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Is this movie good?
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The name's Bond...
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Chuck Bond
are u taking me for a ride
if i shake martini off, will you mix?

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*doesn't exhale*
I do that sometimes
I like pop figures

>Her favorite turtle is Leonardo

Good taste
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Is that a Samurai Pizza Cats tattoo beside Leo?
Sorry, but the only valid choice is Raphael. Mikey-fags get a pass, but just barely.
ruby is a genderqueer

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Who's the worst normalfag reviewer?

Friendly reminder that Redditlettermedia are normie tier and fucking shit
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This fucking guy is awful I accidentally stumbled on one of his vids and closed it after 20 seconds

How the fuck does he have 250k subs?
Stuckmann is unironically one of the better movie reviewers on youtube
Jeremy Jahns is way worse

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Did Arthur Leigh Allen do it?
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DNA and handwriting evidence don't match and he doesn't match the physical description.

Gaikowski, Ross Sullivan, Lawrence Kane are more likely IMO
Yes for some of the murders, a copycat did the rest
In the movie, yes.

In real life, no.

did anyone watch it?
did you like it?
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no and I probably wouldn't

the only good season was season 2, season 1 was ok, everything after 2 is literal garbage
It was decent
i liked the circus freakshow one. but im biased when it comes to spooky clown horror shit.
After that it so was bad the next season with lady gaga shitting up everything i completely dropped the series

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Who did it best?(or worst) >le next Hollywood leading man but failed
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Best is Emile by a country ass mile
Shia's decline has been the most interesting to watch unfold, he's legitimately batshit crazy.
When was Emilie ever supppsed to be the next leading man?


>Calls have been made in China to boycott the British war film Dunkirk after it was subjected to a heavy bombardment from critics who said a “disastrous retreat” does not conform with “Chinese values”.

>New Weekly, a Chinese magazine, compared Dunkirk to Wolf Warrior 2, a patriotic, all-action movie in which the Chinese hero overcomes Western baddies via a series of explosive and dramatic action sequences.

>“Wolf Warrior 2 depicts complete victory,” New Weekly said. “Whereas Dunkirk is about a disastrous retreat, which is very different from traditional Chinese values, so it will not perform very well at the box office.”

>Wolf Warrior 2, which became China’s top grossing film ever over the summer, has the tagline : ‘Whoever offends China will be hunted down no matter how far away they are.’

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honestly china just annoys me with how much they're up their own fucking ass
>Retreat does not conform to Chinese values
>Mao confirmed for not upholding chinese values
I guess bravery and heroism aren't Chinese values.

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Who is the biggest actress in the world right now? Pic related.
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>pic related
>is unrelated
still makes me laugh.
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>cara devilgina

>win an Oscar
>get a voice acting role in a big franchise
>fall into obscurity
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this is what happens when you're a tool
she got it for being whipped
all niggers look a like to you can just a get a cheaper one every year.

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Why did they kill him, /tv/? He was a good boy and Ralph is a fuccboi. Sure, he fucked up, but Tony got away with it. That's bullshit man, I'm finishing season 3 and they pretty much killed one Aprile per season. They must hate this family.
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Because the rules change when the dipshit starts dating your daughter
They had broken up though
Yeah, but then he shot a made guy. RULES IS RULES OR THIS THING OF OURS FALLS TO PIECES

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What if there was no Light or Dark Side and the effect the Force had on Force Users had more to do with how much Force you channel then how you use it. So the Jedi who are all about restraining themselves and subtly using the force aren't all that affected by the Force, meanwhile the Sith who are all about cutting loose and channeling tons of power end up having the massive amounts of energy fuck up their body and mind.
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Scenes women will never EVER understand
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why do you want women to be men?
>Trying to understand a movie about samurais.
>Not thinking in the theatre: "God, such a boring film, I'm going to act like I'm really interested because this movies are important for him"

Would he like Game of Thrones? Perhaps he'd take inspiration from it?
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At the end of his life he grew to loathe his own work so no
GRRM and Tolkien have fundamentally different ideas about what the fantasy genre is supposed to accomplish. GRRM wants to create a believable but fantastical world for manbabies to escape to, Tolkien wants to create legends and mythic heroes that people can strive to be like.
Lord of the Rings are children's books. As a Catholic I think he'd be disturbed by the excessive sex and consider Game of Thrones degenerate.

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