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My beloved /trv/

My GF is having a birthday in a month (mid-August) and I decided to prepare a collage or set of photos from various beaufitul places from all over the world of photos of monuments. I will put all of them in frame and give it to her as he enjoys travelling so much.

And now this is the point where I need your help. Could you make some photos of any monuments or just fancy landcapes with short birthday wishes put on a scrap of paper? Just like on the pic related.

I would be more than welcome if you send it to my troll email: birthdaysuprise25(at)gmail.com

Her name is Pamela, she will be 25 and please remember: wishes in your local language will be much appreciated

Thank you!
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We already had this thread last year.
OP here

I haven't seen it and it was not mine

In that case it seems it's very common idea
>I haven't seen it and it was not mine

That's weird because her name was Pamela too.

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Hello, /trv/.

Looking for the best train information about the Netherlands and Germany.

What is the cheapest way to travel in both countries? I want to travel from Arnhem (Netherlands) to Hanover (Germany). How would I do this as cheaply as possible?

Are these the only official train sites in the Netherlands and Germany?


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Bus is 18 euro

Cheapest by train is 45 euros something

Dutch website is indeed ns.nl
You can usually find cheaper fares on the German rail website. Their tickets are also valid in the Netherlands.

Bus is cheapest but it's horrible cause it's a nauseating fucking bus. But probably around 20 euros.

If you are okay with being bound to certain trains (meaning if it is your fault you miss a train, you have to buy another ticket), you can get really cheap tickets from bahn.de if you book ahead. Check for the "Sparpreis" option. Probably also for 20-30 euros. If you want to opt for full fare and more flexibility it's probably more like 40-50 euros.

I know the route you're travelling quite well and I would assume that Arnhem-Deventer and then Deventer-Hannover (both with InterCity train) is generally less expensive than Arnhem-Duisburg and then Duisburg-Hannover (both with high-speed trains), although the latter is probably quicker. Anyways, you can check this yourself at bahn.de.

The websites you list are the only official train sites.

For trains, there really aren't any special other reduced-fare options in the Netherlands or Germany that would be of relevance to you for this journey. In Germany you do have the BahnCard 25 which gives 25% off of every train ticket, but buying it is probably not worth it if this is your only journey, I think it costs like 30 euros. In Germany there are also tickets with which you can travel in all non-express trains (meaning no IC or ICE) regardless of direction but these increase your journey time tremendously and will probably not even be cheaper here.

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Can we have a thread about us people living abroad and dealing with language barrier frustrations. I know how to deal with it, but I just want to feel right now. I miss so bad being able to fuck around with friends and joke with no issues whatsoever. I miss speaking fluently without even giving a shit. Fuck me

>now the language fairly well in the country im at
>cute bartender
>don't know language well enough to flirt confidently
>do my best
>goes alright
>make her smile and laugh a bit, seems good
>girl becomes fairly busy
>never asks if I want another drink after I kind of stand there looking bored
>leave because the feels come rushing in and I couldn't control it that night

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How can I find cheap tickets to Maui from Lax? Last year I found some for 200 but can't remember the airline
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I want to try flying for cheap to Norway or another rich EU country for 1-2 weeks and earn money somehow. In the past when I ran out of money I used a handwritten sign asking for money and it got me great results (20 eur an hour), but I was desperate and now I'd rather find a legit way to make money.

I know a friend who went to Norway and knocked house to house asking if he could repaint their fences/porch/whatever. I was thinking of doing something similar like this, to save up 1000 euros.

Does anyone have any experience or tips on doing something like this?
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why don't you get a job teaching english or something?

I'm looking for something short-term. I actually had a job lined up in Belgium through an agency that was some labour job for a week or two that would net me about 1000 euros but it turned out I can't go so I'm looking for an alternative idea.
sell your boipucci
Why do you want to fly somewhere to make money? You could easily do that from home. If you're talking about when you run out of money I bet you could hang around a hostel and talk to people to find opportunities.

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Merrico, cabrón.png
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Greetings, /trv/
I'm planing to backpack through Mexico next year and I got this route. Say me what do you think.
Mexico City/ Puebla - 10 days
Morelia - 3 days
Sahuayo (going there for St. Jose Sanchez del Rio)/Tangamandapio (Chavo del Ocho fanboy here) - 2 days
Guadalajara - 5 days
San Luis Potosi - 4 days
Guanajuato - 3 days
Queretaro - 3 days
What do you think? Also, is it dangerous to travel by bus in this region?
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I've found that most places in the world are relatively safe if you have some knowledge of the local language and can communicate with people. Like at home or anywhere else, use common sense and trust your instincts to determine if a situation or area seems unsafe.

