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Bow down to the Queen
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>his favorite studio can't make a magical girl short anime about its own mascot
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>he makes a shitty greentext thread about studiowars

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Is anyone reading orpheus no mado?

It's a manga by riyoko ikeda whose famous for rose of versailles and onii-sama e

I read somewhere (can't remember where exactly) that ikeda got an award for this manga and that she actually considers this to be her best work ever surpassing the rose of versailles,.the people who read this manga said it's a lot darker than rose

this manga seems very promising so far and i like the main character( julius ) a lot, she's a very interesting character, she's also much more human/flawed character than Oscar in my opinion even though i also like oscar a lot .

A group called storm in heaven did the first volume years ago by they dropped it because they couldn't find the rest of the scans and now a group called mythos scans are translating this manga and they've reached volume 3..I hope that they continue this manga till the end
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I remember reading what there was back when only the first few chapters or so were translated.
I don't make a habit out of reading things that don't have complete translations.

Still, you'd think there'd be more interest in translating this since Ikeda has her fair share of fans in the West. I'd like to see the translation finished too.
It's too bad SiH isn't around anymore because an anon ripped all the ebook volumes for the series. We're finally in the age of being able to get high-quality raws of old manga but there isn't a lot of interest in translating them.

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>The girl is taller than the guy

How ofter this happens?
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In anime? Often enough I guess. There'll usually be at least a few in any harem show to hit that fetish
How tall is she?

Are they ever going to make more Grimoire OVA's?
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I am 100% person sure that IchiRuki will happen, you goddamn, delusional Himefags need to fuck off. Especially Pork Ranger with his garbage crackship. Orihime is for Ishida, not Ichigo, you braindead retard.
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Kubo played us like a damn fiddle anon.
Probably one of the few reason why Bleach even has followship at the end

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New chapter's out.
I honestly forgot about this series.
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i really can't stand this MC
Why is Donald Trump in this manga?
is the story still shit? when is Obata getting a new partner?

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ok /a/ what the fuck I just read?
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It just cuts out all the shit and jumps straight into the wish fulfilment. Good for fapping.

Hello /a/,

this is my waifu. I know some poeple won't understand but I fell in love with her. Everytime I am sad I look at pictures of her and I can hear her voice in my head. "Everything is going to be daijoubu".
When I think of her I get this feeling in my heart, this warmth. No 3D woman could ever let me feel like this. Every night I look up to the night sky, and wish that she would be real, so I could stop hugging my dakimakura of her and instead hold her tight in my bed. In the morning she would already be up and cooking breakfast. After a few montz we would get engaged and have two or three kids. Sure, we would have lots of work, and I would work maybe 2 jobs to give her the luxuary she deserves but I would do so smilibg, knowing I would make her happy. Then when iur children finally all moved out, we would take some time off and see the world. Paris, Venice, Naples, New York, Sydney, Jerusalem, Hong Kong and so on. I already see us at old age in our garden, drinking coffee while looking at the sunset.
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tldr lol
Cute waifu
Your waifu is a filthy shotacon, my porn told me so

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lol ozzo as a vagina
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What did Kyoani mean by this?
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You might be gay if you keep seeing penises everywhere

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ITT: Openings that you hated at first, but grew on you

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Fuck off 3DPD.

>both FMA shows had third openings that took a while for me to like
I laughed so hard the first time I heard it.
Now I can't stop listening to it.

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I was fighting withba friend about best waifu from the show. He is with Uraraka and i am with Momo. So which is best waifu? ( even other girls are allowed )
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What did /a/ think of the Shieldbro PV? Also why is it in English?
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my god, that was cringey.

But I have to say: making it English is an interesting move to deflect some of the controversial tone. By being more westernized, I could see it being more accepted in japan.
I wonder how will japs react to the anti-SJW pandering or fuck who am I lying I wonder how anons react here. Its gonna be goood

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>could have taken Hanekawa's virginity in the gym shed
>could have taken Kanbaru's virginity in the classroom
>doesnt molest or marry hachikuji
>ends up with a skinny, bitchy crab woman instead

he's not even harem MC dense, he's fucking retarded
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>doesnt molest or marry hachikuji
He does get a handful of her quite often though.
I feel like people on this board might have alot of different opinions but we can all agree that crab is hands down the worst character in the series period.
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no where near; its snek. crab is under cat, bat, and monkey but above the rest

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