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If I enjoyed One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest waaaay more than The Godfather Pts. 1 and 2, what does that say about me?
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Why does everything always have to be about you?
I find The Godfather really boring. One Flew is pretty excellent though.
that you have a great taste in film

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ITT: Talentless hacks
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worst thread on /tv/
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>Wake up in the morning to watch The Big Breakfast for the bants
>Come home from school and turn on CITV
>When there was a show I didn't enjoy, I'd change it over to CBBC
>Wake up on Saturday mornings to watch Live & Kicking, SMTV Live, or Fully Booked
>Turn on Teletext and play Bamboozle and read Turner the Worm
>Chill out on Sunday mornings by watching Diggit
>Stay up all night with Teletext again

Growing up in the 90s kicked so much ass. You post-2000 babies will never experience that level of comfiness.
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Pick none
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I wonder if CN know they're responsible for an entire generation of weebs.

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which one, /tv/?
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live action pokemon movie from netflix with a high quality cgi

is there a chance for kino?
No one would pick digimon
Only the Downs liked digimon more

Is this our generation's Citizen Kane?
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Just wait for Avatar 2

>One of the best up and coming actresses
> Amazing singer
Seriously, the sky's the limit for /ourqueen/. What's next for her?
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Someone explain
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Homer saw someone Chuck their shoes away before this event
Sneed Norris (formerly Chuck)
Explain what

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What are your predictions for Season 2?

Will Maeve become to intelligent for the park owners once again? Will we actually get a semi-realistic plot this time? Will the show be as incredible as it was during the pilot? Will there be Samurai World?
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>Michael Emerson gets cast (which is obvious)
>he is a guy hired to stop the Host rebellion
>turns out in season finale he was a host planted by Ford to help the rebellion
>starts leading them and eventually kills Maeve. Like, for good
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The entire place is a space station, like in the movie, "Dark City"

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So this is going to be a show on the CW
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Uh, Peter this is based on a children's book.
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Rape Victim Edition


Meanwhile: >>87384289
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take the red pill:
>no set design, feels empty and lifeless
>no interesting ideas for storylines and generally bad writing
>relies on gimmicks only instead
>those are unoriginal or just bad, unfortunately ("fuck you, albert", glove, andy and lucy, coordinates, riddles, ...)
>bad acting (Bell, Lynch, Horse, Robertson, Dern, ...)
>dull characters (one-dimensional at best)
>storylines and characters are introduced for no purpose
>everything is supposed to weirdly connect and make sense
>shot in digital in a way that doesn't compensate for the technology's disadvantages (looks bad)
>roadhouse scenes (out of place, badly shot, the songs, the bands, the extras, ...)
>student-tier storytelling/editing (characters are shown walking up complete sets of stairs)
>stretched out needlessly, long takes have no particular effect
>obviously delusional and/or inexperienced fanbase perceiving it as particularly meaningful, complex or "deep"
>can't compare to the original series that doesn't have those problems (coherent/complex and beautiful sets, costumes and make-up/well shot/well acted/well written/magnificent multi-dimensional characters and character relations, music, storylines and gimmicks/creates a unique athmosphere as a result, changing the world of television forever whereas "the return" neither manages to do something established really good nor to invent something new)
>extended pitch black scenes because of a lack of a competent cinematographer
>audio issues with microphone static left unaddressed because of poor sound design
>extremely poor editing with magically disappearing extras and production staff accidentally walking into frame
>somehow the best thing in tv history
Room service.

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lmao at that green screen
I have AIDS

After hearing why Cohen dropped out, I'm sure that this is gonna be shit. Instead of being a Freddie Mercury biopic, Brian May insisted on making it about what happened to the band after Freddie died instead.

It's like nigga, Freddie WAS the band. Brian May is a great guitarist, but what's talent without one of the most charismatic performers of all time? How are you gonna make a Queen movie work when its star attraction dies at the 45 minute mark?

Dear Doctor edition
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Best character in The Man From Earth (which was based on a Star Trek episode)
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Daily reminder that O'brien has always been a Section 31 agent.

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Why did this bitch dress different from all the other Jedi?
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She likes to show off.
The scorpion and the frog
that fucking leaf

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What's he up to?
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Replacing Jason Lego as The Joker

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