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this thread is for paying respects to our favorite characters who are no longer with us.
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So, i just watched this anime, it was comfy but kinda boring, i kinda relate to Takeo-kun.

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He is a big guy
Luna has a cute as fuck daughter
No you dont, no one is as pure hearted and good nature as Takeo.


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Loli major is cute, you must pet her.
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Loli major is generally touchy, and currently in a bad mood since she was forced to be transferred from her usual sexy woman body to a child body with a frilly dress. And she doesn't like OP in general since he's a faggot.

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Was it really because of the bubble popping in the 90s that caused the downfall of anime with decent storytelling, or was it already heading that way and the crash just made it come quicker? I mean hell, even shit like this with its ludicrous scenarios manages to have a certain character that has been lost today.

Could it have been the heavy merchandising and pandering to otakus?
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The one thing that I will say about 80s anime befire the thread dies is that Japan's business boom at the time did allow it have well drawn/animated stills and scenes.

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Forgot pic.
Just started orange road, what am I in for /a/? ... just waiting for the fucking torrent to finish downloading

It's great how honest in its lack of shame this show is. I don't care if it's shit, I'm really enjoying it so far.
How long until we can have slow threads where we talk about how cute the girls are instead of endlessly being angry and shitposting about the show? Surely enough most people should have dropped it already.
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Not-Reimu is cute.
Threads will be fine in a couple of episodes.
It's actually pretty shit for a shameless isekai.
The MC still hasn't invented the wheel 100 times over yet.
is this the mayoiga of our time

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I'm indifferent
s4s is leaking

somehow I missed this yesterday and thought you finally called it quits

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Where are the cute pictures!
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i have a holder just for cute hero pics

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after light dies its completly over and there is no story about him in the after life?
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Dont visit this website ever again
Ryul confirmed that there is no afterlife in Death Note, read the manga's ending.
Also this.

The next step is to make a Chino in Wonderland movie.
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I'm still waiting for Mahou Shoujo Chino

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How do they make her so CUTE?
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Shes my waifu

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10 years ago, outside Comiket, on a night just like tonight, I saw the worst Truck-kun accident I ever hope to see.
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Reminder that Yukihira Soma is beautiful.
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he was, at some point, a great lead. but i've since forgotten such times.
To be fair, most of the characters are beautiful in their own ways, but I agree with Souma though.
I agree, but Shino is beautiful-er

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Was the slide really that fun?
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will my waifu ever exist?
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She already exists in your heart.
If she were to be real, she'd be 3D and thus PD. As such she wouldn't be pure and would probably refuse you.
Also, nice taste.
That's not true. If my wife were here beside me I would do absolutely everything in my power to be useful to her and make her fall for me. Even if it costs me my life. Because I love her more than this world.

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