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Was Annie an alcoholic?
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hitch lives with with her too

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Dezaki, the most hyped and probably the most over-rated director of the century, upped the ante for studio trickery. He had begun as a third-rate disciple of Tezuka, and shows such as Ashita no Joe (1973) that were cauldrons of shonen cliches. Then Ace o Nerae (1973) happened and the word "chic" took on a new meaning. The anime was a masterpiece of faux avantgarde (of pretending to be avantgarde while being generic shoujo). It was, more properly, a new link in the chain of production artifices that changed the way anime "looks": Anno's Gunbuster, Ikuhara's Revolutionary Girl Utena
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This all fine but then who's your favourite anime director?
scaruffi is g-y
If you oversimplify things enough, there is no difference between a soapbox car and a rocket, it is all the same generic shit meant to take one person from point A to point B.

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What do you think of Bismarck's tits?
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Need my torpedo to ravage.
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Couldn't find any shirtless photos of the guy, but they were okay I guess.
anon pls

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>a shecrit makes a ooman, ooman
what did she mean by this?
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Probably something to do with poreesuman.

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Watari-kun no ×× ga Houkai Sunzen chapter 25 out:http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/H-3BZ5kSl-E and
"Prostitution is the new work of Sasuki"
Dammit Satsuki... every chapter is bad for her
I just want to see Satsuki's good ending whatever it is... but the author just keeps adding things worst
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God fucking damn it when will the author just end it and make her win already. We all know she's the endgame.
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Anime tropes that you love

>MC is a moral fagg
>forced into an unfamiliar situation
>Moral degeneration and ends up cheating, stealing, bribing and deceiving to get his way
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>MC is a moral fag
>but cheats, steals,bribes and deceive because he knows that's how the world works.
Wouldn't be much of a moral fag then would he?

Knowing something and being something are not the same thing.
>MC cheats, steals, bribes and deceives
>enemy is a moralfag
>gets blown the fuck out

Why are most things either a sausage fest or full of cute girls? Why can't there be more anime that understand that bromance and waifus are just as important?
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Ozen is best
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Good taste

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nakasui and shibakimi we need them
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ITT: We prove we're oldfags
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No one gives a fuck
I remember how Accelspammer saved Christmas

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