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Whats the hardest place to hike in Norway? Im not looking for the comfiest or the most iconic like google tells me but the toughest one. Me and my friends did Taman Negara earlier this year and are looking for a new challenge. We are short on time and money which limits us to looking for hikes in scandinavia (live in sweden) but we are planning on norway.
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There are plenty, depending on what you think is "hard".

There are some long and grueling ones like Keipen over the Geirangerfjord, or short and intense ones like HImmeltind in Lofoten. The latter needs climbing equipment in one spot, but you can also run across if its dry and you are a badass. A couple almost died there last year
Sorry I meant Vågakallen for the last one.
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Are you up for it?


I'm a 26 year old Finn and curious traveler.
My next planned destination is the Philippines and I hope any of you could provide some advice to make my research quicker and easier.

First my budget, it's going to be rather limited and for a 3-4 week stay I hope to manage with 1500€, all costs included. This can be adjusted but to give you an idea.
For accomodation I don't require any luxury, just a nice place with a bed and a roof.

I would like to visit multiple locations, not just stay within a single city. Are there any recommended destinations you can offer?
I'm not a huge party person but I'd definitely like to see and visit some. I like food, culture, history and scenery a lot.
Beaches are nice but I shouldn't spend too much time there as my northern European skin turns cooked lobster within a matter of hours.

My last question is about the date. My options for my trip are this September, this December/January or sometime during next summer May-September.

Thanks for any help you can offer!
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Hey therer fellow Finn!

I spent a month in the country in 2016 so, I should be able to provide u with some advice.

I ended up spending a lot more than what your budget is. It can get expensive if you get involved with the ladies, if you catch my drift.

Angeles City is the place for all the dodgy stuff. It's like Pattaya though, no beach even though sand everywhere, lol.

I think travelling in PH is somwhat more expensive than in SEA for instance cause, you have to fly around if you want to visit many islands. Cebu Pacific is quite affordable, but on at least some airports they have an airport tax, and often no viable public transportation from the airport, so you can get ripped off by taxis. And all this ads up naturally.

I recommend avoiding Manila as much as possible, though Makati wasn't so bad, but the traffic is just insane and the airport very clogged. It's better to fly to/from Cebu-Mactan or Clark.

I didn't go to Palawan, but that seems to be the place to go nowadays. Though there's so many islands to choose from, just that the infra/public transportation is seriously lacking. Try not to get ripped off too much.

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Have some time to go on a solo trip late october. Would like to explore and go on a faraway trip. Haven't left belgium for quite some time
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Is it worthy to study it and what can u become in the future with this?
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If you're considering it for a career you may want to consider looking up some hard facts and information before asking a Tibetan shadow puppet forum. Anyway, my personal opinion is that I feel like studying something as narrow as just tourism management might be great if you can get a job guaranteed, but what if you can't get a job - what can you transfer a tourism management skill set to that'll keep a roof over your head?

To remedy this, I feel like studying a broader business field like management or business administration or something with a concentration in tourism management (or if it's not available wherever you study, find third part certifications/courses elsewhere).
This this this this
I have some friends who studied tourism management, and now that they are abit older they chose to work in another field due to the lack of careers in the tourism sector

Study some broad subject that has to do with finance or something in that field. You will learn most tourism skills by working in that field!

help me bros. I'm moving to NY soon and I will be taking ~5k with me. What's the best way to travel with this amount of cash? I will be flying btw
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Wrap it in condoms, swallow it, shit it out at the other end.

Or you could try putting the money in a bank and withdrawing the money at the other end from an ATM.
that 5k will get you a month's rent in someone's closet in their 1bd studio
WOW! A whole $5K? How did you come up with this much cash, man?

Christ, dude, put it in your wallet and put your wallet in your carry on. TSA's not going to notice and or give a fuck.

Looking to travel somewhere for a week or 2 solo, I'm from the uk, I prefer to stay away from tourist trash and look for traditional / authentic experience. Any suggestions?
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some villages in Slovakia for example
In fact, I bet that most of the actual little villages in any place could do the trick
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Mossul is now free again

I'm getting restless again.

It's been nearly 2 years since I went to S.E Asia. I was thinking for ages about going back as I now have a fairly decent passive income and could potentially live/travel there for a while. However, I figured I should try somewhere else rather than go back over old ground. So now I'm really considering South America.

