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It's now the 20th in Japan and that means that it's the birthday of these three lovely little girls. Say something nice to them.
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Time for their present
Happy Birthday Illya and Miyu!
May your onii-chans love you!

Is it NTR if its with between girl?
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There was that guy that was cucked by a dyke so i think yes

And my jimmies are still rustled
He just needed to give the dyke a good dicking in a good threesome.

What do anime characters do after they graduate from high school and/or save the world?
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We had this thread yesterday. And the image wasn't Naruto.

but it did not get over 100 replies

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ITT: post some comfy anime OST

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Precure Thread
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You played along with Peace, right /pc/? RIGHT?

Post scores.
Who is the true MVP?
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It is great how Hibiki, the purest cure, wasn't grouped with these sluts and instead partnered with Karen, another pure cure (but not as pure as Hibiki of course).

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Boy, Girl and --- 1/4

4 more episodes until Kei gets blown the fuck out
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>another 4 episodes arc
Shit nigga.Subs never as usual.
This arc technically is divided into 2 parts, so we could call it the final arc.
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Protect this smile

Say something nice about this hard working, tax-paying professional voice actress.
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This is me. Literally me. No other character can come close to relating to me like this
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moeblob melting.jpg
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>watari will never finish anything
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He finished GN prequel LN and manga though.
If only it could get anime

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/a/, do you accept it?
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All shippers have brain damage.
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I only accept gay characters if it's canon that they're gay.

Shipping is cancer.

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ice crem.jpg
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favourite idolmaster girl/boy thread go
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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This girl will use his "friendship" for own MC Points?
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MC is totally like me!
Who win the mc?
The averageism

Only two episodes in and I have to say, this has a shitload of potential.

>girl is killing the guys that murdered her family
>protagonist tells morals to fuck right off and takes her side
>actually kills the guy himself, rather than just watching her do it

I haven't been this satisfied watching a show in a while.
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The only potential this show has is as a trainwreck except there are no passengers.
It's a cool show and one of the surprise hits of the season for me personally.
Imagine if this show actually had budget
What could have been

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you know it's true
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How does it sound like in Japanese?
His name on the other hand shall be forgotten to time.

Reflection airs this weekend.
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>Nanoha Thread
Can I post Vivid Strike?
And we'll still have to wait months to actually see the thing.

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I don't care how long her neck is, i love her
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Is this going to do as well as Haikyuu?

So... She ended up being the deus ex of networking itself, right? Like, she rejected the idea of being able to manipulate information, just pass it along as a ghost on the internet, right? Then was she "saved" by her dad because he had a thought about her..?

But then why the fuck did Alice seem to actually meet her? Did her dad think about having her, they had a kid, and by the time Lain meets Alice again the age gap makes sense? Then why the fuck does she say Alice can meet her anytime?

I'm just stupid, right /a/?
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She decides the best course of action is to stay in the wired as a god because she loves everyone and doesn't want to further fuck up things.
She just materializes or appears in the real world since she can and wants to see her friend. She can meet Alice anytime since she still is a god.
Also her dad is not her dad, she's software, not human offspring.
I just finished it today and this is what I got, I might be super wrong. Also amazing anime.
Lain was not a human. She was made human by Eiri. She rejected his idea of making everyone no longer need bodies and erased her human self from existence to reverse everything.
>Alice can meet her anytime

The series put emphasis on the idea that humans are all connected regardless of Eiri and the wired, and that before organic bodies they were originally like this. The reason Lain can visit Alice at any time is because Lain exists and has existed forever no matter what happens to her human form. An interpretation that I have that people don't tend to explore is that Lain was not software, was not human, but was that universal connection that Eiri accessed and made into a human.

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