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>Shitty make up effects make it seem like Brown hit his head really hard against his steering wheel rather than being shot

Brava Hackintino

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They had earlier stated that Brown (Mr. Shit) was shot in the head.
Mr. Shit, like black people.
This was the only thing that ever bothered me about this movie. Not to mention he keeps talking and trying to drive.

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I think the jester should return his fucking coat
Good looking guy.
burger Alain Delon

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Does anyone still watch Pokémon? What's the series like nowadays? I only watched the first season back then with the 8 badges and Ash winning his battles by bending the rules or some miracle without ever winning the fair way.
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It's all the same shit constantly repeated, like most anime.
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>"And so, with a new friend and ally, and Misty close behind, Ash continues his journey to become a Pokemon Master."




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The Chinese fireball, ooooh!
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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the WHORE is pregnant
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lol she's a TARGAERYAN, Ned!!
excellent thread
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How do you consider The Shining in comparison to its source material?
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It's like a fuck ton better.
I don't consider it.


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>Shoves a fist up a guys ass

What did he mean by this?
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That isn't medically possible
what porn AREN'T you watching?
>a 20 second porn searched determined THAT was a lie


What did Tim "The Toolman" Taylor mean by this?
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>not having a Binford 6100 Troll-Zapper at home
It means he's been snorting too much cocaine.

So did George suck the roommates dick?
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Seinfeld is a good reminder that Jews are awful people

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post movies that apply to this chart. obvious ones first:

>The Shining
>The Social Network
>Mad Max: Fury Road
>Starship Troopers
>Truman Show
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>fight club

I'm confused. What exactly is this graph measuring?
Clever and enjoyable to start off with, then it becomes dumb and unenjoyable in the middle, ending with being clever and enjoyable again.

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So... how many hours of Mouse's coding did this semen demon take?

Is there like a Matrix tool box kit that made is super easy for Mouse to throw this together?

Also how many buckets of Mouse's loads have been been pumped into this digital cum dumpster?

Mouse appreciation thread.
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3 hours.

No hes an aesthete kinotrecian.


Watching the code on the tv would be like reading a book.
There's no way he could actually see the shit like he said he could.
It sounds plausible that they'd be able to 'see' the Matrix with some training. It's not just like reading a book, all that code is an EXACT description of all the aspects of the things they'd be able to experience with their own senses. If it describes the exact colour, shape and position of an item why couldn't they picture it clearly? It doesn't leave much room for interpretation. They were all pretty tense during Morpheus' and Neo's fight, way too tense for them to just read a fucking MMORPG combat log. They saw it.

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ITT: Side characters that should have been the main protagonist

(Pic related, but given a different name, like Jack or something)
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Is your name Jack, anon?
He should have died in the opening scene. The whole joke is he's Buck Rodgers and you think he's gonna be the hero but then BAM he dies. It's still fucking obvious that was the idea back in Draft One or whatever.

Anyway he was better as Apocalypse.
No, but it's a strong "hero" name. Jack Dameron sounds way better than Poe.

S2 > S1 > Movie > S3
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>TFW never seen the tv show and never want to

Feels good man
Gas yourself, my man.


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Whats your favorite underrated animated film?
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fantastic planet
Quest for Camelot
Care Bears in Wonderland.

What is your interpretation of this film /tv/?
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I think it's about some woman in trouble.
There is nothing to interpret. I love the film but even Lynch has said there's no hidden meaning to any of it, and that he just filmed what felt right to him at the time.
seeing death through the eyes of God.

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