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Thoughts on this movie? Certainly interesting but I'm not sure if it worked as a whole.
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Anon, this is my favorite movie of all time.
i've always felt that it was underrated, very beautiful visually
>from the director of Quantum of Solace

What exactly is a "deep" character? Give examples (either from a TV show or movie or vidya) and explain why. Was Walter White a deep character?
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Deep characters are flawed. Their motives are more complicated than archetypical characters. For example: A jock is very 1-dimensional character who has several basic motives, 1. Be a dick, and 2. Fuck white bitches. He has no other reason for existing. Walter White is deep because he is motivated by his family and his ego, this causes him to do very lucrative things to accomplish his mission. There was an episode where he finds out his cancers gone and he was angry about it. He liked the thrill, and when it was gone he was angry.

Morally gray characters are considered deep
Shit tier- characters actions are decided by what they need to do to move the plot

Suicide squad

Pleb-tier - characters actions are dictated by some vague ethos or code that is palatable to normies

Marvel movies

Comfy tier- characters actions are dictated by a combination of circumstances, their values, and most importantly their relationships with other characters (these feel close enough to real people)

Coen brothers, tarintino, when game of thrones is done well

Kino tier - characters choices are decided on an unspoken visceral level - human heart in conflict with itself

Achilles refusing/returning to the fight

Everything hamlet and Coriolanus do

Michael corleone's first hit

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Why do people always say he's gay? Why is Vin Diesal such a meme? Riddick is fucking cool. Didn't Vin recently make The Rock have an anxiety attack? I'm with Vin what about you?
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do they?
riddick is entertaining
fake drama
Why do you want to suck his dick so badly?
Dwayne is that you? You big pussy.

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Is she the best actress right now?
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Better than Emma Roberts and Emma Watson.
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Lmao she hasn't given a single good performance. She acts like herself in everything. Like a man voiced freak. She is one of the worst right now. Reddits choice.

Could anyone give me some good horror movies set in hospitals or asylums?
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session 9
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It's a mini series but still

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I don't see how you faggots can watch this show?
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I don't see how that could be your argument for 'it's a bad show'.
Up your game, shitposter.
Not a shitpost

I don't see how you faggots can watch this show.

They cut off a guys dick.
>They cut off a guys dick.
yes, how does that make it a 'bad show'?
Again, try harder, dipshit.

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The actor Brendan Fraser is given to you by a movie studio, along with a budget of $1 million dollars. What film do you set out to make with him?
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The Rise and Fall of Brendan Frasier
Rick O'Connell VII vs ISIS

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>Trents daughter still a cunt
>his mom stays with her boyfriend even though he definitely cheated on her(i wuz sorry n shit! people change baby cmon XD)
>have to leave all his new friends
>didn't even bang Anna Sophia Roberts
Fuck this movie.
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also this movie is kino
get ye gone hater
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It was supposed to be more realistic than your average 80s summer trash. The guy doesn't always get the girl, the douchey suit doesn't always lose at the end, things don't magically work out. You and I both know that.
Damn that was close to quints

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deep fried guns.jpg
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Americana edition


Meanwhile >>87287063
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i cant believe i got lynched this fucking badly
David Lynch is a pseudo-intellectual.
So what happened to Donna and why didn't the mention her at all in season 3?

I dare you to name a better opening in terms of both visuals and sound.

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Half of it is that super creepy song by the Handsome Family. Here's another:
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Fucking kek'd
Great song, and it ties so well with the imagery. Also, I am a foreigner and I am complete sucker for southern USA related imagery.

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Americans are asleep, post cheeky shows
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We never sleep.
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Our largest city is nicknamed "The City That Never Sleeps"

You have been grossly misinformed about Americans.

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Dominatrix Taylor.webm
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>Turmoil has engulfed the Galactic Earth Republic. The taxation of trade routes to outlying planets is in dispute. Hoping to resolve the matter with an army of fem-bots, the greedy Swift Empire has stopped all shipping to the colony of Mars. While the congress of Earth endlessly debates this alarming chain of events, the President has secretly dispatched Agent Kloss, the guardian of peace and love in the galaxy, to settle the conflict....
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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What is the pineapple of movies?
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Wet Wet
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Can this be explained medically or is it hollywood bullshit?
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It happened to me when I went to Finland, shit was so cash, bro.

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Which scene is better; the opening scene of TDKR or the business card scene of American Psycho?
If you could only watch one for the rest of your life, which would you prefer?
The plane scene is longer but the card scene is more has a better atmosphere and is more condensed.
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Place scene is infinitely comfier and I literally cannot not laugh at every line of dialogue
I'm going to post a word from the plane scene and you tell me which image first pops into your head:

The flight plan...

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