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cast him
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Life, you could say it started when I was a kid
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>I'm a survivor. We're a dying breed.
I don't get it
The store used to be Chuck's, you fill in the rest

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I was watching Blade 2 last week and I want to know how Blade's plan involving Scud and Ron Perlman's occipital bomb makes any goddamn sense. To recap: Blade sticks a bomb on the back of Perlman's head so that he's got a legup on him combat-wise. Later on, after being captured by vampires he tries to detonate the bomb but it doesn't go off. Perlman pulls it out and tosses it to Scud who reveals that he's one of Damaskino's familiars and the bomb was a dud that was never designed to go off. Blade then reveals that only was he aware of Scud's betrayal, but that the bomb was never a dud and blows Scud the fuck up (for crimes including, but not limited to, "The Boondock Saints" and "The Walking Dead").

The logistics and motivations of this are mindboggling. Blade has, "been on to Scud since they turned him" and yet chose not to kill him for reasons surpassing understanding. Scud provided Blade with the occipital bomb. At some point Blade went in and jerry-rigged the bomb to not only be operational, but also to have a dummy detonator that doesn't work. Now, once Blade is captured he could immediately kill Perlman (who is certainly a more viable threat than Scud) but doesn't. He pulls his dummy trigger causing Perlman to pull the bomb out of his head and toss it to, as luck would have it, Scud. Now Blade decides to reveal what he has known all along and kill Scud.

None of this makes any sense whatsoever.
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mate, did you even turn your brain off?
Is that the dude from Terminator 2, American History X, and Detroit Rock City?
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hey it must be classic forced meme Monday night

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Thoughts on Joey?
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How did George get unbanned from the usual cafe/restaurant?
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Ever realize how Reggie's is just the upstate dinner from The Bubble Boy?
Makes you think

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Someones criticism of a movie is that "the time travel isn't realistic enough!"
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Well, they're obviously idots and you can disregard any critisms they have in the future.
it doesn't matter
anything and everything with time travel is garbage not to be taken seriously.
timetravel should still obey the rules of the fabula itself

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Name something comfier to watch as youre going to bed
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original twilight zone
Old black and white movies
My wife getting pounded by Jamal.

Early morning stream

Now playing: We Were Soldiers

Get /comfy/

Post what you wanna watch next
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Shamless bump
Comfy. Great movie. Much pew pew.

Peak Americana Edition

Meanwhile: >>87293601
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>no set design, feels empty and lifeless
>no interesting ideas for storylines and generally bad writing
>relies on gimmicks only instead
>those are unoriginal or just bad, unfortunately ("fuck you, albert", glove, andy and lucy, coordinates, riddles, ...)
>bad acting (Bell, Lynch, Horse, Robertson, Dern, ...)
>dull characters (one-dimensional at best)
>storylines and characters are introduced for no purpose
>everything is supposed to weirdly connect and make sense
>shot in digital in a way that doesn't compensate for the technology's disadvantages (looks bad)
>roadhouse scenes (out of place, badly shot, the songs, the bands, the extras, ...)
>student-tier storytelling/editing (characters are shown walking up complete sets of stairs)
>stretched out needlessly, long takes have no particular effect
>everything above is literally cringe-tier in concept and implementation
>obviously delusional and/or inexperienced fanbase perceiving it as particularly meaningful, complex or "deep"
>can't compare to the original series that doesn't have those problems (coherent/complex and beautiful sets, costumes and make-up/well shot/well acted/well written/magnificent multi-dimensional characters and character relations, music, storylines and gimmicks/creates a unique athmosphere as a result, changing the world of television forever whereas "the return" neither manages to do something established really good nor to invent something new)
>somehow the best thing in tv history
Blueballs: the tv show.
utter shit.

>Don't talk to me or my girlfriend's son ever again

What did Driver mean by this?
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Wow, great post. It's clear you have autism. Don't go see a doctor, though, he'll probably diagnose you as a fag as well.

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Why did the snake thank Harry here?
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why did he call his snake that? bit racist desu
He could now go fug another snake
Why wasn't Harry a Slytherin?

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>What's your name?
>JUST-In Time-berlake

Really? Jesus christ.

I turned this shit off right there.
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Good job turning it off. Step two, get a life and do something to better yourself.
get a load of this faggot
Real clever. Next time try not to use any pet names your step dad has reserved for you.

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>The dark side is the imbalance in the force and Vader fulfilled the proficiency by killing the Emperor
Why is George Lucas such a hack? The Jedi have ruled the Galactic Republic for thousands of years and the Sith have been in hiding, there is a imbalance here and it isn't in the dark side's favor. The fact is the light side had power for too long and that was what brought the imbalance, the Jedi became stiff-necked and reactionary, the Galactic Empire became stagnate and corrupt. By slaughtering the Jedi and helping to overthrow the Galactic Republic Vader wiped the light side clean of it's stagnation and allowed it to start anew with a New Jedi Order without the chains of tradition holding it down and a New Galactic Republic built on a firm foundation over top the Empire, the fact the Galactic Empire accomplished more in a couple decades than the Republic has in millennia shows how necessarily the ejection of Sith drive was into galactic politics.
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Cool thread
"Balance" doesn't mean some kind of equilibrium between Sith and Jedi. The Jedi are balance; the Sith are imbalance. Period.
Depends what you value more, peace or progress

is it a glitch in the matrix?
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It's a movie. Wake up and go outside. This thread is terrible, which is why no one else responded.
Still better than the endless loop ones or click every box ones
I'm watching you

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Through the darkness of FUTURE PAST

THE MAGICIAN longs to see


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