I would be working on my business mainly and not backpacking around a lot like before so I figured a place like Medellin would be a good start. I'm a bit put off by the "Digital Nomad" tag though. I hate the term and don't like associating with those types in general but I hear that Medellin is full of them. I just want to mind my own business and earn some remote cash, not pretend I'm a big shot selling shitty info products. I'm also a bit put off by the cocaine tourism etc and this obsession with Escobar that people see to have. Is Medellin a good place to start in Columbia? Is the rest of the country still really fucking dangerous?

Any good recommendations for other places to live/work remotely as a Westerner in South America? I'm in my 30s now so not really interested in partying TOO much or developing a coke habit. The women fascinate me but in all honesty, I probably have no chance in that area as my game is terrible and my Spanish mediocre at best (although I am practicing daily)

South America "nomad" general I guess
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I don't know if this is the right place to ask but some of you probably had similar things happen to you while traveling? A couple of days ago I was in Prague where my phone was stolen, I had pretty much given up hope when I returned home but today I got a notification from the tracking app I have that it was found but it's in fucking Malmö, Sweden?Has any of you had similar experiences or knows if there is any way to get it back ? Thanks for any advice given
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How would you get it back? It's impossible. Probably some gypsy is keeping it stored in his roma camp somewhere. Just buy a new phone
Go to Malmö and beat up whoever stole it.
Did you fill out a stolen item form with the Prague police and informed your insurance? Inform them about this. Plus you could always contact the Swedish police, at worst they'll ignore your request but they could actually do something.

Which Hawaiian islands do you recommend for a couple on honeymoon?

We're planning 1 week in Oahu and 1 week in Maui. Flight hotel a d car rental flying from OC is $4800 for 2.
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This thread is quite slow
Skip Oahu and go to Kauai instead
Oahu is great for all of the touristy shit, restaurants and bars. Maui is nice if you just want to sit on the beach and relax as there isn't really much else to do. Kauai is nice as well but if you aren't the outdoorsy type then there isn't really much to do aside from lounging on the beach.

Anyone have experience van camping? I'm in Boston just looking to do something over the weekend with my girlfriend. I have my roommates minivan and a full size mattress I plan on throwing in the back, just want to go someplace and sit next to a fire and maybe go hiking in the area. Can I just go to a public beach, have a fire there, and sleep in the parking lot?
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Hey /trv/,

I was in Frankfurt airport for my layover when approached by a woman at the luggage carrousels. She had purchased one too many carton of cigarettes at the duty-free store in Turkey, and would we mind carrying it through customs for her? We kindly told her to fuck off.

How close were we to being used as mules? I don't travel a lot so I don't know if asking strangers to help you circumvent custom law is a common occurrence at airports. Or was she almost certainly trying to smuggle something else?
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Seems suspicious... Could be the latter.
The I carry x for you and y for me deals bought from inflight or arrival duty free are very common. But that shit is kinda suspicious.
I thought the whole point of duty-free was so you can shop for things with little to no customs hassle.

You were right to tell her to fuck off though. Even if she wasn't a criminal, it's just really rude to foist one's personal problems onto someone else. It's not your problem that she bought too many cigarettes.

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'Where I have not been yet' edition
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A novel approach, anyway...
What was afghanistan like?

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hey /trv/ I'm having a shitty time with replanning at the last minute right now because my friends missed their flight.
I have 2 weeks to solo in Japan (july10-24), so I decide to split it in 1 week in Kyoto/Osaka and 1 week in Tokyo.
Question that I want to ask are.
1. I'm on a tight budget, so is Willer the better choice than JR? I heard Willer bus pass only cover you to travel between cities but not within places in that cities.

I also heard of the Seishun 18 pass too, so I have no idea what to pick at this last minute.

2. Do I have to buy separate public transportation passes to get around within city? Subway or buses?

3. Tokyo is lodging is pretty expensive right now, so I think I might want to try a frugal alternative sleep at a cafe or benches, how bad can that be?

thank you in advance.
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You can just walk around Tokyo and save on transport. Sure it will take time and you will get tired feet, but it's not that hard

>get back from Cuba
>now feel terrified in my own city
>crazy people everywhere
>poor people everywhere
>everyone seems to hate each other
>everyone rude
Wtf lads why didn't you tell me Cuba was paradise?
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Whens your birthday, OP?
Also >>>/b/

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