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what went wrong
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She shouldn't have put pipe cleaners in her hair. Other than that nothing.
Punished for dropping a big redpill. Like Snowden.

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Art house essentials?
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So what would be his endgame?
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A previous one
Modern day Isaac Hempstead Wright
GoT is gay

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Betcha didn't think WB screens 4chan.

Suggestions for new content — film or television. Post it here.
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Have you considered some non-communist propaganda? It's just crazy enough to work!
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Takes place at his feed and seed shop
but it will be about nothing, just the stuff that happens there
The only content anyone on this board actually pays money for is mediocre capeshit, so keep churning that out I guess.

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Christian Bale Returns to Oscar Contention In 'Hostiles'

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>Bale, who has put on a significant amount of weight in order to play Dick Cheney in an upcoming Adam McKay

He is big guy now
>Following its world premiere at the Telluride Film Festival, Sasha Stone of TheWrap in her flattering review of the film, wrote of the audience reaction to the film stating that "Riveted by the glorious storytelling of Hostiles, a few Telluride audience members burst into spontaneous applause as it built to its conclusion."[10]


post korean kino
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what's the one where a guys gets a magic dick and half of it is white space
it's Koreano
The good,the bad,and the weird

>Watch The Departed
>Expect it to be a crime/drama thriller
>Instead it should be called The Cuckparted
>mfw the protagonist gets cucked six ways from sunday


What was the point of this fucking movie?

Pic related: He literally didn't do anything wrong
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>have high paying job
>free to travel at will
>constant urge to run away and forget and everyone I've ever known

Is this the curse of a mad man?
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doesn't having to relate your feelings through the experiences of a fictional tv character speak to how shallow and impressionable your own feelings are?
>people who relate to fictional characters are hollow

>said the pseudo intellectual wannabe sociopath
What is up with all these >>87287817 edgy posters lately?

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Was this show ahead of its time?
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It was proto-reddit the show. Most episodes were unfunny and relied on hamfisted pop culture references.
it's comfy desu desu
You're being too kind.
The show was complete and utter rubbish, and never should've seen the light of day!

they give me a warm feelings, why this happens /tv?
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Bump without a cause

Why didn't you include the 40's? Anyway, I agree with you. Imagine taking a qt out on a date to see Dracula in the 30's. We should probably kill ourselves.
bump for answers

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Space Shows.png
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What's the best space show?
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rick n morty
Where's Doctor Who?

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Will Hollywood ever make an Urotsukidoji live action?
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Buy a 4 hosed hookah and use your cell phone.

You got this.
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I've dreamed of it.

But I honestly think a live action La Blue Girl would be better.

Think about it;

>Sabrina The Teenage Witch
>Bill & Ted

Monsters, Ninjas and Sexy High School Girls.
Probably, sounds right up their alley. Right after Violence Jack and Genocyber.

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>recommend the sopranos to mum
>begin watching with her
>she goes on her phone everytime a melfi scene comes on
what are pleb things your parents do, /tv/?
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Washes the dishes or does other mom stuff without pausing

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>Dude gay lovers, lmao!

What did Scream mean by this?
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What makes you think they were gay?
my fantasies
They weren't gay anon, they both had girlfriends.

can you guys give me movie recs about a young woman gets weird shit done to them but its their fault for putting themselves in that situation? like ``requiem for a dream'' and ``love and pop''
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Don't breathe.

Altought that is a small part of the movie, I would still recommend. Great thriller.
ooooh ideal IDEAL movie for your request:

the australian one with that girl from sucker punch.
Hard Candy

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