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find me a better crew
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is there anyone who is as much of a badass as him?
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>“One time I yelled ‘cut’ and Jared turned to me and said ‘what if someone just stood in the middle of Wall Street and yelled cut? Maybe the monikers in suits would forget their trained routine of going to work’ My jaw hit the floor and it never really came back up. That’s when I thought, is he getting in character to play Joker, or is Joker something that’s been in him all along?”

>“Sometimes i would go to look into the cameras, and I noticed Jared had put something in the lens. It was stuff like 'What if cameras were guns? Would you buy a mass murderer?’ and 'Lights. Camera. Insanity.’ I had to ask him to stop because I was getting too scared to direct.”


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>tfw no puritanical witch gf
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gib l-lewd
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What did they mean by this?
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Must you continue to dishonor the laws of the discussion boards and the chans with your prideful amphibian?

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Can someone explain how she survived this?
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bad writing
Ned Stark doesn't survive and this Mary Sue does... why
plot armor

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Is Boonk Gang kino?


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his formula for most of his stuff:

>asks someone for something of theirs
>they say no
>he whines like a child asking for it
>they are still saying no
>he grabs it and runs away

yeah I think I'm all set
>2.4 m followers

Why is he always so angry? Why can't he be cool and even tempered like Alex Jones?
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You'd be angry too if you were smart enough to see how Trump is destroying this country day by day.
stop backtracing colbert

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what went wrong?
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Not enough Galadriel feet shots.
they had to make 3 movies in the time it would take to make one good movie
>48 FPS
>putting in LotR characters that make no sense and retroactively pulling the original trilogy down
>shitty CGI sequences
>characters that were walking memes
>drawing out the story to 3 long ass movies to cash in as much as possible
LotR felt like it was a project with passion behind it. The Hobbit felt like a blatant cash grab.

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Can somebody explain why Jupiter is on the Seinfeld logo?
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It's actually Saturn (Satan), a prominent symbol in Jewish Kabbalah.

Saturn is the sixth (6) planet from the sun.

Saturn has a hexagonal (6 corners, 6 sides) storm on its pole.

Do you understand now?
Because Marv's Cafe is formerly Hell.



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Did Tom dodge a bullet?
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>Did Tom dodge a bullet?
Not yet but I'm willing to bet he'll actually try to do that one of these days.
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Platinum mad

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New card. What do you think?
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I don't get it.

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a daring synthesis
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Is this going to be the most iconic Star Wars pose?
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Shouldn't that lightsaber be going through the floor?
Lightsabers are slowly being retconned. Notice how many traditional medieval weapons there are in the film.
Its a light saber proof floor

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Only in America could something so stupid be considered a masterpiece.

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Looks like a dr pepper actually.
you just hate it because he plays for Bama
this movie is america in a nutshell: a bumbling retard stumbles into wealth by luck

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Beware the Judderman, my dear...
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