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>you will find that help will always be given to those...
>*Dumbledore directly looks into the camera*
>...who deserve it
>Fuck Slytherin forever and always.
This was rated PG
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You're like that kid who won't let a funny joke end and then rapes it into the ground while everybody tries to ignore you. Nice trips tho.
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I'm the Human Holocaust!
Saw this when I was young, I didn't understand why everyone in my local cinema stood and applauded that scene.

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Should I get a Veggie Bullet or a NutriBullet?
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you should just eat a regular bullet
>not the magic bullet


How the fuck did a guy like this make it so far in the Cartel despite being a flaming faggot?
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Columbians are more European than Mexicans, they're much more tolerant of faggotry.
because he was ruthless. If you're scared of him, you're not gonna mock him.
So we won't be seeing any Cartel fags when they take the series to Mexico? That's a shame honestly. I really liked this guy.

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What are some movies about peaceful contact with ayyliens?
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Mac and Me.

Netflix has these crime documentaries meant to generate sympathy for killers. One was released and during filming he becomes a meth addict. Has anyone else watched these and felt that if anything lost sympathy for these criminals?
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>neck tatoo

he is a fucking monster



This will change your mind, OP.
Depends on who they killed. I can understand gangbanger shit but wasting innocents is automatical neck hanging in my book.

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>tfw not smart enough to be accepted

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Where did Justin go wrong?
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That contradictory, ego tripping SOB mod in the council of rick page really triggered me.
If an anon get get back in, we could totally rape him with some intellect.
By looking at the screenshots you can tell he tries to win arguments with 'intellect' so he doesn't compromise the rules of his page.
Someone just has to go in there and give him a smackdown. By his own rules he can't ban you if you're right.
Just applied, tried to to legit answers so hopefully I get in. Will update if I do.

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I just realised this movie was a dream
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But what about the droid attack on the Wookies?
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>But what about the droid attack on the Wookies?
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Something about women.

>People are very strange these days. I used to know a girl; she had a dozen guys. One of them found out about it... beat her up so bad she ended up at a hospital on Guerrero Street.

What did he mean by this?
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bye doggie

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Remember when Penn & Teller's Bullshit BTFO of liberals about Wal-Mart?
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They did a pretty dam good job of backing up their points. The most ironic thing about liberals hating Walmart is that they claim to love the poor, yet protest Walmart which provides a massive source of low skill employeement and cheap products
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>>pay their workers shit & no healthcare
>>insurance on their workers that pays the company only

only in amerikuka could a pleb be proud
This show could NEVER be made today.

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So one thing that always bothers me about modern superhero films is the total opposite approach to casting the men versus women. Now first off lets remember that superheroes are basically modern day versions of ancient pagan "gods" of antiquity, where (most of them) have extraordinary abilities, live very long lifespans, and are close to physical perfection.

Now not all the time, but I would say most the time the male casting has been pretty damn good. The actors they choose, especially thor and captain america and iron man and dr strange, I thought were excellent and they looked perfect for the roles. If anything with some of these heroes they go overboard with their muscular build they do to them (hence the most likely user of HGH and/or roids)

Yet with the women, it seems they always choose fucking bland-ass shit choices. I am not saying we need a hot, fit with big natural titties actress just for jerk material, but because that actually makes sense in how they are portrayed in the comics and if you agree with my "gods" definition. This complete opposite attitude shows up so much, I basically see Hemsworth and I really see him as his character, whereas most female superheroes just look like slightly above average quality cosplay costumes being worn by not-ugly-but-still-was-jealous-of-the-cheerleaders-in-high-school mary sue.
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Female superheroes are supposed to be magical girls. Japan is the only country that got this right.
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I also can't stand the retards who keep saying "well dur hur what do you want? cast models as the superbabes"

Well, um, yeah, if we need to. Not like their acting ability is gonna be any worse than most these "actresses" we have had so far, I mean fucking Gal Gadot was a model, the WW movie actually did decently well, and that's considering the fact that except for certain angles of her head, she totally does not have the body/looks for Wonder Woman.
Out of my way, twig fucking shits.

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Who was in the wrong here?
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Why was Sneed never used in future episodes?
Pickle Rick for going back in time to be a guest star. We watched the same Season 11 DVD right?

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Is this the best animated show on tv? dare I say better than Bobs Burgers
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>>87292349HAHAAHHAHAHA nothing compares to Rick and KINOrty HAHAHAHA get some taste pleb haha
it's pretty good, but i still prefer Archer.
everytime i hear bob talk, i think it's Archer.
I think it's a talking can of mixed vegetables

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