Having said that, I love Mexico and have never once felt in danger when traveling there, and I'm a blonde female.
Por favor mátame, la ruta
It's an easy and interesting route as you will see Mexico's biggest colonial cities. It is safe to travel by bus but you should stick to Primera Plus/ETN as those are the best (safer) ones although a bit more expensive than the other alternatives.

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What is /trv/'s favorite ride at six flags St. Louis?
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The Amtrack to KC. It's a great rail coaster.

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i am planning to drive around the west coast U.S next month, mostly staying in motels and spending no longer than a few days in each city.
but i considered getting a decent hotel and spending the last week in denver to relax, visit some local attractions and possibly do some day trips into the mountains, is this a good plan or is a week too long to spend in denver?
also how do i make a travel itinerary?
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How long are you going to be here? It's a huge ass country.
i am spending 3 weeks to drive from seattle to las vegas.
i really want to throw an extra week in at the end and i cant decide what to do.
mabey i should spend an extra day or two in vegas then fly to NY for a few days.

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Leaving for Central America in 5 days.

How early can you check into a hostel? I'd really like not to have to lug my big backpack around wherever I'm going, and want to know if I can set up shop in the hostel at like midday, or even the morning sometimes.

2nd question: do you guys usually book the hostel online beforehand (not super long, just the day before) or buy your bed at the desk? Same for buses.
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Every hostel I've been to allows one to drop off luggage in a secured area there before your room is ready.

As for your second question, I've booked weeks in advance, and the night before, but never in-person at the desk. Of course, if they have a bed available that would be fine, but there are no guarantees.

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I'm planning to buy an underwater camera for my upcoming trip to Thailand and Malaysia. Now, the cameras that I found cost like 1.5x in my country (EU) than elsewhere (US, apparently). Getting them shipped from China is not an option since I don't have enough time before the trip. I'm wondering whether it's better to buy them in Bangkok.

Anyone has experience buying not-so-common electronics there? WIth regards to both prices and quality - I don't want to end up with a poor clone.

specifically, I was looking into these cameras
Veho Muvi K-Series K2 NPNG

Also, diving cameras advice appreciated.
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Veho is a good action cam but if you want quality than the only option is gopro
i dunno, anon, care to point to any tech reviews that would show that? i kinda don't like paying for brands
MBK or King Power
I think those were the names of the malls I went to.

One had like 7 floors and the top 3 were all electronics, I treid to buy a PS4 but the cost was exactly the same as in the states. Bangkok is a great place to buy travel backpacks though.

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Hey /trv/,

I'm going to Corfu next week with some friends and family, and it is my duty to collect things and place worth seeing. As I always do before travelling, I would like to ask you to help me. What did you find the most fascinating in Corfu? Museums, beaches, I'm interested in everything! Also, some good, local restaurants would be great.

Thanks in advance,
Gabor from Budapest
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Wanna travel to Peru.
Options are open, travel group or book my own stuff.

Done some research, but it's vague to be honest. Need some down to earth 4chan advice.

Wanna do the typical stuff, Lima, Cusco, Pichu, etc. etc.

Gimme some advice.
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Why does that deer look so faggy?

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crossing next month with a few coolers full of various meats/dairy for week long trip anyone have any experience with customs going thru everything, I am planning on getting all meats at grocery store and bringing along in labeled packaging cont.>
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also if anyone ever had over declared alcohol what they charge you for case of beer or bottle and must you pay $CAD or credit card

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Me and my friends are planning a 3 weeks road trip around Alberta (mainly Calgary area) from mid august to mid september and i have a few questions:

1. We want to rent a car and sleep in a tent throughout our trip. I understand random camping is not allowed but couldn't figure out if people still do it... Will it be easy to find places to camp around the national parks area? We would like to avoid going on public camp grounds because of the costs and the fact that we want to play music smoke weed and drink without bothering anyone...

2. We heard and read a lot of bears stories, is it really that common to encounter a bear when hiking around this area? We are planning on doing some over night hikes would be nice to get some tips for this bear hazard.

3. Any must see sights that you can think of will be highly appreciated.
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No one will care where you tent, desu

Pack heat or a bear kit if you're a pussy

Harper, camore and Banff. But those are touristy spots, still nice though. Drummheller is great too.

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sup /trv/ salutations from/Biz/ with the mad gains we are making over there i just bought a ticket and im going to mexico for 10 days. i was reading earlier people just announce they re going VACA but never update. so ill be leaving on the 25th of August to Guadalajara. just wanna know if Trv wants updates on the shenanigans also since im fluent and have friends there i get ladies, hookers, drugs, and fancy parties. inb4 edgelord
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There are 2 Mexico threads up right now. This thread is pointless.

Mate you sound like a right knob.

What do you need from us if you're clearly all sorted? Rub your two braincells together.

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