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>Bond... James Bond.
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damn...idris elba looks like THAT?
>Pillow Assback
Him and Michael Shannon need to play a pair of insane bothers in a Coen brothers movie.

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Name a better horror film.

I'll wait.
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>be me
>be OP
>go onto some random top horror movies list, probably IMDB or some other gay shit like a random faggot's blog
>heheh look at this kino, I've never seen it on /tv/ since I exclusive post in Rick and morty, got, and capenigger threads, it must be kino!
>read summary on wikipedia so he can 'discuss' it
>post this epic bread, fit with a 'hahahah look at you guys, you can't post a better kino than mine, hahahah!' to maintain my internet superiority
>at the same time virgin signals - I mean virtue signals hard as I can to show his patrician taste
>tfw the girl across the street from me won't look at me
>tfw i'll still be a loser when i go back to being a regular freshman at high school on tuesday since I'm going to waste my time shitposting on 4chan
>kill self and win 9001 internetz rawr XD

Certainly none more influential on the modern horror aesthetic.

Jacob's Ladder -> Silent Hill -> Everything Afterwards.

What did they mean by this?
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>early 2000s romance flick
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>not Swing Swing

Literally their only decent song
this song is very good pop rock

makes me reminisce about a summer night in childhood hearing it out my window because my normie neighbor was having a pool party but we weren't friends and i just sat at the window and listened
Nicholas Cage?

Is he, dare i say it, /ourguy/?
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>had sex
>had sex with a basically braindead, mutant girl
the best we can all hope for

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>King Arthur Legend Of The Sword
>guy ritchie

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Botched completely in editing. Samcro's characterization didn't make any sense at all. He denied his own journey three times and didn't take it up till pussy was in danger. He then subsequently never did anything with that relationship.

The entire movie felt out of place in the last 3rd
not shit

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Why do these rankings differ so much?

Which one do you trust?
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RT is trash and everybody who judges movies by their RT rating should have their eyes gouged out.
The one I trust the least is RT. Movie can have like 90% with just 5.5 rating, which is BS. Also they are very biased.
For example movies STRICTLY focused on gore-effects are low rated by poor acting. BUT Who cares at acting if all actors need in them is to bet their character slashed? Never really seen any good words about how guresome or disgusting actual gore it.
Also mindless blockbusters railed by lack of dept... seriously, who the fuck needs any deep intake on a boom-boom cheesy flicks?

Metacritics got somehow better realiblity, not much.

IMDB is rated by viewers, so they are obviously fanboys/biased people.

I wach movies I'm intrested in, despite ratings and reviews they get. Then after seeing I can rate them myself.
>I watch movies I'm interested in, despite ratings and reviews they get.

thats interesting, because I usually find movies I REALLY loved having 6.7 rating (Fear and Loathing in LV) on imdb

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Who is the best comedy actor of the past 25 years and why is it pic related?
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Meh he's a shitlib. He'll get the rope.

Back in 1994 he was funny though. But those were the good old days.
Watch some good old late night interviews with him. He's a classic, but I don't think it's possible for a fire that bright to keep burning.
I dont think hes a shitlib as much as he's a hippie

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What movies does he like?
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Just finished season 2. Does this show feel facile to anyone else? There's nothing really bad about it, but there isn't anything that stands out and makes the show stand above anything else. It's just kind of boring, hanging out with characters and problems that aren't really interesting or emotionally captivating. I don't hate it, but if I never saw it, I wouldn't feel like I missed out on anything. I'm in the age bracket for this show's demographic, but it just doesn't appeal or relate beyond the superficial. What does /tv/ think?

>inb4 poo in loo
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It's alright, but Ansari is such a shrill annoying manlet, I can't watch or listen to him for long
it's just a pointless show

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New Trailer for Rebels just went up
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>more sjw shit
no thanks
I really hate that Disney decided to dump a bunch of apparently important world-building and plot into shitty kids cartoon like Rebels. I would love to be able to watch a regular Star Wars show and see OT characters pop up occasionally, but this show looks like shit and is so geared towards children it's unwatchable.
they fucked the clone troopers in rebels

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Who was in the wrong here? Gordon or the pizza guy?
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Probably both in some way. The pizza probably tasted amazing, but Gordon had a point about it being one of the worst things you could put in your body.
>The pizza probably tasted amazing,

confirmed American
>""""thin crust""""
>greasy as shit
Most mouthbreathers here would eat it, but of course Ramsay's gonna shit on it.

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