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Nobody remembers Ryuko

Nobody except me
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Nobody remembers Ryuko because she's wholly forgetable.
Awful character.
shitty character for a shitty anime

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spirit circle.jpg
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god i loved spirit circle. im reading biscuit hammer and it just isnt as good as spirit circle. its good, but im not that big of a fan desu
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>school gauges how many points are handed out through unknown means of judging conduct
>engage in on-campus violence anyway
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I might be crazy, but I think the brother is trying to purposely push her away.
It doesn't count if they don't see it
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Fuck you

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S2 can't come soon enough
>this piece of putrid shit gets second season
>your favorite anime doesn't
How in the fuck is this allowed

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Best pictures of Bleach
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I want to prone bone Yui's ass so hard. I want to feel her fat ass squish against my crotch with a slap every time I thrust. I want to feel her rectum tighten and grope my throbbing cock as I spurt thick loads of creamy semen deep into her intestines.

Am I the only one?
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boobs are ass.webm
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Have you accepted the ass-gospel yet, /a/?
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Screencap this.

Watch it be Freeza to be the one to save universe 7 and win the tournament of power.
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I love Frieza
>Krilling got knocked out before he got a chance to combine the Kienzan with Freeza's Death Saucers
The pizza are too lethal to use in a fight where killing will get you deleted

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I've seen that the reviews on MAL are quite mixed, what's your opinion of the series?
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Ask the MAL forums

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Astolfo is my waifu

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Generals need to be fucking purged already.
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just to cuck the Mt. Lady fag
So would you rather the next ED be the characters clubbing or the characters being prepped by their parents for elementary schools/after school activities?

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Nanachi appreciation thread.
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Reminder, the bunny smells good!
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not so fast

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Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
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wakey wakey gohanfags
>"kuririn's true power"

>hype solar flare x100
>"so powerful not even closing your eyes work!"

>doesn't work on sunglasses
>doesn't hit random background fighters
>use it only once against a blind furshit who just comments how useless it is

>hype kuririn's training with goku so much
>"new way to control ki"

>doesn't use it

>hype team work with 18 so much
>"this tournament is about teamwork, goku, 18-chan and me will work together"

>18 can't warn kuririn frost is behind him

>kuririn's literal true power this episode was smelly feet


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Would you let them play your euphonium?
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>your euphonium
Mine is more like a piccolo trumpet. Asuka is the best girl though.
I want Kumiko to suck my balls while Asuka giving me a rimjob.
Asuka a shit

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Is Tenchi in Tokyo worth watching?

I've been binge watching Tenchi stuff (the OVAs, Universe, GXP, Geminar, Dual!)

I regret passing up Geminar when it aired now. What do you guys think of the entire series?
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