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which country in europe is currently the best travel value due to negative impact of terrorism?
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>there are people who would pay 3,190 pounds pp for 8 days

WHO is falling for this shit?
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Well it includes flights, transport, accommodation, and food and I doubt they're gonna give you rickety shit so that could account for $2000+ right there. If you're an American with no time off I could see the appeal. Aside from that, a lot of people have no clue where to start on traveling. They think that unless they have a guide and everything planned they'll be completely fucked and sleeping on the streets.

Alright guys im going to Afghanistan for 2 weeks as a tourist
I plan on going to Helmand after I land in Kabul.I booked a room with a family there on Airbnb. I asked them before I booked the room for their pics and information (just to be sure that it's safe). The man claims to be a shepherd and seems like a nice dude desu, although he did confess to fucking two of his goats. His wife does chores around the house.I was curious as to why they don't have kids. His wife claims he fuck her in the ass not in the vagina because it is more tighter. Anyways I plan on a hike in the near mountains and camping for a few days. I had concerns about being mistaken for the taliban and accidentally being killed in a drone stick. But I wrote to the pentagon about my trip and they were kind enough to email me saying that if I wear are blue top and orange shoes, they will know it is me so I won't be fired at.Also I met an ISIS member on twitter, turns out his organization supports fucking little children and even marrying them,what an amazing guy. He has invited me to come see him on the outskirts of Kabul. He says I will get to shot AK 47s, M16, rocket launchers etc for free and even meet his 11 year old wife and 2 year old son. Although he did mention something about carrying a backpack on my return flight to the USA.
Anyways I was wondering about the night life in Afghanistan. Are there any cute girls and what are the prices for alcohol in the clubs?
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>mfw searched in the archives and it's not pasta

Still I assume it's a joke. If not, have fun getting kidnapped or worse. If you really want to go to Afghanistan just go to the Wakhan corridor and stay there
>someone actually went through the time to type this up

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Anyone here been to Faroe Islands?

Any protips for a not-completely-broke-ass white guy with too much confidence and zero experience trekking across rough terrains?

In addition to the best views from the mountains I'd like to get familiar with local culture like music happenings and whatever there's going on.

I can speak at least 10 words of Swedish so I think I can socialize with the locals. I can also drive a car and didn't die driving in Iceland, back in 2013 when it was not yet full of Americans.
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>I can speak at least 10 words of Swedish
Good, don't learn any more, they speak Danish since it's, you know, a Danish colony.

I haven't been myself but from what I've heard it can be quite harsh. I don't think you'll be in any serious trouble but you have to realise that it's a small group of islands in the middle of the ocean. Weather that changes completely over ten minutes, seriously strong winds, and the fact that you can just get stuck on an island for a day or more due to storms means it's not a fairytale, not suited for anons first hike.

But I digress, if you're planning on always staying at hostels/hotels and just doing day hikes you'll be fine. Get proper shoes and dont cheap out on a good hiking rain jacket. Have fun
I was there in September last year. It was amazing.

Tips for trekking:

If you want to socialize with locals I suggest airbnb or going to the pubs in T├│rshavn
They speak Faroese and look down on Danish like Ukrainians look down on Russian

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How can I get from Interlaken, Switzerland to Innsbruck, Austria by train without paying $200+ per ticket?

Is a Eurail worth it or am I just going to have to fork over the couple hundred dollars.

Also i'm not sitting on a train for more than 6 hours
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Book your ticket from Bern or Geneva via Bern to Innsbruck and just pay the 20chf one time ticket to get to bern.
>pic related
when do you need to go? i am going this way by car
OP here, i just decided to rent a car for the trip, it was significantly less than taking trains

I don't like driving through the Alps, but it's cheaper so fuck it

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Going to Bulgaria in a week, anything i should know that i don't find at "normal" sites?
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where will you stay?
check the cool UFO building that was once the congress all of the bulgarian communist party

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I've got a fucking TON of frequent flyer miles with British Airways but it's nearly impossible to redeem them for a ticket. So many "black out" days and I've have ZERO luck trying to find a way to redeem them.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any insight on how BA runs their frequent flyer program?

If I can't redeem them, what's the use of having a frequent flyer program at all? It's been very frustrating. Any help would be appreciated.
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my mom got this from her trip, what does it say?
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It's dried minced chicken meat, as you might guess from the picture.

>my mom got this from her trip, what does it say?

It says 'smuggling meat-based products is illegal since it transmits animal pests'.

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Do you know that you can still see flowing of lava in Hawaii?
This video was a taken in June 2017 during my summer vacation.
If you take a lava boat you can see lava close enough to feel the heat of lava.
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Where in Hawaiii is this located? Downtown Honolulu?
>If you take a lava boat you can see lava close enough to feel the heat of lava
or you can save your money, walk out, and stand right next to lava coming out of the ground. so fuck of and die, shill.
>If you take a lava boat you can see lava close enough to feel the heat of lava.

You mean the closest PAID way to see lava

Dear /trv/
I will be visiting Ukraine in a week. What Chernobyl/Pripyat tour is the best/ most worth your money? Any general recommendations for Ukraine? Will be traveling to Lviv and Kyiv
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Whatever you pick, better do it right away. It might already be too late. The tours require an advance of at least a week.
holy shit. Thank you very much for mentioning this

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I'm coming from Taipei and landing in HND at the end of the month. I will fly out of Narita in early August.

I want to walk around Tokyo, checking out the city, people ,and dining spots. I'm traveling with my girlfriend and we also wanna go to an onsen in the country side.

Any recommendations for this kind of trip?
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(3.5 days in the Tokyo area)
Go to the obvious spots in Tokyo. You won't have to plan much since you have like no time anyway. Take a day trip to Hakone and go in an onsen.

Also spending 3.5 days in the Tokyo area is a stupidly short trip, but I suppose you can make trips like that often from Taiwan.

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What do in Disney World?
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Fuck off, retard
Suck dick and fuck horses in the ass

Manila based, what to do, where, what to drink and eat? Should I visit other cities? Why?
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Fuck ladybois

One of the things I love about road trips besides driving, watching the open areas and the small towns you get through is having to make a stop to gas stations. I like having to stop by and enter. There is this comfy feeling when entering to one. I like how each have a different look making every stop enjoyable.
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i never enter them in the US but they're actually really nice in Japan. they have actual food often times and an assortment of drinks and stuff.
If you're ever driving through Texas, I would highly recommend stopping at Buc-ee's. It's quite possibly the best gas station I've ever been to in the states. It's ridiculously massive and had the nicest, cleanest bathrooms I've ever seen in any gas station or truck stop.
Yeah I also like stopping in those interstate highway towns

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