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Now that the dust has settled, was it kino?
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It was certainly fun to watch to say the least but it was definitely part of the cancer that killed television entirely.
Pauly d is actually the man
It was absolutely ideal for it's market. It captured the zeitgeist of the time perfectly.

Unfortunately it went on a few seasons too long. It could have done with some more introspective moments at times too that weren't just pure drama.

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>Oh no, you sorta pricked my knee
>Well whatever
>*follows through on the swing and cuts her head in half*

When did GoT go all anime? This position is so god damn awful (on your knees, back to the enemy?), and this little knee prick wouldn't be enough to "win".
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GoT is like the 2003 FMA adaptation. It went to shit as soon as they ran out of source material
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Wait what? Why are they even fighting? This dumb show is making me regret ever getting into the series.

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Who did it better as;

>Le mass appeal comedy man
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That midget is not even close to the same level the other three achieved in their primes.
I'd probably say Eddie Murphy, but no one will be able to touch Jim Carrey's streak in '94
Jim Carrey has the most good films, plus he has shown he can do drama on occasion too.

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Why do people conisder Craig to be a good Bond again?
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the more commonly held and vociferously expressed opinion you will find on the internet is that he's not, in fact he's the worst bond ever. this is usually said by very stupid '90s babbies who will go on to defend the bland, unthreatening smarminess of pierce brosnan, the most actorly of all the bonds.
he's the only one to feature in movies that aren't just feature-length car commercials.
>the more commonly held and vociferously expressed opinion
are you some kind of faggot? speak normally punk this isnt /r/movies

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>We shall fight in France
>We shall fight on the seas and oceans
>We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air
>We shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be
>We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds
>We shall fight in the fields and in the streets
>We shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender
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>Destroys Europe
Movie was really dull , great scenery but that was about it.
Fuck Churchill, racist fat zionist fuck

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What do you think of Redwall?
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Comfiest YA novels ever
Exquisite redpill
the most boring books conceivable
>hero is always some faggot nerd
>bad shit happens
>hero goes on journey while people who are getting fucked by bad shit gradually fight back
>hero comes back and always wins
>villain is always the same shit
>love interest, father figure, friend, bully, all the cliches are always the same fucking character with different names
fuck this movie, fuck the books, fuck anyone who likes them (though not literally, since they're all probably like 10 or have the mental capacity of a 10 year old)

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Which movie monster would be best to have in 2017 regular ZOO in terms of making the most money and attracting the most visitors? Something that would be majestic even after seeing few times. I'm not talking about monsters like Dracula/Mummy, but monsters like King Kong/Godzilla
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Dragon and let it burn whole /got/
DELETE MY PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKIN REEEEEEEEEEEEE
Obviously rat-monkey from Braindead
Just imagine these kids looking at it feeding on other monkeys.

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Show me a TV show more kino
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i can't
don't tell me what you can't do!

Only the first 3 seasons though

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Shit meant to include the link but I'm drunk as all living hell


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So, regardless of what you think about the latest seasons, can we all agree that the show still keeps quality OST?

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>literally just using the main theme slowed down for a lannister scene
Ost has sucked for a while
the first 4 seasons had great music. it's been fucking trash since then though.
i loved the music from the ending scene in the last episode

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was it intentional for them to make the characters in Totally Spies that attractive and if so, why did they do it?
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Because muh dic
God bless them for that show.

Does any sitcom even come close to Only Fools and Horses?
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>my names not Dave. its Rodney.

the height of british "comedy" right here.
Allo Allo
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Dad's Army is the definitive British television sitcom. Also, best character here

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A literal masterpiece
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>pleb opinions held by the 18-35 useless generation
It's genuinely great and while it does borrow a little stylistically from other filmmakers it is almost completely original which is rare.
I didn't like this movie, ama

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Will he go down as the last big fantasy author?
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Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha no
His books will fall into obscurity in a decade. The show will be his enduring legacy. Nobody wants to read a series with only 5/7 planned books out.

The iconic fantasy author from this era is obviously Rowling, with the titanic success of Harry Potter, and in traditional high fantasy I think Malazan and First Law will age well. The jury is out on Sanderson's Stormlight Archive series because only 2 books of a planned 10 are out. It seems great though. I might also throw a bone to the Kingkiller Chronicles if the author doesn't inject too much autism into the final book.
Fuck no. This tub of shit will be eternally overshadowed in quality by Steven Erikson
obesity rates are going up, surely a future fantasy writer will also be big

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>Joss "if you want to make the final cut, show me your butt" Whedon
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>cucked his wife so badly she now has PTSD

How can a bald ginger be this based?
>Joss "If you want the part, a blowjob to start" Whedon
I'm only going to reveal this once, here, right now ITT: Joss and Kai worked together on this as a way to prove that all white males are rapists who cannot be trusted. Joss came up with the plan himself. He's literally a martyr.

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