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Apparently the Japanese really like idols,
what a surprise.
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Not the get you were hoping for, but admirable doubles nonetheless.

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Classic GET best GET!
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not bad, but you wanted this >>>159999999

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best hair styles thread
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How about instead of having a shit thread, make a good thread by posting the rest of this
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catgirl enjoying fish.png
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Let's make this a catgirl thread instead.
twintails are shit

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Good evening anons, you're listening to KMOT, playing the hottest anime memes of then and now! Just got word that we have a good shot of getting over 16000000 posts tonight! So Hatsune-san, tell us what our lucky 16 millionth caller could win!

BGM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pn0u9xgoBU4
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A date with Marina Inoue?
Well, sorry folks, but it looks like we already have a winner.

But thanks for playing anyway! We'll see you again at 17 mill! Here's Hall and Oates.

More like >>160000000

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Do you like girls who use violence to get what she wants?
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I do and want a gf to use violence to get what she wants from me.
If she is a battle hardened warrior, yes. If she's just a cushioned first world basic bitch who gets away with it because society says you can't hit back if it's a woman, fuck no.
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Shinka is a nice person who is never violent without good reason.

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>Inu Neko Jump!

Why haven't the nips realized that sprinting is the best absolute subject for a sport+romance manga yet?
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Don't know about Inu Neko but the others are shit
Everything is shit.
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The only thing that bothers me is how they always end up winning in the Olympics.

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Would Rin be a good bodyguard?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

wew, for a moment i was afraid we would go full NTR but..

So, what will the deal be?
You can fuck my designated waifu but you gotta fuck me in the ass every now and then?
or you can fuck my designated waifu as long as im doing your ass?
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you ok there anon?
You need to be 18 to post on this site.

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Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?
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Because Suzaku is a faggot
Tough to kill someone that knows a good trick
Suzaku had a city to nuke and by god he was not going to let Lelouch stop him

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too horny to fight crime.jpg
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What is /a/'s favorite episode of Princess Robot Bubblegum?
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The one with the most nudity anon

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All time female superhero that full of her wittiness and sarcasm. With 18 issues manga overall being released
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Post girls, whom you want to bear your children
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She would singlehandedly ruin your bloodline for generations.
Have fun seeing 9/10 of your kids get the Darwin Award.

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Why did the Spiral King pilot something named after this?
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He gotta have a good meal

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No new episode this saturday, instead we get some time with seiyuus.

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>The uploader has not made this video available in your country
I'm going to pretend you're lying. Oh you silly anon and your silly lies. They can't take this break after the recap from a few days ago.
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It's true ep 16 in 10 days and x hours

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So the 2017 manga is canon or not?
It sure has some great reactions tho.
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What the fuck, I want my money back.
2nd for Chariot!
I kind of think of it as side stories that they didn't have time to add in the anime. Although there are some stuff that contradicts the anime.

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